Must-Have Tools for Frozen Meal Brands

Are you starting a frozen meal brand? Or, maybe you’re looking to better streamline your production line. In either case, it’s important to be current in the world of food manufacturing in order to be successful. This includes knowing what the must-have tools are for frozen meal brands and frozen food manufacturing as a whole. 

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to improve your current operations, knowing where to begin is key. Your frozen meal assembly method can make or break your success, so it’s critical to know what’s best for your business. At Quantum, we believe that automation brings many benefits to prepared meal brands. Automated prepared meal equipment is the must-have tool for any frozen meal brand

There are many benefits of automation, which we’ll explore first. Understanding these benefits of automation is critical in appreciating just how important employing the right machinery is for your brand. We’ll also list and describe the necessary equipment that frozen meal brands need to efficiently implement an automated production line. Automation can transform any frozen meal production process and automated equipment can help your brand realize its benefits almost immediately.

Benefits of Automation

While there are endless benefits to automation, we’ll just focus on a few of them: improved productivity, increased quality and consistency, reduced overhead costs, scalability, and sustainability. By implementing automation, your frozen meal brand will realize these benefits quickly.

Improved Productivity

Implementing automation improves production line productivity almost immediately. At Quantum, our prepared meals equipment can prepare thousands of products per hour. Comparing that to traditional manual assembly, which might result in tens of products per hour. There’s no competition! Automated machinery is a must-have tool for prepared meal brands in order to meet high-volume production quotas.

Increased Quality and Consistency

Automated meal equipment increases the quality and consistency of products. Your brand can rely on automated equipment to create the same results every time. While traditional manual assembly can introduce human error, automated equipment is designed to maintain brand standards exactly according to specifications. At Quantum, our automated equipment keeps products consistent and increases quality for your customers. 

Reduced Overhead Costs

Automation is also great for your brand’s bottom line. From reduced ingredient waste, to minimal staffing requirements, to energy efficiency, automated equipment greatly reduces overhead costs. Also, automating more of your production line delivers a faster ROI, allowing your brand to gain more profits over time.


Another benefit of automation is scalability. This is especially beneficial for newer brands. As your brand gains more demand, automated machines make it much easier to meet increased demand. An automated production line can increase production speed to assemble more frozen meals. At Quantum, our equipment is easy to move around and rearrange to meet demand. Our technology also facilitates adding additional machines to production lines to further increase production. 


The last of the benefits of automation that we’ll review is sustainability. Besides being better for the environment by requiring less energy and resources, employing eco-friendly machines can save your brand on operational costs. Because Quantum equipment is energy and resource-efficient, our machines can decrease overhead costs while providing a way to be environmentally friendly. 

These benefits can immediately transform your frozen meal brand. Automation streamlines production workflow while improving other facets of meal assembly, such as food safety and ingredient management. Next, let’s take a look at how frozen foods manufacturers are applying these benefits to their production lines.

Frozen Foods Manufacturers and Automation

To keep up with the increased demand for frozen meals, frozen foods manufacturers are relying on automation for both high productivity and consistently great quality. With optimized production, lowered operational costs, sustainability, and improved quality control, frozen foods manufacturers are even more competitive. Not only do these benefits improve their production processes and make operations easier, but they also help companies keep up and outpace their competitors. However, if most major companies rely on automated equipment, how do they stand out from the competition? The key is relying on the right technology that sets them up for success

Quantum Tools for Food Automation 

Quantum Technical Services is the leading name in automated food equipment. Our selection of tools for food automation, paired with our stellar customer service department helps our clients excel in the industry. From sauce applicators to dry and granular ingredient applicators, we offer a wide range of prepared meal equipment, perfect must-have tools for any frozen meal production line. 

Sauce Applicators

Our waterfall and target sauce applicators can prevent ingredient overuse while ensuring great quality. Sauce applicators like our QTSA Series can dispense sauces onto paninis, sandwiches, and French bread products. Our sauce applicators can dispense sauces like pizza sauce, BBQ sauce, cheese sauces, and salad dressings.

Meat/Pepperoni Slicers

Quantum meat slicers can cut and apply stick meats such as pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and sausage onto prepared meals. Our meat slicers can also slice meat and cheeses deli-style for added versatility!

Cheese/Topping Applicators

Our cheese/topping applicators are also versatile, as they’re able to dispense a wide variety of toppings besides cheese, such as IQF ingredients, meats, nuts, streusel, and more. Using these applicators is a great way to diversify your products for your customers.

Dry/Granular Ingredient Applicators

Quantum dry/granular ingredient applicators are great for dispensing spices, seeds, salt, confectionery toppings, and other similar ingredients onto your meals. Our QTGA1000 Series and QTGA5 Series applicators can easily fit over existing production lines for seamless implementation. 


Any frozen meal production line requires conveyor systems to keep the line moving. As must-have tools, water spray conveyors, bulk feed conveyors, and belt conveyors keep your production line organized and maintain product quality. Your brand will find all of these conveyor systems and more at Quantum.

Build Your Brand With Quantum

At Quantum, we’re dedicated to providing best-in-business frozen meal processing equipment. Our automated equipment lays the foundations for success for frozen meal brands. Quantum Technical Services is the most trusted name in the industry, and our team is committed to making sure that frozen meal brands have what they need to succeed. Contact us today to find out which of our automated solutions can work for your brand.