Revolutionizing Pizza Production: The Role of Advanced Equipment in Meeting Modern Demand

Senior Worker Overseeing Food Production

It’s no industry secret that automation is revolutionizing pizza production. Nowadays, in order to be a successful pizza business, a company will have to rely on advanced equipment to keep up with demand and stay competitive. Automated pizza assembly outpaces manual assembly by the thousands, which is why this equipment is crucial in the frozen pizza business. But what are the types of modern food industry technology available that are revolutionizing pizza production? How can your business utilize this technology to improve operations?

These are critical questions that can help your pizza brand excel. Here, we’ll provide an overview of modern food industry technology, specifically technology for food processing. An improvement in production technology will improve business operations. We’ll see how this technology has transformed the food industry.

Modern Food Industry Technology

Modern food industry technology is revolutionizing the food industry in ways that are also revolutionizing pizza production. This advanced food industry technology is meeting demand and customer needs. Here are some examples of modern food industry technology and how it’s helping companies succeed.

Automated Food Assembly Technology

Demand for prepared pizzas is increasing. With the COVID-19 pandemic, ready-to-eat meals have become even more popular due to their convenience. To meet this demand, companies are relying on automated food assembly technology more than ever before. Automation in the food industry increases the speed at which companies can assemble their products in order to meet demand. At Quantum, the majority of our automated pizza equipment has adjustable production speeds to allow companies to easily scale up production to meet increased demand. We’ll expand more on the technology for food processing we have to offer!

Improved Food Safety

Another way that advanced equipment is revolutionizing pizza production is by improving food safety. Quantum automated equipment is designed so that minimal or no disassembly is required for cleaning, and most models of our pizza equipment are is also washdown compatible. This makes it much easier for your staff to clean and sanitize the equipment. Cleaning food equipment keeps harmful bacteria from accumulating, which keeps your products safe for your customers. Because our automated equipment is very easy to clean and maintain, there is less of a chance for contamination. Improved food safety via easy-to-clean tools helps reduce costly downtime so companies can maintain productivity.

Eco-Friendly Packaging and Improved Packaging Methods

While we may not think of modern packaging as technology, it is, especially eco-friendly packaging! There’s so much science behind finding the best materials to build biodegradable packaging, and it’s revolutionizing pizza production. Because of the increased demand, there are more customers that your label can reach. However, customers are more eco-minded than ever. A recent study showed that 54% of customers ages 44 and under take eco-friendly packaging into account when purchasing a product. 83% of customers 44 and under would even pay more for a product if it was in eco-friendly packaging. Not only is this new type of packaging better for the environment, but your company can use it to maximize its bottom line. 

Advanced equipment also improves packaging methods, such as our automated water spray conveyor. This type of technology applies a light mist of water over the assembled pizza, which protects it during freezing, transportation, and shelf life. Water spray conveyors help maintain the quality of the product beyond the manufacturing plant, decreasing the chance of needing to discard it, which decreases waste. An improvement in production technology such as this will make frozen pizza brands more sustainable.

Increasing productivity, improving food safety, and making packaging more eco-friendly are transformative ways that automated equipment is meeting modern demand. Next, we’ll go through technology for food processing that is available for the frozen pizza industry.

Technology for Food Processing

The pizza industry has many tools at its disposal to keep up with modern demand. Even with the supply chain experiencing issues, relying on automation to continue production allows companies to get as many products to customers as possible. At Quantum, we’re the top name in the industry, so your brand can find a range of automated technology for food processing for pizza production, such as:

  • Sauce Applicators
  • Cheese/Topping Applicators
  • Meat Slicers
  • Dry/Granular Ingredient Applicators
  • Circle Placers
  • Conveyor Systems

Some of our models of automated pizza equipment can handle 2 to 4 lanes of assembly, which can maximize production rates. Automated pizza equipment ensures an increase in productivity without sacrificing quality and consistency. Since automated equipment assembles pizzas the same way every time, more products can pass quality control. This results in even more products available for customers. At Quantum, our priority is helping our clients excel, and that includes offering the best equipment to meet modern demand.

An Improvement in Production Technology will Improve Business

We can’t stress enough how crucial automated equipment is for meeting demand. An improvement in production technology will transform the way that your frozen pizza company creates its products. From employing automated sauce applicators to dry/granular ingredient applicators, your company can drastically improve its production rates to meet modern demand. In order to be able to meet demand, manual pizza assembly isn’t enough. While our automated equipment does require staffing, it only needs a small team to clean and maintain the machines, refill ingredients, and oversee production line status. On top of increasing production rates, automated equipment streamlines operations, making business easier in general. By centralizing your team and workflow with automated assembly, your pizza brand can easily meet demand while realizing value. We make this possible with Quantum automated equipment.

Revolutionize Your Pizza Production with Quantum

At Quantum Technical Services, we’re dedicated to providing the latest designs in automated pizza equipment technology to streamline operations. Our team will work with your pizza brand and offer engineered solutions to fit your business needs. Contact us today to find out how your company can transform its assembly lines with the most trusted automated pizza equipment in the industry.