Tips for Optimizing Pizza Production Line Layout


So you’re considering adding more automation to your production line layout. That’s great! Automating more of your production line layout optimizes your company’s pizza production process. Automated equipment for pizza has numerous benefits such as increased productivity and reduced wasted resources, as well as improved optimization of pizza production lines. Automating your pizza business equipment is the recommended way to increase optimization. Here, we’ll share some helpful tips for streamlining your company’s automated workflow. These tips include finding the best automated equipment manufacturers and streamlining pizza business equipment. We’ll also focus on pepperoni dispensers, using them as our example to demonstrate how incorporating automation optimizes any pizza production layout. Optimizing pizza production layouts start with automating your company’s equipment.

Automated Equipment for Pizza Companies

How does automation streamline pizza production processes? It does so in multiple ways, including increasing productivity, limiting downtime, and reducing human error. Fortunately, automated equipment for pizza companies is a single and simple solution for multiple problems. Let’s explore how automation increases optimization. 

Increases Productivity

Traditional manual assembly of pizzas might result in only ten pizzas per hour. However, automated equipment for pizza companies can produce up to a hundred pizzas per minute! This increase in productivity allows pizza companies to meet demand, try new ingredients and products, and reach their targets much faster than manual assembly. Companies can increase their productivity by adding more conveyors and changing operational speeds. Because automated equipment applies an exact amount of ingredients per product, you don’t have to worry about losing quality and consistency as you increase productivity through automation.

Limits Downtime

At Quantum Technical Services, our automated equipment is built to limit production line layout downtime. Downtime can cost significant losses in value and resources, which automation aims to conserve. Our automated equipment for pizza companies is user-friendly and easy to maintain, which reduces the time it takes for tune-ups and repairs. Properly maintaining machinery also extends its lifespan, which limits downtime as well as the time that would be needed to replace entire units. With Quantum, your company can be confident that it can rely on our automated machinery to produce consistent results.

Reduces Human Error

Lastly, automation improves production line layout optimization because it reduces human error, which can cost value, time, and resources. Automated pizza equipment requires staffing only for restocking and maintenance because the machines assemble the pizzas. In traditional assembly lines, employees can make inconsistent products or products that fail quality control, which wastes ingredients and materials. On the other hand, automation increases quality and consistency. Because your company can expect consistent and top-quality products from automation, you can employ multiple conveyor lanes to maximize production line layout optimization.

Together, an increase in productivity, a limit in downtime, and a reduction of human error all streamline any pizza production process, which is critical in optimizing your workflows. Next, let’s focus on streamlining pizza business equipment layouts for maximum efficiency.

Streamlining Pizza Business Equipment Layouts

Before your company either adds more automated machinery to its workflow or incorporates its first automated technology, it’s best to plan for what your company is looking to improve. Does your brand need more consistent meat slice arrangements? Is cheese a priority in its recipes? Does your brand require more conveyor lanes to meet demand? Assessing your current workflow is a great way to find where your company can optimize its production line layout.

Typically, the full.y automated pizza production line layout goes as follows:

  1. Circle Placers
  2. Waterfall Sauce Applicators
  3. Cheese/IQF Ingredient Applicators (Herbs/Spices/Granulated Cheeses)
  4. Meat Slicers
  5. Dry Ingredient Applicators
  6. Water Spray Conveyors

Of course, it’s easiest to have a fully automated workflow for maximum productivity and efficiency, but automating the first or last couple of steps works as well. Your company can rearrange the order to meet brand guidelines, but this is the typical order of the automated equipment to assemble pizza most efficiently.

To fully optimize your production line, your company can add extra conveyors between machines or rely on multiple lanes to facilitate more pizza production. Every brand and company is different, and at Quantum, we’re here to help streamline your processes. Let’s look at automated pepperoni dispensers as an example of automation success

Spotlight: Using Pepperoni Dispensers

Automated pepperoni dispensers, also known  as pepperoni/meat slicers in the industry, are unique and offer a great opportunity to increase the consistency and quality of your products, while also streamlining production. Brand guidelines differ, from the sliced meat arrangements on the pizza to the number per slice. Customers rely on consistent products for a good meal experience, so ensuring that your products are consistent is very important for customer satisfaction. Automated pepperoni dispensers can help.

At Quantum, our automated meat slicers allow brands and companies to design exactly how many slices of meat are applied per pizza and how they’re arranged on the pizza. This precision is rare in traditional manual pizza assembly and can cause products to fail quality control. As long as cylindrical meat is used in the slicer, the equipment can slice and apply the meat to the pizzas the same way, every time. Following meat application, the conveyors take the pizza to the next ingredient applicator right away. With automated meat slicers, your company can cut costs from ingredient waste.

Automation provides consistent precision to any pizza production line, which is necessary for optimization. This technology simplifies pizza production, limits waste, and conserves resources. 

Optimizing With Quantum Technical Services

With automated pizza equipment from Quantum Technical Services, your frozen pizza company can optimize its pizza production line layout with minimal hassle. From adding and rearranging machines to quickly trying new products, automated equipment solves many of the frozen pizza industry’s problems- from streamlining workflows to saving resources and materials. Contact us at Quantum Technical Services today so our experts can recommend automated solutions based on your company’s unique business and brand needs.