Model # WA5000

Capable of evenly applying a variety of toppings to your products, our conveyorized waterfall topping applicator is a simple, easy to use system. Featuring optional automatic hopper level control, and superior sanitary design, there is no better waterfall applicator available.

Rigid and supported products such as: pizza, bread, pies, cakes, or other rigid products

Shredded cheese, IQF ingredients, streusel, nuts,
vegetables and other ingredients

Up to 100 feet of product per minute

Waterfall application accuracy depends
on size and consistency of product

Cantilevered design
Stainless steel construction
Polyurethane belting

480 vac., 3 phase 20 amp circuit 60 Hz.
Other voltages optional
Stainless steel control enclosure

Allen Bradley Touch screen Interface provides user friendly,
intuitive operation, including conveyor speed selection, rate
indication, and system diagnostics

* Heavy duty stainless steel frame
* One side rake height adjustment
* Adjustable product flinger included
* Center driven product belt
* Hopper level sensing and auto fill included
* Hopper product diverter included
* Available reclaim conveyor system
* Adjustable infeed and outfeed conveyor ends
* Optional drop down conveyor ends
* Hinged rake guard lifts up for sanitation
* Stainless steel bearing housings
* Sanitary leveling feet with no exposed threads
* Adjustable speed conveyors can accommodate many different production rates and portions
* Easily adapts to an existing topping line.
* Production rate maximum of 100 feet per minute
* Flat belt pizza conveyor
* Cantilevered design for easy belt change and cleaning
* Open, easy to clean, sanitary design, wash down capable
* Continuous smooth welds.