What Type of Sauce Applicator Is Best for Pizza?


What Is a Sauce Applicator for Pizza?

Why should your business use a target sauce applicator for pizza? You may have this thought when considering whether to invest in a sauce applicator. Sauce applicators are highly beneficial to both small and large production facilities. These automated machines don’t take up available jobs. Instead, they allow current and future employees to fine-tune their skills and focus on production line output. 

Sauce applicators like ours make the production process simpler. Depending on the number of lanes and production rate, some of our machines can even produce up to 240 pies per minute. As a reliable manufacturer of pizza sauce applicators, Quantum Technical Services will ensure you increase your production rates, receive training materials, and create a flourishing pizza business.  


Which Pizza Sauces Are Best for an Applicator?

target sauce applicator

Before deciding which sauce applicators are best for your production line, determine which pizza sauce suits your business. While we design our applicators to handle various sauces, we do not guarantee that a thicker sauce will produce the same uniform results as a thinner sauce. Therefore, we recommend considering the type of pizza sauce you use most often and its viscosity and ingredients. Here’s an overview of how you can assess your sauce’s compatibility with our machines:

  • Sauce Viscosity – If the type of sauce is too thick or too thin, you may disrupt the machine’s despot volume onto the pizza. To determine your sauce’s viscosity, use a Bostwick Meter tool
  • Ingredient Size – For sauce machines to work correctly, sauces must move through their different valves. Ingredients like onion or tomato chucks can clog valves and cause machines to slow down or stop and impact the line speed and production rate. Consider what ingredients you have in your pizza sauce, then determine which of our applicators fits your needs. 


Consider Its Features 

When you finally discover a product that meets your business needs, it is easy to rush the purchase. However, before finalizing any purchase, we recommend ensuring that your intended purchase meets the following criteria. 


Sanitation and Safety

Our sauce machines have designs that encourage sanitary working and food conditions. Since pizza sauce applications can get messy, we have designed our applicators to adjust their settings according to the dimension and shape of the crust to limit messes. When searching for an applicator for pizza sauce, always check if it meets the USDA’s food and safety requirements.


Production Rate

Most businesses use sauce applicators for pizza because they lead to quicker production rates. Depending on the number of existing and desired lanes for your current machinery, our range of applicators can increase your production. For example, our QTSA and WA1000 series can produce 5 to 80 units per lane, whereas our QTJK produces up to 240 pies per minute with continuous motion. 


Reliable Manufacturing

Before investing in a sauce machine, ensure it comes from a company with reliable manufacturing. As a leading manufacturer of sauce applicators, you can trust Quantum Technical Services to provide only the best quality products. Here are a few questions you can use to determine a manufacturer’s trustworthiness

  • Customer relations – Does the manufacturer provide sufficient support for customers using their sauce machines? A reliable manufacturer will provide product training, demos, and follow-up support after installation. 
  • Installation – Will the manufacturer offer product installation and technical maintenance? Many businesses prefer the company to perform technical support since the company should know their products best and offer repair services for any issues. 
  • Training materials – Does the company provide training materials or demos? Training materials are crucial so that you can use equipment safely. 
  • Ordering replacement parts – Does the company regularly stock replacement parts? Keep peace of mind knowing you can rely on a dependable manufacturer that can immediately replace equipment parts and keep your business running smoothly. 


Sauce Applicators at Quantum Technical Services

sauce appliator

Quantum Technical Services has a model for every type of business. We offer the following targeted sauce applicators for pizza:

  • QTMC5 – This conveyorized sauce machine can deposit sauce onto pizzas at a rate of 80 feet per minute. As one of our easiest-operating systems, this applicator is perfect for wholesale production, single lanes, and test kitchens. 
  • QTPP – The QTPP series provides even pizza sauce application without spilling over a pie’s border. A unique feature of the QTPP – it has a cantilevered targeting system. With this system, you can effectively attach the QTPP to your existing line to precisely deposit sauce onto bagels, pizzas, paninis, and many more food items.
  • QTSA – A similar series to the QTPP, the QTSA uses a conveyorized target sauce applicator. While it produces the same results, you can’t position it over a conveyor belt
  • QTJK – Our most unique sauce applicator for pizza, this series uses three sauce applicators over a three-lane conveyor. The conveyor section moves products to down-line equipment with its high-tech motorized system. 

No matter the sauce machine you choose, all our machines guarantee effective and reliable operations to deliver the fastest and cleanest sauce application. 


Choose Quantum Technical Services for Sauce Applicators

Don’t wait until your equipment breaks down or one of the lanes starts lagging – invest in our sauce applicators today! Let Quantum Technical Services provide sanitary, safe, and affordable solutions to reduce spills and improve customer service. Our high-quality equipment ensures that your company experiences only the smoothest production line process for sauce applications.