Consumer Insights: Understanding Changing Frozen Food Manufacturing Trends

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Consumer Insights: Understanding Changing Frozen Food Manufacturing Trends

The food industry is constantly evolving. Consumer and food manufacturing trends change the landscape of the industry every day, requiring brands to be prepared for nearly anything. At the drop of a hat, a new food trend could go viral, or new technology could be released, causing frozen food manufacturers to scramble to capitalize or keep up. Brands might have to ramp up production swiftly to meet demand or use new ingredients to match a trend. Change in the food manufacturing industry can be difficult to adjust to, but not if your company relies on adaptable and versatile equipment.

While unexpected change is hard to prepare for, frozen food manufacturers can employ equipment to adjust to the unpredictable landscape of the industry. In this article, we’ll explore the frozen food market and trends in food automation and manufacturing. We’ll also offer automated solutions that can help your brand prepare for the future of the frozen food industry. Even though your brand might not know how the industry will change, implementing equipment that can adapt as the change occurs can give your team peace of mind.


The Frozen Food Market and Food Automation and Manufacturing Trends

Consumer trends and changes in technology both influence the frozen food market. So do ingredient availability and supply chain operations, but here, we’re focusing on the vital role that technology plays. Frozen food manufacturers employ the latest in food technology to streamline operations and increase productivity to outpace their competitors. While it’s difficult to predict the future, there are recent technological developments that will continue to shape food manufacturing and the frozen food market. Frozen food manufacturing trends seem to be pointing to increased use of automation, minimized food waste, and ingredient diversification.


Increased Use of Automation

Because automation is so critical to the success of food assembly lines, it’s no surprise that companies are implementing even more automation. Labor shortages and higher production rates are a big part of why companies are incorporating more automation. By needing less oversight for better results, the right automated food equipment can ensure quality and consistency for customers. At Quantum, we’ve built our equipment so that brands can easily add and move ingredient applicators to quickly upgrade their assembly lines with less effort needed.


Minimized Food Waste

Minimizing food waste as a way to improve the bottom line is a growing food automation and manufacturing trend. This practice is both environmentally and financially conscious, benefiting both the environment and manufacturers. Labels lose a great deal of value through discarded meals and wasted ingredients. Our experts at Quantum have designed our technology to limit ingredient and product waste through target application and reclaim capabilities. 


Ingredient Diversification

The last of the food automation and manufacturing trends we’ll discuss is ingredient diversification. Flavor profiles from around the world are in high demand, requiring food manufacturers to incorporate a wide range of ingredients within their meals. Quantum automated equipment can dispense many different ingredients and makes switching them out simple. These features of Quantum tech help brands meet consumer demands while still remaining user-friendly. 

Increased use of automation, minimized food waste, and ingredient diversification are important trends that offer promising earning potential. Food manufacturers should implement technology that can acclimate to these trends, and Quantum tech is up for the task.


Quantum Tech and Meeting Manufacturing Trends

We’ve designed Quantum tech to be adaptable and versatile, allowing frozen food labels to respond quickly and adjust to the ever-evolving landscape of the industry. Your brand can find a wide selection of automated food equipment that can adapt to shifts in demand and changes in consumer and food manufacturing trends. Quantum tech makes it possible to future-proof your production line, saving overhead costs over the long term. We’ve also designed our equipment to be sustainable by limiting food waste and conserving ingredient, water, and energy use. Let’s explore the types of automated food equipment available at Quantum that can help your brand meet food manufacturing trends.


Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems are vital to any assembly line, especially those that have adjustable speeds and multiple functions. At Quantum, we offer water spray conveyors, bulk feed conveying systems, flat belt conveyors, compression conveying systems, reclaim conveyors, wire belt conveyors, and infeed orientation systems. This range of Quantum conveyor systems allows brands to build their assembly lines to meet their production requirements. 


Circle Placers

Cardboard Circle Placers maintain product shape and orientation throughout the assembly, freezing, transportation, and shelf life. Quantum Circle Placers can apply circular, square, and rectangular cardboard circles onto conveyors, forming a sturdy base for meal products. Their adjustable speeds help brands change production rates as needed to keep up with manufacturing trends.


Sauce Applicators

All of our Quantum tech are highly versatile, and our sauce applicators are no exception. Our Sauce Applicators can dispense red sauce, dressings, buffalo sauce, gravy, and more. With both target and waterfall applicator designs, brands can choose which applicator will fit their assembly line the best, without sacrificing sustainability.


Cheese/Topping Applicators

Quantum Cheese/Topping waterfall applicators can dispense shredded cheese, vegetables, IQF ingredients, and dry ingredients. Changing consumer trends can leave manufacturers underprepared to create popular recipes. Because our equipment can dispense a variety of toppings, your brand can swiftly change toppings as needed to meet these trends.


Meat/Pepperoni Slicers

Quantum Meat/Pepperoni slicers can cut and apply stick meats, like sausage, pepperoni, and Canadian bacon. For added versatility, they can also be configured to slice meats and cheeses deli-style. Quantum Meat/Pepperoni slicers are staples in production lines. With slice number and design control, brands can create meal products that are unique and consistent.


Dry/Granular Ingredient Applicators

Quantum Dry/Granular Ingredient Applicators can dispense a wide range of ingredients, including sesame seeds, salt, parmesan cheese, spices, and more. These applicators have cantilevered designs, much like our other ingredient applicators, allowing food labels to add it to existing production lines. Ingredient trends change often and quickly, and our Dry/Granular Ingredient Applicators are ready to adapt.


Adapt to Changes and Trends With Quantum

Our team at Quantum recognizes how important it is to be able to keep up with changes and trends in the frozen food industry. Doing so starts with implementing the right equipment that can increase productivity while also improving quality and consistency. Your frozen food label can even set food manufacturing trends with Quantum equipment because our technology facilitates low-risk R&D. Contact our team today to learn how your food manufacturing company can adapt to modern food industry challenges.