The Future of Frozen Food: Food Industry Technologies and Trends in Equipment

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It’s nearly impossible to predict the future and forthcoming trends, yet we can always prepare. Anticipating new trends and business evolutions is a critical component of the frozen food industry and frozen food processing. But how do frozen food companies respond to evolving demands in a way that maximizes efficiency? 

Luckily, we now have the equipment to adapt to changing business needs and demands. Nowadays, it’s simple to both anticipate and set trends as long as your company is relying on the right automated frozen food processing equipment. Frozen food companies can use new food industry technology to make consistently great products that stand out from the competition. In this article, we’ll dive into new trends in frozen food processing equipment and specific new technology in the food industry available at Quantum Technical Services. We’ll also explore the future of the food industry and how your business can prepare and future-proof your assembly lines. Let’s get started by looking at new trends in frozen food processing equipment.

New Trends in Frozen Food Processing Equipment

As a frozen food company, it’s critical to employ reliable equipment that can also stand the test of time. Not only does the right frozen food processing equipment have a long lifespan with the proper care and maintenance, but it should also help your company keep up with changing trends. Here, we’ll go through how automation, adaptability, and sustainability are crucial aspects of new food industry technology. 


While this may seem obvious, efficient automation is a new development that has transformed frozen food companies. Where manual frozen food assembly may result in tens of products per hour, automated machines can assemble up to hundreds of products per minute. This significant increase in productivity will allow your company to meet demand while ensuring quality and consistency. At Quantum, our automated food processing equipment is built to increase the efficiency and productivity of your assembly lines.


One of the most important aspects of new frozen food processing equipment is adaptability. The adaptability of your assembly lines will prolong the utility of the machinery as it allows your company to withstand change. This change includes fluctuating demand, the evolution of your product lines, and incorporating additional equipment into existing assembly lines. At Quantum Technical Services, our automated prepared meal, bakery, and pizza equipment adds flexibility and adaptability to any production line. Our equipment is easily incorporated into existing lines and it has many customizable features so your brand can make products according to brand guidelines. Our machines are also versatile, as our ingredient applicators can dispense several ingredients, allowing your brand to change recipes as needed.


The last trend in frozen food processing equipment we’ll explore is sustainability. Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible not to go green. Employing sustainable automated equipment is not only better for the environment, but it also lowers overhead costs. Quantum Technical Services’ automated equipment is built to conserve electricity and water, making it resource-efficient. 

Automation, adaptability, and sustainability are important trends in new food processing equipment. These features can extend the utility of the machinery and help your production lines adapt to future business needs. Next, let’s look at new technology in the food industry.

New Technology in the Food Industry

At Quantum, we’ve combined automation, adaptability, and sustainability with reliable hardware to create the best-in-business frozen food equipment. We offer new technology in the food industry, including revolutionized conveyors, sauce applicators, ingredient applicators, and meat slicers. All of these equipment types add the new tech and versatility any company needs to future-proof their assembly lines. Here’s a brief overview of new food industry technology in Quantum food processing equipment.


Between water spray conveyors, bulk feeders, and ingredient compression conveyors, Quantum conveying systems have unique functions beyond our general progression conveyors. Your brand can utilize our different conveyor systems to increase efficiency, further customize products, and streamline operations.

Sauce Applicators

At Quantum, we offer both waterfall and target sauce applicators that can dispense a variety of sauces, including pizza sauce, buffalo sauce, ranch, gravy, and more. We offer many models of sauce applicators, each perfect for different production requirements. We also offer our QTPP Series, which has a cantilevered design to fit over existing assembly lines. Our sauce applicators have features that allow your brand to design applications, depending on the model, to meet brand guidelines.

Ingredient Applicators

Our ingredient applicators consist of cheese/IQF applicators and dry/granular ingredient applicators, each able to dispense a variety of ingredients to your products. This versatility is a critical component of new food industry technology because it saves companies from purchasing one machine per ingredient. 

Meat Slicers

Lastly, our meat slicers can slice a variety of stick meats and can be configured to cut meat and cheeses deli-style, another testament to our versatility and adaptability. Combining Quantum equipment will create an efficient and streamlined assembly line. Even when installed with other food processing equipment, our automated equipment improves quality, consistency, and productivity. Quantum equipment is built to anticipate the future of the food industry.

Future of the Food Industry

While it’s difficult to predict the future of the food industry, using the best equipment that’s right for your assembly lines will help adjust production to meet evolving needs. New food industry technology allows equipment to adapt to change, like demand or new recipes. Over the long term, employing adaptable and versatile equipment is more cost-efficient than consistently overturning machines when demands change. The right automated equipment should be able to grow with your business and be continually reliable. At Quantum Technical Services, we aim to provide the tools needed to anticipate the future of the food industry.

Future-Proof Your Food Manufacturing with Quantum

At Quantum Technical Services, we’re dedicated to future-proofing your frozen food manufacturing process with the best food industry technology. We’re the leading name in the industry because we prioritize top-of-the-line equipment and excellent customer service. Give us a call today to find out which of our engineered solutions can transform your frozen food manufacturing process.