The Rise of Premium Frozen Meals: Catering to Discerning Tastes in Frozen Food Industry Trends

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The frozen food industry has changed how people have access to quick, quality meals. However, the rise of viral recipes and customer preference places pressure on frozen food manufacturers. Do they keep up with frozen food industry trends and sacrifice quality? Or do labels focus on their recipes and miss out on realizing value from trends?

Luckily, the right automated food equipment allows brands to keep up with frozen food industry trends and increase productivity. At Quantum, we believe it’s possible to do both. 

Here, we’ll explore the Quantum equipment that makes it possible to conduct low-risk R&D to follow frozen food industry trends. But first, let’s understand what high frozen food sales mean for the landscape of the industry.


Understanding Frozen Food Sales

Customers appreciate frozen foods for their convenience and consistent quality. The world seems to be speeding up, making consumers more rushed than ever. They rely on frozen meals for quick nutrition throughout their busy days. With frozen food sales reaching $74.2 billion in 2023, the popularity of frozen meals is here to stay. In addition to the demand for frozen meals, customers are also looking for premium recipes, such as those from notable celebrity chefs

Considering that pizza and single-serve entrees are among the top-selling frozen foods, frozen food manufacturers have many opportunities to connect with customers. However, manufacturers should dedicate effort to quality and consistency to earn customer preference. Customer preference for quality can complicate the manufacturing process unless brands employ durable equipment that can ensure quality. Let’s look at what quality means to customers and how brands can overcome this challenge with the right equipment.


Preference for Quality

Quick and convenient meals don’t necessarily cut it- customers have high expectations for frozen meals. Even though they might be on the go, consumers still look for quality in prepared foods. Their experience with a frozen meal will sway their decision to purchase the same meal again. Combining customer preference for quality and the pressure of following frozen food industry trends can catch manufacturers unprepared to rise to the challenge. 

In the rush to capitalize on frozen food sales from trends, brands can experience a decrease in quality and potentially lose customer loyalty. While brands participate in frozen food industry trends, they shouldn’t deprioritize what makes their brand unique. That’s why it’s critical to employ dependable automated food equipment that can adapt to change to demand while also improving quality. Next, we’ll explore how to streamline the production of premium meals.


Streamlining Production of Premium Meals

Creating new recipes by dedicating time and money to R&D can often lead to downtime in the production of tried and true meals. However, this is somewhat of a double-edged sword. Does your brand continue to dedicate efforts to streamlining production or does it dedicate resources to keep up with frozen food industry trends? By implementing the latest tech and working with your manufacturer, your brand may not have to choose.


Implementing the Latest Tech

R&D requires time, money, and ingredients that could otherwise be allocated to existing recipes. However, frozen food industry trends provide a perfect opportunity to connect with more customers and realize more capital. Implementing the latest tech can help brands conduct low-cost R&D while keeping up with demand. Quantum equipment can quickly switch ingredients for simple R&D, allowing brands to create new recipes and follow trends without much risk, all while improving productivity.


Working With Your Manufacturer

Working with your manufacturer is a great way to ensure that installing your new automated food equipment goes seamlessly. As your team has questions throughout the process, an experienced manufacturer will be able to answer them and help along the way. At Quantum, not only are we ready to answer installation questions, but we also ensure that our clients receive the equipment they need to streamline manufacturing. Our team at Quantum can offer tailored solutions and customer service for installing equipment and streamlining production.

Implementing the latest tech and working with your manufacturer are key steps to streamlining the production of premium meals. As frozen food industry trends change quickly, food labels need equipment that can keep up. Next, explore what types of frozen food manufacturing equipment your brand can find at Quantum.


Frozen Food Manufacturing Equipment by Quantum

Frozen food industry trends constantly evolve. Once a recipe goes viral or a certain ingredient gains quick popularity, consumers will be looking to try it from whichever label can bring it to shelves first. It’s a race against time to realize value from these trends, but labels run the risk of sacrificing quality. With Quantum’s automated food equipment, your brand can keep up with trends without sacrificing quality and consistency. We offer the following types of equipment and more at Quantum:

  • Circle Placers– places corrugated cardboard circles, squares, and rectangles on assembly lines
  • Sauce Applicators– red sauce, BBQ sauce, salad dressings, icing
  • Cheese/Topping Applicators- shredded cheeses, IQF ingredients, vegetables and similar ingredients
  • Meat/Pepperoni Slicers– stick meats like pepperoni, sausage, and Canadian bacon
  • Dry/Granular Ingredient Applicators– herbs, spices, granulated cheeses, sprinkles and more
  • Conveying Systems– conveyors like bulk feed conveying systems, flat belt conveyors, reclaim conveyors, and more

Each type of automated food equipment is expertly engineered to meet the demands of high-volume production processes. With Quantum tech, your brand can improve operations while creating premium frozen foods. Frozen food trends change fast, and relying on durable and adaptable equipment is key to achieving success. 


Create Quality Meals With Quantum

At Quantum, we understand how important it is to create memorable recipes to connect with customers. More and more, customers are looking for a more delectable frozen food experience. Quantum equipment can provide the consistency and quality your customers seek while improving your brand’s productivity. As demand changes, our automated food equipment can keep up. Contact our team today to learn how your label can streamline production and create premium meals with the latest in industry-leading food tech.