Why the WA5000 Is the Right Machine for You

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Have you ever wondered what the future of food service looks like? You may currently be in the pizza production industry and identify as a small family business trying to support itself or a pizza-chain store hoping to create more uniform pizzas. Regardless, using the right automated machinery for your production line will improve your business through steady workflow and better employee time management. Quantum Technical Services’ topping applicators are the best automatic food-topping machines on the market. This article will discuss our newest model in the WA5000 series and its benefits for your business. 


Boosting Change Through Topping Applicators

Within the last few decades, we have witnessed a rise in automated machinery in the food industry. Despite what some may argue – that these machines will reduce job availability and cut current employees’ wages – the machines are meant to help employees. Robot-assisted production through devices like the WA5000 cuts costs, frees employee time, and improves production speed. 

Our WA5000 is the newest model of conveyor topping applicator in the WA1000 series. With the ability to increase production rates and improve customer service with swiftly made pizzas, we are confident the WA5000 will benefit any business. 


WA1000 vs. WA5000

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Our WA1000 and WA5000 series provides top-of-the-line services with automated pizza applicators. While you may use Quantum Technical Services’ applicators for other forms of food production, we recommend these products for their efficiency as pizza ingredient applicators. 

As waterfall topping applicators, these machines are best for minimizing food waste while quickly applying ingredients to the food line. No matter which food product you choose – meats, veggies, shredded cheese, or other dry ingredients – our applicators will provide the best quality cuts and production turnover. Before deciding which machine will better serve as a pizza ingredient applicator for your facility, consider the differences and similarities in product features.



We make the best pizza ingredient applicators. We design our waterfall topping applicators to provide businesses with an easy-to-use system. With optional automatic hopper level control and procedures designed to promote sanitary production, you will not find a better applicator for your production line than from our WA1000 and WA5000 series. 

Both the WA1000 and WA5000 will apply ingredients to frozen products that are often time-consuming to apply during pizza production. Examples of rigid products include pizzas, pies, cakes, bread, and more. Imagine all the toppings for these products, like shredded cheese, veggies, streusel, and nuts. 



The WA5000 and WA1000 are models within the same conveyor and pizza ingredient applicator series. Businesses with a high volume production line may prefer the WA5000 for its ability to quickly top products.

Both of the applicators’ designs are similar but have a few key differences:

  • Portion and Production Rate – Both produce up to 100 feet of product per minute. However, the WA5000’s larger size can create a greater volume of product with greater throughput. The machine’s ability to push a product with consistent throughput depends on the consistency of the product.
  • Conveyor – Both models are made of the same materials: stainless steel construction, polyurethane belting, and a cantilevered design.
  • Electrical – The WA5000 is capable of a higher amp. With optional higher voltages and increased deposit widths, you will likely turn out more products in the same time frame. 
  • Control – Our Allen Bradley Touchscreen Interface provides users with many easy-to-operate options, including conveyor speed selection, system diagnostics, and rate indication.

We recommend both models, but if you are in the market for a high-volume pizza ingredient applicator for your pizza production line, we recommend going with the larger WA5000.



When upgrading to the WA5000, you might notice that the WA5000 and its previous design – the WA1000 – have many of the same features. A few similar yet improved features include hopper level sensing and product diverter, a maximum production rate of 100 feet per minute, a reclaim conveyer system, and clean designs. 


Benefits of Automated Pizza Ingredient Applicator Machines

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Choosing practical and well-designed equipment is crucial to a productive business. Before knowing if our WA1000 or WA5000 will best suit your needs, consider the following: 


Meet Your Budget

Inefficient pizza applicators take up your time and often waste ingredients. However, high-quality pizza applicators limit food waste and ensure you stay within budget. The WA5000 can meet your monthly budget and limit food waste. 


Provide Consistency

Many manufacturing companies aim to provide consistent quality products. A compatible quality product shows customers you can return to your favorite food staples. Human error is natural, so most companies avoid mistakes with machines like the WA5000. Our WA5000 pizza ingredient applicator will produce consistent pies that customers will enjoy every time. 


Prioritize Sanitation and Safety

Pizza ingredient applicators can get messy. Those in the fast-food industry have experienced how easy making a simple pizza transforms into a disaster with ingredients splattered across every available surface. Not only is this difficult to clean up, but it is also a sanitation and safety issue. 

When choosing the right pizza applicator, consider if it has a sanitary design. Sanitary designs should include equipment and materials that are easily cleanable, non-corrosive, and durable. Machines built from stainless steel, like our WA5000, are best, as you can sanitize them without any hassle. 


Quantum Provides High-Quality Machinery

Quantum Technical Services’ WA5000 provides a solution to reduce spills and create happy customers. The WA5000 is one of the best pizza applicators, with high throughput and volume production rate. If you’re considering improving your business using pizza applicators, we recommend our expertly crafted WA5000 series.