Scaling Up Your Frozen Pizza Business: Leveraging Production Lines for Growth

Two Workers Overseeing Food Production

Scaling up your frozen pizza business is exciting! If you’re considering employing automated pizza equipment, or your company already uses automated equipment and you want to upgrade – you’ve come to the right place. Automated pizza equipment simplifies the transition to higher output rates, meeting larger quotas, and adding new recipes to your product line all while maintaining great quality and consistency. Scaling up your pizza company is a considerable milestone, one that needs preparation and strategy

Scaling up can seem overwhelming, but not to worry! Here, we’ll dive into how successful pizza brands leverage their automated production lines to grow their businesses. At Quantum, we want to see our clients succeed, which is why we’re offering this go-to guide for pizza brands to excel in their expansion. And later on, we’ll provide a few examples of how our automated pizza equipment can help you adapt to higher demands. 

How Pizza Manufacturers Use Automation to Scale Up

Automation becomes even more important to a business as pizza companies begin to scale production up. If a company has an automated production line, it’s relatively simple to ramp up productivity and assemble pizzas faster. However, there are a couple of critical steps that pizza brands should take in order to maximize the functionality of their automated equipment as they scale up production. This ensures that brands get the most out of their automated equipment while leveraging it for growth.

  • Reassess the Current Production Line Layout

When pizza manufacturers decide they want to scale up production, it’s a great time to reassess the current production line layout because of possible changes to the workflow. When scaling up, pizza manufacturers should ask the following questions to see what they need to do to be successful:

  • Can the existing production line meet new targets?
    • If so, how would this change production maintenance and lifespan?
    • If not, what equipment is needed to reach these targets?
  • Should the company add extra production lines?
  • Can we rely on the machinery manufacturer to aid in the process?

Reassessing the current production layout provides an opportunity for companies to optimize their production line to maximize success from scaling up. Being able to rely on the equipment and production line manufacturer for input is also extremely helpful. The equipment manufacturer can provide expert recommendations on how to strategize the production lines for growth. Luckily, automated frozen pizza equipment already simplifies production for pizza manufacturers, so scaling up won’t be much of a challenge – as long as your company’s prepared!

  • Train Staff to Prepare for Increased Quotas

Another important aspect of leveraging production lines for growth is through employee training. Employee training is critical for food safety and communication. While your staff may go through required training every so often, it helps to get every team member on the same page during plans to scale up production. A brief training meeting can allow a company to convey changes regarding production workflows and expectations. This way, the staff can adequately prepare the production lines and implement any new equipment successfully.

  • Set Challenging yet Achievable Quotas

Scaling up is an exciting stage for a business. After working hard, pizza manufacturers can level up production lines and reach even more customers to become even more successful. However, it’s important to set reasonable goals as your company begins to scale up. While automated frozen pizza equipment can handle the assembly of up to thousands of products per hour, your company should ensure that the team can manage the new quotas. Scaling up doesn’t have to be an immediate jump. For successful expansion, frozen pizza brands should set incremental and achievable goals so the team and automated equipment can reach the final targets without delay.

  • Test New Production Line Workflows

Testing new production line workflows is also helpful in leveraging production lines for growth. This is especially important if equipment from the assembly lines are rearranged or new equipment gets added to the assembly line. Testing new workflows can acquaint staff with the new order of operations. Testing new workflows can iron out issues throughout the process of adapting your production lines for bigger quotas. Once your company has finalized its strategy, trained staff, set targets, and tested new workflows, it can easily succeed in scaling up. 

  • Use Automation to Simplify R&D

The last method of leveraging production lines for growth is using automation to simplify R&D. While increasing productivity and output rates is an important part of scaling up, frozen pizza companies can also use automated production lines to develop new pizza recipes. Adding new recipes to your product line is another great way to scale up while utilizing the automated equipment your company has at its disposal. Automated pizza equipment makes R&D a lot less risky because it’s easy to switch out ingredients and try new toppings without much investment. Increasing productivity and making new products are effective ways to scale up your pizza brand.

Applying these methods will help grow your company. Automated equipment is easily adaptable to meeting evolving business needs, especially increases in productivity. At Quantum, we design our automated pizza equipment to meet current and future demands of the frozen pizza industry so that your brand can successfully scale up production. Next, let’s explore a few examples of scaling up with automatic pizza saucers and pizza cheese dispensers. 

Scaling Up Automatic Pizza Saucers and Pizza Cheese Dispensers 

Quantum offers a number of automatic pizza saucers and pizza cheese dispensers that streamline the process of scaling up your business and production line. Our automated equipment has simple installation and is easy to rearrange to meet production line goals. Our QTPP Series automatic pizza saucers and our TC-55 and MLT2000 Series of pizza cheese dispensers have a cantilever design that allows them to fit over existing production lines, allowing companies to increase productivity and efficiency.  Many of our models of sauce applicators and cheese applicators have the capacity to dispense toppings onto multiple lanes of product for maximized productivity. 

When your brand chooses our team at Quantum, we can provide our expert suggestions on how to optimize your production lines for growth. This includes recommending production line layouts for increased production and different equipment to optimize operations. And we’ll continue to help along the way. With Quantum, your brand can be confident in its production line and trust that the equipment can adapt to and exceed higher demands.

Scale Up Production with Quantum

At Quantum, we make automated pizza equipment that can adapt to your changing business needs. From smaller frozen pizza brands to larger labels, Quantum equipment can meet production quotas for any size pizza company. Contact us today to learn how our automated equipment can adapt as your company scales up.