The Future of Frozen Food Trends

frozen food trends

We’d all like to see into the future to accurately predict frozen food trends so we could properly prepare for an ever-changing market. Because this isn’t possible, the frozen food industry must rely on the next best thing – equipment that can adapt to evolving demands. 

We’ll explore equipment to future-proof your pizza and bakery assembly lines a bit later, but first, we’ll focus on food industry trends. There’s a wealth of knowledge of consumer preferences that set frozen food trends. Here, we’ll investigate new food industry trends so that your frozen pizza and bakery products can meet demand.

Frozen Food Industry Trends

Social media has increased the speed at which trends are set. Customers around the world want to try the latest food industry trends and frozen food manufacturers have to keep up to capitalize. However, it’s much easier to strategize when we have information to inform where we think trends are pointing. Below are a few frozen food industry trends that frozen food labels can apply to their products

Plant-Based Products

More and more customers are looking for plant-based products in order to decrease their consumption of meat. Brands can invest in developing recipes that don’t feature meat and/or any animal products like dairy in order to meet this consumer preference. 

Healthy Options

On a similar note, consumers are demanding healthier meal options. Consumers want to feel good about their meal choices, which is why more and more are looking for health-conscious options. Frozen food labels can develop recipes that have more protein and vegetables, are gluten-free, and/or include organic ingredients. Featuring these on a label can also help market these products more successfully to the health-conscious consumer.

Diverse Flavor Profiles

The last of the frozen food trends is diverse flavor profiles. Consumers are looking for different and innovative recipes versus what they’ve normally eaten. Frozen food brands should incorporate international inspiration and flavor into their products for a varied product line. 

Plant-based products, healthy options, and diverse flavor profiles are important frozen food trends that are likely here to stay. This means more investment is needed in recipes that meet consumer demands. Let’s look at the future of quality frozen foods and how to incorporate these trends in frozen pizza and bakery items.

Making Quality Frozen Foods

Applying these frozen food trends can help your brand gain customer preference, especially when made to meet quality and consistency standards. At Quantum, our automated food equipment makes creating trendy and quality frozen foods simple, especially when your brand includes a variety of ingredients. 

Pizza Products

For pizza products, consider adding a range of different meats for healthier options. Your brand can use spiced meat or sausage toppings to diversify the pizza. Meat options like Cajun-seasoned shrimp or spicy Italian salami can add new flavor to a pizza. Vegetables beyond mushrooms and onions can be incorporated into vegetarian pizzas. Vegetables like eggplant, arugula, and jalapeños are great toppings to diversify the flavor profile.

Frozen Bakery Items

Making quality frozen foods with vegetables and international ingredients doesn’t stop with pizza. Frozen food labels can make their bakery items follow trends as well. While it may be rare to incorporate vegetable or meat toppings to bakery items, plenty of IQF fruits can be added to these types of products. Whole IQF fruits like strawberries, blueberries, and bananas brighten up any bakery item. These IQF fruits can be applied to cakes, muffins, and breads. Brands can also include shredded coconut and nuts in their frozen baked items for even more variety. 

Meeting frozen food trends provides food manufacturers with a unique opportunity to innovate and make new products. However, we know that creating new products requires time, effort, resources, and the right equipment. Let’s take a look at future-proof equipment to make a pizza that can help your company continually meet demand.

Future-Proof Equipment to Make a Pizza

Developing new products is a huge task and one that can be expensive. Between effort to switch out ingredients, time to make new recipes, and the cost of ingredients, R&D can cause financial barriers. However, we build Quantum equipment to be cost-effective and to streamline the development of new recipes. We focus on making sure that our equipment future-proofs your product process. The durability, reliability, and versatility of our automated equipment help frozen pizza and bakery manufacturers quickly innovate new dishes at low risk to meet demand and follow trends

The digital design of the user interfaces facilitates customization of production rates so that brands can stay on target. The flexibility of most of our equipment permits companies to rearrange the order of the machines so they can make products according to guidelines. We’ve also built our equipment to be sustainable, conserving energy and water resources to decrease overhead costs where possible. All of these features help make a production line future-proof. These features allow the equipment to withstand the ever-changing demands of the food manufacturing industry, and thus the company that employs it. Your automated food equipment is just as important as your recipes because it’s what makes the products and process possible. Our team at Quantum is committed to the success of our clients, especially when the future of frozen food is constantly evolving.

Future-Proof Your Pizza Production with Quantum

At Quantum Technical Services, we’re dedicated to creating industry-leading automated food equipment that can future-proof any production line. Our automated pizza and bakery equipment can transform the productivity of an assembly line, which is critical for continued success. Contact our team today to learn which of our automated solutions can bring your operations into the future.