The Rise of Frozen Food Sales: Implications for Production

frozen food sales

The rise of frozen food sales looks like it’s going to stay consistently on the upturn. With significant economic growth in the last couple of years, this means great things for companies in the food manufacturing industry. But, what are the implications of increased sales for production?

In this article, we’ll detail the implications of a growing frozen food market, including the challenges that come with increased demand. We’ll also explore frozen food products and possibilities, and the automated equipment solutions we offer at Quantum Technical Services. The rise in sales can be materialized into increased profits for frozen food companies, but only if they have the right equipment to meet this demand and challenge. 

Implications of a Growing Frozen Food Market

The frozen food market is projected to be valued at more than $412 billion dollars by 2030. However, increased demand for frozen food has implications for frozen food manufacturers, namely the need for higher production, increased competition, and a fight for resources and ingredients. Nevertheless, our food manufacturing experts at Quantum can offer solutions to address these challenges.

Higher Production

Increased sales immediately mean that companies should increase production. This allows companies to meet the increased demand for their products. While this may be obvious, it’s important to mention because brands may need to restrategize their production operations. Quantum can provide food manufacturers with equipment that can help brands seamlessly scale up and increase production.

Increased Competition

There may be an increase in competition with higher sales as more and more companies try to capitalize on this higher demand. More competition makes unique production ever so critical in order to stand out in the frozen food market, especially since competing products are so similar. Food manufacturers can create a diverse product line with low-risk by using versatile Quantum equipment. Brands also don’t have to sacrifice quality for quantity with Quantum equipment. Competition can also cause staffing shortages, but with automated equipment, your brand can successfully run with smaller teams.

Fight for Ingredients

An increase in sales can also potentially cause a burden on the supply chain for ingredients. As more competition appears and the demand for ingredients increases, companies need to be smart and conserve resources and materials where possible. Waterfall ingredient applicators from Quantum have reclaim possibilities so brands can conserve ingredients. Targeted applicators also limit ingredient waste, saving your brand money.

Higher production, increased competition, and fewer resources and ingredients are real challenges that can face the frozen food market. However, Quantum automated food equipment can solve these challenges. But, how can your label apply these equipment solutions to its product line? 

Frozen Food Products and Possibilities

With the increase in frozen food sales, it’s necessary that your brand meets this market demand. By using versatile equipment, your frozen food company can make a variety of frozen food products, from frozen pizza to bakery items, and to prepared meals, without needing to invest in different equipment. At Quantum, our equipment is multi-functional, allowing brands to apply different ingredients and make different frozen food products. Here are some examples of how versatile equipment provides endless possibilities when it comes to frozen food products.

Prepared Meals

Prepared meals in general offer convenience and ease to customers around the world. Why not make prepared meal production easier for your team by using state-of-the-art equipment? Quantum sauce applicators can apply gravies, sauces, and dressings. Our meat slicers can slice stick meats and even cut meats and cheeses deli-style. Our cheese/topping applicator allows brands to top their prepared meals with shredded cheese and IQF ingredients like vegetables or meat. Quantum dry/granular ingredient applicators can dispense herbs and spices onto your brand’s prepared meals for added flavors. 

Frozen Pizza

Frozen pizza can significantly diversify your product line. With many possibilities, your frozen food label can develop unique recipes to meet this increased demand. High frozen food sales are possible thanks to pizza, given that it’s a highly favored meal choice in the United States. Our Quantum equipment is exceedingly versatile, allowing brands to apply a wide range of toppings. Our sauce applicators, cheese/topping applicators, meat slicers, and dry/granular ingredient applicators can apply your pizza toppings while ensuring quality and consistency.

Bakery Items

Frozen bakery items can be great breakfast delicacies or after-meal treats to offer your customers. Our automated equipment can apply icings, nuts, spices, and more, depending on the equipment type. Your brand can assemble a number of baked goods to diversify its product line and see increased frozen food sales.

Adding prepared meals, frozen pizza, and bakery items to your company’s product portfolio is a great way to increase frozen food sales as the market experiences demand. Now, let’s explore how your frozen food brand can meet this demand.

Your Frozen Food Brand and Meeting Demand

Meeting high demand and increased frozen food sales doesn’t have to be impossible. In fact, it’s within reach with the right tools. Your frozen food brand can easily increase production and productivity with automated food equipment from Quantum Technical Services. Let’s dive into the scalable solutions we have at Quantum.

Quantum Equipment and Scalability

At Quantum, we believe in automated equipment designs that can grow with your frozen food brand. Instead of investing in new machinery every couple of years to meet the increase in volume, your company can rely on Quantum equipment to meet demand. Our equipment offers customizable production speeds to easily increase the number of products assembled. Our machinery is also very easy to move around the factory floor to change the order of ingredient application. Our cantilevered designs of some of our ingredient applicators make them simple yet effective last-minute additions to any production line. Even when your frozen food brand is scaling up its production, it can rely on consistent quality to ensure that your customers get great meals. Our automated equipment solutions include the following:

  • Cardboard Circle Placers
  • Sauce Dispensers
  • Cheese/Topping Applicators
  • Meat Slicers
  • Dry/Granular Topping Applicators
  • Multi-functional Conveyor Systems

Your brand can find many powerful automated equipment solutions at Quantum. Our equipment is built to create frozen pizza products, prepared meals, and frozen bakery items. Meeting increased frozen food sales is possible with Quantum automated food equipment. 

Keep Up with Demand with Quantum

Your frozen food company can keep up with demand using Quantum equipment. The scalability, versatility, and adaptability of our machines allow businesses to improve productivity while enhancing quality. The state-of-the-art design of our automated food equipment future-proofs production lines, preparing brands for the ever-changing landscape of the frozen food industry. Contact our team at Quantum Technical Services today to find out how your team can implement our equipment to keep up with demand.