Scaling Up Frozen Food Operations: Expanding with the Right Equipment

food production line workers

Scaling up is an exciting business venture when your company decides it can handle higher volume, so congrats! But, where to start? Between the logistics of choosing new machines and adding them to your existing assembly line, it may seem overwhelming at first. However, the food manufacturing experts at Quantum are here to go through the process of scaling up your mass production of food to dispel any concerns. For newer food labels, we’ll also explore the importance of choosing food equipment that can adapt to your changing business needs. The process of scaling production doesn’t have to be challenging, as long as your company takes the necessary steps to prepare!

Mass Production of Food

The mass production of food has allowed companies to keep up with demands and reach more customers than ever. When your company decides it can expand production, it’s so important to finalize logistics as soon as possible. This includes finding and deciding on the right equipment to effectively expand your assembly lines. 

Acquire the Right Equipment

Choosing the right equipment to expand production is the most important part of scaling up your mass production of food. You’ll want to find industry-leading equipment to both fit pre-existing assembly lines and to successfully expand production. Acquiring new equipment provides a unique opportunity to add new and innovative equipment to bring your production line into the future. Scaling up your mass production of food is not only an immediate business venture, but it’s also an investment in your company’s future. Why not choose equipment that can help ensure it? At Quantum, we offer the most trusted automated food equipment in the industry, which can easily be added to existing assembly lines. 

Scaling production is a major step towards your label’s future. But what else is there to the food process of scaling your manufacturing? We’ll dive into this next so your label can have the tools it needs to expand successfully. 

The Food Process of Scaling Production

Knowing which steps to take to expand production can streamline and simplify the process. Here are some more hints to the food process of scaling production. These are helpful – whether you’re an established label or a newer brand.  

Know Which Equipment You Need

For Established Brands: Scaling production allows you to implement new equipment to 

increase production while complementing your existing machines. Deciding which equipment you need, such as conveyors, sauce applicators, cheese/IQF ingredient applicators, meat slicers, or dry/granular ingredient applicators, will make implementing them much easier. Extra equipment can crowd your assembly line and factory space, resulting in decreased productivity. Cantilevered machines are particularly versatile because they’re built to be easily incorporated into existing assembly lines. Cantilevered machines also conserve factory space, because you’re not adding a whole new portion to your production line. If you contact us at Quantum, our equipment experts can recommend which equipment would be right to expand your assembly line, based on your brand needs. You can also find cantilevered machines at Quantum. 

For New Brands: As you’re starting, scaling production is probably not on the to-do list. But it should be! Even if your company is new, you can still choose to start with equipment that can grow with your business and evolve with your changing business demands. While your production process may not be full-scale, beginning with adaptable equipment can save your company costs in the long run and future-proof your production process. Instead of having to invest in new equipment that can handle higher volumes and more ingredients, you can start with equipment that can increase production as necessary. At Quantum Technical Services, our automated food equipment can increase production speeds to meet high-volume demand. 

Predict the Future

With the right equipment for scaling up your food process, it might seem like your company did predict the future! Even though predicting the future can allow us to know changes in demands and trends, food manufacturers can implement equipment that can make changes to production as fast as possible to adapt. For both established and newer brands, the right automated equipment will allow your company to conduct quick and low-risk R&D. This allows your company to try new ingredients and recipes quickly to respond to rising trends. Versatility is a critical component to look out for when choosing new food manufacturing equipment. With Quantum equipment, it’s very simple to replace ingredients and assemble new products in no time, with low risk. Our equipment is built to facilitate R&D and quickly return to normal operations. 

Let the Equipment Work for You

The last critical component of scaling up is letting the equipment work for you. Your equipment working for you means that beyond assembling products, it improves business in other ways. Of course, this is only possible if you can rely on the equipment in your facilities. The latest developments in Quantum automated equipment have allowed companies to produce thousands of products a day, whereas manual assembly might result in only a few hundred. Our automated equipment saves on labor costs as well, because it requires only minimal staffing for oversight and restocking of ingredients. Our equipment is reliable, consistently providing quality and consistent products every time, which is a benefit of upgraded food equipment. Because our equipment assembles products that pass QC, far fewer products get thrown out. Even more, Quantum equipment is designed to conserve ingredients and resources. All of these factors save on overhead costs, allowing your company to focus on realizing value. Letting your equipment work for you improves the bottom line, making scaling up even more attainable much quicker. 

Scale Up with Quantum

At Quantum Technical Services, we design our automated food equipment to be easily added to existing production lines for seamless scaling up. We’re the most trusted name in the industry, and our automated food equipment can transform any existing assembly line by providing versatility and flexibility. Contact us today to learn how our automated equipment can help your company expand production as soon as possible.