Frozen Pizza Toppings: Equipment for Diverse Ingredient Application

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Pizza is one of the best foods ever – but we don’t need to tell you that! One of the reasons why it is one of the best foods is because it has endless potential with tons of toppings. This is also what makes it a great frozen meal to produce – frozen pizza brands can find their topping niches and connect with customers worldwide. Beyond the standard toppings of red sauce, mozzarella, and sliced pepperoni, there are so many toppings that companies can incorporate into their products to make them unique. However, a diversified product line often comes with increased costs in operations, materials, and R&D. But luckily, not with Quantum automated ingredient applicators. 

It’s more important than ever to vary your frozen pizza toppings to find your target customers while also rising from the competition. Pizza manufacturers need to find ways to research and develop successful pizza toppings while also conserving costs. One method is to invest in R&D to figure out successful topping niches. Another is maximizing production to dispense a wide variety of frozen pizza toppings. Quantum equipment facilitates low-risk R&D while simplifying diverse topping application. We’ll describe just how it streamlines product line diversification, but first, we’ll briefly focus on pizza manufacturers and the importance of pizza topping variety.

Pizza Manufacturers and Toppings

Pizza manufacturers have the unique opportunity to explore different frozen pizza toppings to expand their product line. Frozen pizza toppings allow brands to create regional variants and adventurous recipes for different markets. Let’s take a deeper look into the importance of diverse ingredient application. 

Importance of Diverse Ingredient Application

Offering standard pizza that includes red sauce, mozzarella, and sliced pepperoni is a recipe for success. However, so many brands compete for the customer market that prefers this standard recipe. Including this recipe is important for steady success, but expanding your product line to include other ingredients can make your brand unique. Inventive pizza recipes can help any frozen pizza brand find a new niche and appeal to adventurous pizza enthusiasts. This unlocks new markets and allows your brand to connect with even more customers. Having a varied product line also improves brand recognition.

With Quantum automated pizza equipment, your company doesn’t have to sacrifice quality for new recipes. Our equipment line is versatile and flexible, which is critical for low-cost R&D and consistent application of ingredients. That way, when you’ve diversified your product line, your other products may experience increased success. Next, let’s explore toppings equipment to make pizza available and make diversifying your product line easier than ever. 

Toppings Equipment to Make Pizza

At Quantum, the possibilities with our toppings equipment to make pizza are nearly endless. The versatility of our equipment allows brands to try new frozen pizza toppings without much cost or effort. When brands diversify their product lines, they may see lower production costs for their products. With stainless steel and sanitary design, most of our machines are washdown-compatible, allowing companies to quickly switch out ingredients as needed. Quantum equipment is designed to both create a seamless production line and be implemented into existing lines. This way, whether it’s time for your company to upgrade its whole production line – or your brand is just looking to add one or two new machines, Quantum has got you covered. At Quantum, you’ll find the latest technology in sauce applicators, cheese/topping applicators, meat/pepperoni slicers, and dry/granular ingredient applicators. Let’s go through the different ingredients each machine can apply to pizzas. 

Sauce Applicators

At Quantum, we offer both target and waterfall sauce applicators that can dispense a variety of sauces beyond traditional pizza sauce. For more adventurous recipes, Quantum sauce applicators can dispense ranch dressing, buffalo sauce, white alfredo sauce, and similar sauces. A diverse product line can start with a different pizza sauce. As long as our ingredient applicators can fit the ingredients, Quantum equipment can dispense them onto your pizza products.

Cheese/Toppings Applicators

Traditional pizzas are usually topped with shredded cheeses, especially mozzarella. While brands may do three-cheese or five-cheese toppings, our automated cheese applicators can dispense many more types of ingredients. Because our cheese applicators can dispense other types of ingredients, this saves brands on operating and equipment costs. Besides shredded cheese, our cheese/toppings applicators can dispense a range of vegetables, dry ingredients, and IQF ingredients. These possibilities make creating new recipes easy with minimal risk.

Meat/Pepperoni Slicers

Our meat/pepperoni slicers are usually used for slicing stick meats, like pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and sausage. However, they can also be reconfigured to slice meats and cheeses deli-style! Incorporating deli-style ingredients is a great and unique way to elevate your pizza products, making them look decadent. The slicer ensures uniform thickness for consistent and high-quality products. 

Dry/Granular Ingredient Applicators

Lastly, our dry/granular ingredient applicators are highly versatile and feature a waterfall cantilevered design to fit over existing conveyor lines. Quantum dry/granular ingredient applicators can dispense a wide variety of ingredients, including dry ingredients (like jerked meats and dried vegetables), granules (like parmesan), spices, seeds, salt, and other similar ingredients. Our dry/granular ingredient applicators evenly apply all ingredients over the pizza to ensure consistency between products. This versatility allows your brand to try any combination of dry and granular ingredients on your products to create new and unique recipes. 

When Quantum equipment is implemented together in a production line, brands can explore seemingly endless possibilities for recipes. When you contact us, our team can recommend which automated pizza equipment is right for your production line so your team can focus on innovating.

Diversify Your Pizza with Quantum

At Quantum, our state-of-the-art technology allows any brand to seamlessly change pizza toppings to diversify its product line. From a selection of different ingredient applicators to ingredient applicators that can dispense a variety of ingredients, Quantum automated equipment makes it simple to maximize the range of frozen pizza toppings on your products. Contact us today so we can get started on finding the best-engineered solutions for your brand.