Wire Belt Conveyor With Product Reclaim

Wirebelt conveyor with roller transfer sections to allow excess product to be removed from the belt and reclaimed prior to transferring to downstream equipment. Operators can be located on each side of the conveyor to manually apply ingredients.

Rigid and Semi Rigid products such as: pizza, bread, tortillas, entrees

Up to 100 feet of product per minute

Cantilevered design
Stainless steel construction
Wire belting

240 vac., 3 phase 20 amp circuit 60 Hz.
Other voltages optional
Stainless steel control enclosure

* Heavy duty stainless steel frame
* Roller transfer section supports product while allowing excess ingredients to fall through.
* Stober Gearboxes
* Baldor stainless steel washdown motors
* Stainless steel bearing housings
* Sanitary leveling feet with no exposed threads
* Easily adapts to an existing topping line.
* Production rate maximum of 100 feet per minute
* Flat belt conveyor
* Cantilevered belts
* Bottom conveyor belt to centralize reclaimed ingredients
* Open, easy to clean, sanitary design, wash down capable
* Continuous smooth welds.

Manual Topping Conveyor w Reclaim

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