Key Considerations When Choosing Frozen Pizza Equipment

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Both newer labels and established brands need to choose the right frozen pizza equipment. Whether a company is building its first production line or is looking to upgrade, there are key considerations when choosing frozen pizza equipment. Different business needs will call for different pizza cutters, target pizza sauce applicators, and target meat slicers. At Quantum Technical Services, we carry a range of automated solutions to meet a diverse set of frozen pizza production requirements.

Here, we’ll explore key equipment features to help narrow down your search. Success is easier to achieve when your employees use technology that works for your products, operations, and bottom line. This way, your team can focus on making high-quality products according to strategy. Now, let’s take a look at the key considerations when choosing frozen pizza equipment.

Pizza Cutters

Pizza cutters are important pieces of equipment in pizza assembly lines. When looking for the right one for your production line, two main features to look at include volume capability and the operation type of the pizza cutter. Both features go hand-in-hand!

Volume Capability and Operation Type

Quality pizza cutters keep your products intact and presentable for your customers, which is why it’s important to choose the model that suits your typical volume and operations. At Quantum, we have the PC5000 Series and PC1018 Series. The PC5000 is an automated pizza slicer with an interchangeable cutter, allowing different configurations. This model is ideal for high-volume production lines that require variety in slicing. Our PC1018 Series is geared toward smaller-scale production that relies on manual operations but still requires quality and consistently cut pizza. 

Target Pizza Sauce Applicators

Pizza sauce is an essential ingredient in any pizza, and finding the right target pizza sauce applicator is just as important! Our team has a number of target pizza sauce applicators available to meet different production requirements. Speed, volume, and design type are the key features a frozen pizza company needs to consider when looking for target pizza sauce applicators


Your production speed will vary based on your typical quotas, however, most of our pizza equipment models allow brands to adjust production speed as necessary. Your employees can adjust the speed of our Quantum automated sauce applicators to meet demand or to scale up production. 

Volume Capacity

In addition to speed, volume is another feature of sauce applicators and frozen pizza equipment. Quantum offers sauce applicators that have multiple lanes for increased productivity. From 1 to 4+ lanes, our target pizza sauce applicators can meet the volume requirements of any pizza label.

Design Type

Lastly, companies should consider the design type of the sauce applicators. Quantum Technical Services offers both stand-alone applicators that are efficient additions to any production line, as well as sauce applicators that have a cantilevered design that can fit over an existing conveyor line. Our QTIA series, C120 Series, and QTSA Series are powerful automated solutions for high-volume production, and our cantilevered QTPP Series is easily added over any production line to ensure consistent sauce application

Target Meat Slicers

The last of the frozen pizza equipment we’ll discuss here is target meat slicers. Quantum Technical Services specializes in creating target meat slicers with diverse functionalities and customizable settings to suit the needs of different pizza brands, which is important when finding a new slicer manufacturer. Meat slice design, volume, and versatility are all key considerations when looking for a new target meat slicer. These are all features that we prioritize at Quantum to ensure client satisfaction.

Meat Slice Design

Meat slice design is a simple yet effective way to make your products unique. Our Quantum meat slicers offer customizable slice design, uniform slice thickness, and consistent application to maintain the aesthetics of your products. We also offer models that have a user-friendly touch screen to specify settings, like our P200 Series Single Head, P200 Series Dual Head, and P400 Cantilevered Series. 


When finding the right pizza cutter and sauce applicator, companies must also consider volume when picking out a new target meat slicer. Quantum offers an automated solution that can slice meat onto single lines of pizza, but most of our models are scalable and can slice meat into multiple lanes of products. Even if your label only requires one or two lanes, acquiring a meat slicer that can increase productivity when your label needs it will simplify the process of scaling up.


When labels can add many different pizza toppings as a means for acquiring new customers, versatility in new meat applicators becomes a key feature to look for. Versatility in Quantum meat slicers can be found using different types of stick meats like pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and sausage.

Finding the right automated pizza equipment can help you meet demand, create new recipes, and reduce overhead costs. Investing in cutting-edge technology such as the equipment available at Quantum enhances productivity and helps future-proof your production. Our pizza cutters, sauce applicators, and meat slicers offer many different features and customizable settings so that our clients can make products according to their brand guidelines. Whether a brand needs to achieve precise slice designs, meet quotas, or develop new recipes, Quantum works with each of our clients to ensure they receive a tailored automated solution for their production line. By focusing on innovation and client satisfaction, our team has set the standard in automated pizza equipment, which is vital in the search for new technology. We continue to follow frozen food trends and industry needs so that we can provide effective automated solutions to pizza labels around the world.  

Find Reliable Equipment at Quantum

Quantum Technical Services is the frozen food industry’s leading automated food equipment manufacturer. Buying frozen pizza equipment is an investment, so it’s vital that your team picks the equipment that can keep up with the competition. With our trusted technology and stellar customer service, our clients are able to excel and innovate. Contact our Quantum team today to learn which solutions can transform your pizza production.