From Slice to Sustainability: How Pizza Companies Can Embrace Eco-Friendly Production

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More and more companies are shifting to eco-friendly production, regardless of their industry. From reducing their carbon footprint to focusing more on energy-efficient methods of production, businesses all around are uniting in a concerted effort to be more environmentally conscious, including those in the frozen pizza industry. But what steps can these companies take to improve their eco-friendly production? Here, we’ll go in-depth into what food industry sustainability means, how to start making eco-friendly pizza, and where to find equipment for making pizza sustainably. Incorporating sustainability into your company’s pizza production process is both environmentally and economically friendly. 

Food Industry Sustainability

Food industry sustainability is certainly a focus point of the 21st century, and we have the technology to make eco-friendly production possible. Finding easy yet powerful ways to improve sustainability is of the utmost importance now so that business practices do less harm to the environment. Some companies can even be eligible for tax credits if they employ certain sustainability practices. Food industry sustainability is crucial now that demand is higher than ever. So exactly what does eco-friendly pizza and eco-friendly production mean?

Eco-Friendly Pizza

So, what does eco-friendly pizza look like? Eco-friendly production can mean a plethora of things, from employing environmentally-conscious pizza equipment to sourcing your ingredients, like vegetables and meats, from local farms. Eco-friendly production also includes using fewer resources and limiting material waste. Next, let’s go through how companies can make eco-friendly pizza and increase their sustainability best practices. 

Using Sustainable Pizza Equipment

Making eco-friendly pizza doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, using sustainable pizza equipment can actually simplify your company’s pizza 

production process. Eco-friendly production primarily involves using automated pizza equipment because it’s environmentally conscious in many ways. Let’s list them:

  • Equipment for making pizza sustainably limits waste – By having precise ingredient application and reclaim capabilities, automated pizza equipment immensely improves sustainability from the get-go. Automated pizza equipment conserves ingredients and capital by design.
  • Easy optimization – Automated pizza equipment can further streamline your pizza assembly process by cutting back the excess which saves even more resources. This technology facilitates optimization and helps make your pizza more eco-friendly.
  • Improve energy efficiency – Besides limiting waste and simplifying the assembly process, automated pizza equipment can also increase your company’s energy and water efficiency. Electricity and water are valuable resources and our Quantum pizza equipment is designed to conserve energy and water when possible. Eco-friendly electricity and water use limits resource waste and is better both for the environment and overhead costs.

Sourcing Local Ingredients

One great way to make your pizza products stand out from the rest is by using local or farm-fresh ingredients. Not only do farm-fresh products appeal more to the consumer, but incorporating them helps make your product more environmentally friendly. Compared to globally-sourced ingredients, local ingredients don’t travel as far and require less carbon output to reach your company’s pizza production site. Sourcing locally also has the added bonus of supporting local farms. Local ingredients often have higher quality and require fewer preservatives to keep them ready for pizza assembly. As a result, local ingredients may be easier on your company’s sustainable pizza equipment and help your company extend the life of its pizza equipment. 

These eco-friendly production steps can improve business practices overall. Now, let’s look at what type of equipment is available to improve sustainability in the frozen pizza industry.

Equipment for Making Pizza Sustainably

All of these environmentally-conscious tips are only helpful with the right pizza equipment! When introducing automation and sustainability or improving it with pizza equipment, your company can save time and money with the most trusted name in the business – Quantum Technical Services. At Quantum, we pride ourselves on offering pizza equipment that not only streamlines pizza production but also improves sustainability. We offer many different types of equipment for making pizza sustainably

Among the types of pizza equipment for eco-friendly production are sauce applicators, cheese applicators, meat slicers, dry ingredient applicators, and water spray conveyors. These types of equipment are all designed to limit waste and conserve electricity and water, which is critical in sustainability and limiting costs in general. 

For example, our meat slicers apply the exact number of slices per pizza that your company requires per brand guidelines. This limits waste because the slicers apply the right number of slices needed per pizza. Our pizza sauce waterfall applicators have reclaim capabilities that allow unused sauce to be applied to pizzas to limit waste. Our cheese, dry ingredient, and IQF ingredient applicators also have reclaim capabilities to recycle any unused ingredients that didn’t initially make it onto a pizza during assembly. Lastly, our water spray conveyors only use the amount of water necessary to protect pizzas during packaging, freezing, transportation, and shelf life. Over time, the automated equipment requires fewer ingredients, energy, and natural resources to operate and assemble the pizza products. There’s also the added bonus of higher quality and consistency that automated equipment brings to pizza production! Sustainable practices have revolutionized businesses everywhere, including the frozen pizza industry. With the automated technology that’s widely available today, it’s difficult to not be sustainable.

Eco-friendly pizza production is here, and it’s transforming the way that frozen pizza companies make their pizzas. Environmentally-friendly production practices not only benefit the earth but also improve standard business practices and reduce overhead costs. At Quantum, we believe in making sustainable pizza simple, and it’s possible by automating your pizza production process. 

Improve Sustainability With Quantum

At Quantum Technical Services, our team is dedicated to offering the best sustainable solutions in the frozen pizza industry. Not only does our equipment streamline your pizza production process, but it facilitates preparing pizza in an eco-friendly way.  Our best-in-the-business automated pizza equipment can help your company improve its sustainability. Contact us today to find out how we can make your pizza production more environmentally friendly.