Essential Equipment for Large-Scale Production of Prepared Meals


Scaling up your company’s production of prepared meals is an exciting next step in the evolution of your business. To be successful in large-scale production, your company needs the right equipment to handle a high volume of prepared meals on the assembly line. Automation has revolutionized so many industries, including the frozen food industry. Food automation and manufacturing allow businesses to meet high demand with high-volume output. When preparing to scale up production, automation is the answer to increased efficiency and productivity needed for this high-volume output. 

In this article, we’ll go through how companies are manufacturing frozen food and selling frozen food through automated technology. We’ll also focus on what equipment your brand needs for high-volume food automation and manufacturing. Because automation has many benefits, it’s a convenient yet powerful solution to increasing the production of prepared meals.

Manufacturing Frozen Food and Selling Frozen Food

Prepared meals manufacturers rely on automated equipment for a number of reasons during the process of manufacturing frozen food and selling frozen food. These reasons include ease of use, precision and quality control, food safety, and sustainability – just to name a few. Automation has transformed manufacturing frozen food and selling frozen food because of state-of-the-art technology that optimizes business practices and processes. 

Ease of Use

Automated equipment for large-scale production of prepared meals makes assembly easy. It streamlines production workflows and simplifies what’s involved in assembling prepared meals. Between simple installation, minimal staffing requirements, easy maintenance, and increased productivity, automated equipment for prepared meal production solves many food industry conundrums. Not only does automation make food production easier in multiple ways, but it has the capacity for high-volume production

Precision and Quality Control

Prepared meals brands also rely on automation for consistent precision and unparalleled quality control. Automated equipment for prepared meals applies ingredients exactly according to brand specifications. Because automated equipment is so precise, implementing it improves quality control as well. Consistent and top-quality products are important to the consumer, and automation guarantees that quality and consistency. 

Food Safety

Automated equipment improves food safety, which is critical for quality assurance in any food industry. Some automated food equipment comes with traceability features and analytics capabilities, which can provide insights into the status of the equipment. In the prepared meals industry, brands need to be confident in their data on food safety. This Internet of Things (IoT) capability makes data accessible and allows brands to address problems and improve the optimization of their workflow. 


The last benefit of automating large-scale production of prepared meals is sustainability. Between reducing food waste and conserving resources like water and energy, automated equipment is more sustainable than ever, thanks to the latest development in smart technology. Besides being better for the environment, sustainable food manufacturing equipment can save brands on materials and overhead costs, as well as make them eligible for tax credits.

Automating your company’s large-scale production allows you to experience the benefits of automation on a large scale. At Quantum, we offer a full range of automated equipment to increase the efficiency and productivity of your brand as you incorporate high-volume production. Next, we’ll describe the essential equipment needed for high-volume food automation and manufacturing, as well as where to find this equipment.  

Food Automation and Manufacturing

Food automation and manufacturing require a number of essential types of equipment to maximize productivity. These types of equipment include sauce applicators, meat/pepperoni slicers, cheese/topping applicators, and dry/granular ingredient applicators. The automated equipment at Quantum Technical Services is perfect for increasing your brand’s production, all while delivering cost reductions. 

Sauce Applicators

Both the waterfall and targeted applicators can apply all kinds of sauces to your products. These applicators can dispense sauces like gravy, icing, and red sauce to your prepared meal products. Both ensure that the sauces get applied to the product. However, waterfall applicators are ideal for when sauces need to be on the whole product, whereas targeted applicators apply sauces precisely to the products according to your specifications.

Meat/Pepperoni Slicers

Meat and pepperoni slicers aren’t just for frozen pizza preparation! As long as cylindrical meats are used, the slicers can apply meat to your prepared meal products. Meat slicers can apply sticks of pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and sausage to prepared meals during assembly.

Cheese/Topping Applicators

Cheese/Topping applicators can apply a variety of ingredients to your prepared meals such as shredded cheese, vegetables, and IQF ingredients. These are waterfall applicators, but our no-waste recirculation systems reduce ingredient waste and conserve costs. These applicators can dispense different toppings to your prepared meals.

Dry/Granular Ingredient Applicators 

We also offer dry/granular ingredient applicators, which can dispense ingredients like herbs, spices, seeds, salts, and granulated cheeses. As long as the type of ingredient fits in the equipment, the equipment can apply the ingredients to your products. This flexibility allows the equipment to dispense a number of different ingredients according to your brand’s requirements. Not sure if a certain ingredient could work in any of our automated machines? Be sure to contact us at Quantum and we can offer our recommendations.

Your company will see the many benefits that come with upgrading your production line to an automated system. From improved quality control to increased scalability, automation is effective at streamlining multiple facets of the prepared meal assembly process. You’ll find a wide range of large-scale automated prepared meals equipment at Quantum Technical Services. Our team can answer any question your company might have as it upgrades its production line to a large-scale one.

Automate Your Prepared Meals With Quantum

At Quantum, your brand can find a wide range of automated equipment to streamline your prepared meals business. We’re the most trusted name in the industry because we offer automated solutions that work. Automation simplifies the large-scale production of prepared meals and we make implementing automation easy. With Quantum-powered tech, your company can succeed at upgrading its production line to reach high-volume output. Contact us today so we can design automated solutions that will help your company grow!