Use these applicators to apply a wide variety of toppings; dry ingredients, granules, spices, seeds, salt, parmesan cheese, and similar ingredients. Featuring a cantilevered design, these product applicators are engineered for mounting onto/over existing conveyor systems.

QTGA2000 series


QTGA5 Series

The QTGA5 is capable of evenly applying dry or granular ingredients to your product. Perfect for topping pizzas, bakery items, confections and more. Cantilevered design easily fits over existing line.

Granular Ingredient Applicator


QTGA3000 Series

Granular Applicator, capable of evenly applying a variety of toppings to your product. Multiple dispenser rotors available to apply most products. Featuring USDA compliant construction, cantilevered design, and simple operation, the QTGA3000 is also washdown compatible.