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For over 30 years, Quantum Technical Services has provided manufacturing solutions to companies from our base of operations in Frankfort, Illinois. Although our catalog of equipment has changed and grown over the years, one type of machine has remained at the core of what we do since the beginning: pizza equipment.

While our expertise has expanded to include equipment for baked goods and prepared foods, pizza is what we’re known best for, and we have all the machines you’ll need to improve your efficiency and success. Whether you’re a new operation looking to purchase your first machines for your production line, or a long-time manufacturer updating your production line, Quantum Technical Services has you covered.

Take a stroll down the production line with us from start to finish, to see how our solutions can help your business keep on the cutting edge of pizza manufacturing.


Quantum Technical Services: Single Lane Production System from Quantum Technical Services.

Using a Fully Automated Pizza Production System

What does your production line look like? While many manufacturing systems function using similar tools, no two layouts are the same. Ensuring that you not only have the right machines, but that they are laid out in a way that is easy to clean and maximizes worker efficiency, can spell the difference between success and failure in manufacturing.

Our single lane production system is designed to streamline pizza manufacturing with endless room for customization. From start to finish, our Terminator Production system can produce up to 50 12” pizzas per minute.

There are numerous benefits in using a full production system, including improved worker safety, reliable consistency, maximum efficiency, and lowered operating costs. Automation is widely considered to be the future of food manufacturing – in an industry marked by high turnover and high risk to workers, machines like these can increase profitability, and tend to yield an ROI within only a few years.

But whether you’re considering a complete overhaul, or only looking to replace one or two parts of your manufacturing line, the benefits to your company can be enormous. As we will see, each section of a production system can be automated using different tools.

Circle Placers and Infeed Conveyors

At the start of our production system, you’ll find cardboard circle placers. Our machines are set for placement either by timer or incoming signal, and are easy to set up and customize to control pacing. Round, square, and rectangle corrugated cardboard shapes can all be placed into these machines.

Our infeed conveyors feed what will become the base crust of pizzas into a flighted conveyor using pneumatic cylinders, ensuring that each disk is properly placed for the addition of sauces and other ingredients. Multiple lane configurations are available, and a touch screen interface offers both intuitive operation and vital production data to maximize efficiency down the production line.

Quantum Technical Services offers dozens of types of conveyors depending on your assembly line’s unique needs. Whether it be a conveyor with product reclaim for recycling ingredients, to matt top conveyors optimized to minimize cleaning time, we have the conveyor equipment for your manufacturing needs.

The foundation of any manufacturing process starts with how product is pushed down the assembly line. Quantum Technical Services understands that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to conveyors, and we have designed tools specifically manufactured for pizza production.

Pizza Sauce Applicators

While we can all universally agree that pizza isn’t really pizza without the sauce, the way that manufacturers go around placing sauce on their crust is hardly universal. People outside of pizza manufacturing or the restaurant business might be surprised by the sheer variety of sauces available on the market.

Quantum Technical Services offers two different types of pizza sauce applicator: waterfall, and targeted sauce applicators.

Our WS1000 Waterfall Sauce Applicator series is ideal for lane setups where positioning products is not possible. Disks pass under a continuous curtain, and sauce is evenly applied over the surface. Excess is captured below to be recirculated and reused in the waterfall topping applicators, maximizing efficiency and ingredient usage.

We offer a range of target sauce applicator options to match the type and speed of your conveyors, as well as the ingredients used in your sauce. Thanks to our in-house ingredient testing services, we can create customized plates unique to your product. Tomato sauce, pesto, garlic butter – so long as the viscosity of your ingredients is compatible, we can combine any number of sauces with your pizzas, and deposit them directly on top of pizza disks with perfect accuracy.

Regardless of how you place sauce on top of your pizzas, our tools are designed to match your manufacturing needs.

Ingredient Applicators

Part of what draws people to pizza is the seemingly endless variety of ingredients that can be assembled to create the perfect pie. While a classic cheese pizza might be popular with children, your manufacturing process must be compatible with whatever the customer wants. Pizza topping applicators must be as flexible as a person’s changing tastes.

Our cheese applicators use features that have previously only been found in the most expensive machines on the market. Utilizing conveyors and a rake system, our TC-5 Series applies cheese or vegetables in even coats, and excess is recycled and reapplied. With 20 recipe slots, a cantilevered design, and touch screen controls, our machines are simple to operate and function just as well as machines triple the cost.

Like our targeted sauce applicators, our pepperoni slicing equipment is designed with speed and accuracy in mind. As disks pass through the machine, meats will be sliced perfectly in time using advanced sensor and drive technology, adding evenly applied layers of meat for single, double, and triple lane production lines. Its functionality is designed for a variety of meat types, making it suitable as a Canadian bacon slicer, a salami slicer – whatever you need it to be.

Our ingredient applicators are designed with flexibility in mind – our ingredient applicators can apply everything from cheese and vegetables, to dry or granular ingredients like nuts, spices, garnishes, or even candy. Seasoning applicators will sprinkle an even coating at a desired rate.

The Quantum Technical Services Promise

Whether you’re looking to replace a single machine in your manufacturing line, a complete overhaul, or even wondering how to get started with machine automation, Quantum Technical Solutions offers American-made, affordable, and effective engineering. All of our machines are USDA Certified, and designed for easy cleaning, safe operation, and ease of use.

How can Quantum Technical Services help your business? Contact us today to learn more.