Frozen Food Trends: Meeting Consumer Demands with Equipment Upgrades

factory worker packaging food

Increased demand is great news for the frozen foods market. More customers are available and customers want to buy more frozen food products. However, realizing more value from increased demand is only possible if your company has the right equipment to keep up! 

On top of increased demand, competitors try new recipes to be unique and establish a loyal customer base. Keeping up with frozen food trends is another challenge for the industry, especially since R&D is usually expensive. Meeting customer demands can be tough without versatile equipment that can quickly adapt to market changes. However, we at Quantum Technical Services are here to provide solutions to these challenges by exploring how it’s possible to succeed with food equipment upgrades. Small yet effective upgrades to your company’s pre-existing assembly lines can improve productivity and efficiency, all while meeting increased customer demands. 

Frozen Grocery Meals and the Frozen Food Market 

The popularity of frozen grocery meals has been steadily increasing over the past years. Frozen meals have offered a fast and consistent dining alternative that customers can count on for a great meal. The increased demand for frozen grocery meals has expanded the frozen food market. This has provided food manufacturers with a great opportunity to connect with more customers. And with more customers, there are more frozen food trends becoming more and more popular. Between keeping up with an increase in frozen grocery meal demand and predicting and adapting to new trends, food manufacturers have quite the challenge. However, the right automated equipment simplifies both keeping up with demand and keeping up with trends. Automated equipment allows companies to increase production speed. The right automated equipment can allow companies to conduct low-risk R&D to set their own frozen food trends. We’ll dive into how to use automated equipment to respond to changes in food industry trends and demand next. 

Responding to Food Industry Trends with Equipment

The frozen food market is pretty volatile. Especially with the ever-present potential of a recipe or product going viral, companies need to be prepared to make products according to food industry trends. Even though viral success happens so suddenly, companies can also predict trends with frozen food market research. However, all this preparation requires reliable food manufacturing equipment to make the products to meet these consumer demands and expectations. Let’s explore equipment upgrades that facilitate an increase in productivity and easy R&D. 

Upgrading Food Manufacturing Equipment 

Incorporating upgraded machinery into your assembly line can significantly increase productivity and efficiency to meet demand. Even if you have a pre-existing assembly line, adding upgraded equipment, such as Quantum Technical Services’ cantilevered designs to the workflow can transform productivity. However, if you find that your food manufacturing equipment is out of date and unable to adapt to the increased demand and changing food industry trends, then it may be time to consider implementing new equipment. In the long run, versatile equipment that can evolve with ever-changing business needs is worth the investment. And of course, it’s important to always find a trusted source for your new automated equipment so that you can talk with them to find equipment that’ll work for your assembly line. Let’s briefly take a look at why upgraded equipment is worth the investment, and then we’ll explore how your company can use the equipment to meet demand and changes in frozen food trends. 

Investment Benefits of Upgraded Equipment

Automated food equipment at Quantum is not only built to produce fast results but to also provide a quick ROI. Quantum Technical Services equipment provides a fast ROI in multiple ways — by decreasing labor costs, saving food materials, and conserving energy and water resources. New food equipment technology has allowed us to build equipment that drastically reduces these overhead costs. Our equipment requires minimal staffing for oversight and ingredient restocking, saving companies on labor costs. Our equipment also can reclaim unused ingredients, which limits wasted food materials and capital. We’ve built our automated food equipment to be resource-efficient, using only the amount of energy and water needed to operate. In addition to increasing the production rate, these efficiencies quickly produce a return on the investment made. Reduced overhead costs benefit food manufacturers in the long term. 

Increasing Production Rates

As we’ve briefly mentioned, upgraded automated equipment can immediately increase production rates needed to keep up with demand. You can determine the production speed of the majority of our equipment to assemble products according to your quota. We highly recommend upgrading your production line equipment together at once so that each ingredient applicator and conveyor complement each other and work in tandem. This way, all of the types of equipment can operate at the same production speed to meet demand. Equipment that doesn’t work harmoniously together can cause a backlog in production, which could decrease productivity. Upgraded equipment grants food brands the ability to configure production rates to meet increased customer demand. 

Simplifying R&D and Meeting Trends

Food trends change, and it’s difficult to tell if they’ll stay around or be a fleeting viral phenomenon. In both cases, it’s essential to have the equipment that can quickly adapt to these trends ASAP. Making products to match trends is important to realize value where possible. However, this depends on whether your food manufacturing equipment is readily versatile. 

It’s very easy to swap out ingredients in our Quantum automated food equipment, perfect for both catching up on trends and conducting low-risk R&D. After taking the proper sanitary precautions between ingredients, our equipment can apply the new ingredients right away. Our equipment is also very easy to maintain and clean, further simplifying the switching out of ingredients. Whether the equipment is dispensing a new sauce, cheese, IQF ingredient, sliced meat, or dry or granular ingredient, our automated food equipment is versatile and highly adaptable to new market trends and it facilitates R&D. 

Exceed Demand and Set Trends with Quantum

At Quantum, we believe that having equipment that can quickly adapt to demand and market changes is the key to future-proofing food manufacturing. Keeping up with frozen food trends and conducting R&D doesn’t have to be expensive and challenging. We offer the industry’s leading automated food equipment to streamline assembly line operations, including creating new recipes to set trends. Contact us at Quantum Technical Services today to talk with our equipment experts to exceed demand.