5 Things to Look for When Buying Seasoning Applicators

pizza ingredient applicator

For snack lovers and food manufacturers alike, seasoning is a crucial component of any tasty treat. Applying seasoning consistently and evenly across products maintains quality and ensures each customer has the same delicious experience every time they take the first bite.

The key to applying seasoning consistently across products is investing in effective and well-designed seasoning applicators. Applicators should fit seamlessly in your current manufacturing facility, minimize ingredient waste, and prioritize cleanliness by integrating sanitary design elements.

Updating your manufacturing facility? Here are our top tips on what to look for in the best seasoning applicators.


#1 Understand Your Needs Before You Buy

Every manufacturing facility has unique needs for ingredient application systems. This is why the first step when buying new applicators is to understand the options on the market and determine the best fit for your needs.

Equipment selection will vary depending on whether you’re applying dry or wet toppings, what volume of products you need to process, and the type of products being processed. From barrel applicators to waterfall applicators, there are plenty of highly effective options that will streamline your manufacturing system. Once you’ve determined what kind of product will work best, look for features that improve efficiency, product consistency, and sanitation.


#2 Reduce Ingredient Use

Are you wasting seasoning ingredients by using an inefficient applicator? High-quality ingredient applicators streamline the application process and reduce ingredient use so you save money on supplies like flavoring and salt. Systems like waterfall topping applicators are a fantastic choice since they evenly distribute ingredients while maintaining the flow of operations. Look for options that offer fully adjustable portions, so it’s simple to monitor the amount of ingredients used during application.


#3 Prioritize Safety and Sanitation

When deciding on a new ingredient applicator, search for designs that are hassle-free to clean and incorporate sanitary design. According to an article on food safety featured on Bakerpedia, sanitary design includes equipment that is “durable, smooth, drainable, easily cleanable, non-absorbent, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and properly welded to prevent ingredient or product buildup and biofilm formation.”

Materials like stainless steel are ideal for applicators since they can easily be washed down and sanitized after use. Some applicators will specify that they are “washdown compatible” which means they can withstand high-pressure washes without being damaged or corroded over time.

Additionally, opt for products that have features like guarded hoppers to reduce dry seasonings being released into the air. Inefficient applicators create dirty manufacturing environments and potentially endanger employees.


#4 Prioritize Consistency

The goal of most manufacturing companies is to provide customers with reliable, flavorful products. To this end, good ingredient applicators need to be consistent, evenly coating products with flavors, seeds, and granules. Consistency means that the manufacturing process is highly repeatable, and seasonings are applied at the same rate every time. Offering customers consistent products is one of many ways to distinguish your company and prioritize quality.


#5 Choose Adaptable Equipment

For many, introducing new machines into their manufacturing facility isn’t feasible due to a lack of space. Fitting a large seasoning drum into your line might impede the flow of production. This is why it’s wise to opt for equipment that’s easy to incorporate into existing conveyors for optimal efficiency and minimal disruption.

Seasoning application equipment that features a cantilevered frame is designed to fit over existing conveyors, so there’s no additional stress during installation. This way, you don’t need to worry about fitting new equipment into your facility and can utilize your existing conveyor to move products down the line.


High-Quality Seasoning Applicators at Quantum

At Quantum, we provide state of the art food manufacturing equipment designed to streamline your manufacturing facility. Our high-quality seasoning applicators feature cantilever design elements so they can fit effortlessly over existing conveyor belts, and washdown compatibility to keep your facility clean and safe.

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