Quality Control in Cheese Application: Ensuring Consistency in Every Pizza Slice

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Automation in the food industry has many benefits, including consistency and effective quality control. Your brand’s image generates sales, including your pizza products’ presentation, taste, and quality. Customers deserve a great experience with your pizza products as they rely on your company and products for a yummy meal or snack. Automation improves consistency and product quality so customers can count on your brand every time. As you automate more of your production line, your company can increase its capability for quality control and consistency. One of the most popular pizza toppings is cheese, and automating cheese applications allows your company to make cheese applications consistent between products. Automation makes quality control in cheese application possible, easy, and sustainable. Here, we’ll go through the quality control process with cheese application and what quality assessment and assurance mean in automation.

Quality Control Process and Cheese Application

With traditional manual pizza preparation, different employees can prepare pizzas in vastly different ways, regardless of training. While these manually prepared pizzas pass a quality check, they need to be more consistent. Cheese application could be uneven, there could be too much or too little cheese on the pizza, or the right ingredients could be missing. Automation transforms the quality of your products. Quality control in cheese application sets the rest of the production process up for success since other toppings get applied to the pizza afterward. Automation simplifies the quality control process, including choosing the right cheeses, knowing the cheese application types available, and understanding digital quality control monitoring.

Choosing the Right Cheeses

When your company is automating the cheese application process, choosing the right cheeses to fit through the applicator maximizes the efficiency of automation. Using the right cheeses in the automated equipment ensures that the quality control process goes smoothly so that the equipment evenly applies the cheese. At Quantum, our cheese applicators fit most shredded cheese types, and our dry and granular ingredient applicators fit granulated cheeses like parmesan.

Cheese Application Types

Automation allows your company to choose the type of cheese application for quality control in cheese application. At Quantum, we have multiple cheese applicators available, including waterfall and targeted waterfall applicators. These applicators are built to evenly dispense your specified amount of cheese to keep your products consistent and reduce waste. 

Quality Control Monitoring

In the quality control process, your company monitors quality control throughout the production process, ensuring each product gets assembled correctly. Our digitized interfaces simplify quality control monitoring.

Streamlining quality control is critical in making sure your products are consistent. Next, we’ll dive into quality assessment and assurance, how they differ, and how to factor them into your quality control in cheese application.

Quality Assessment in Cheese Automation

Let’s focus on quality assessment. Quality assessment and assurance sound similar, but understanding their differences can improve your quality control methods. Quality assessment involves handling data and key performance indicators found in analytics. In contrast, quality assurance is more on a case-by-case basis regarding your product.

Scientific Analysis of Ingredients

Some data points that your company can keep track of include the expiry dates of the ingredients that your company uses for pizza. Using pizza ingredients that are fresh and to date ensures that your products are high quality for your customers. When your company only uses fresh ingredients in the production line, you can be sure that your products will stay consistent.

Refer to Digital Analytics

At Quantum, our automated equipment includes digital interfaces for the status of the equipment and production line. Your company can digitally record and track statuses and errors to see if there are any areas of the production line that your company can improve. Recording information about your automated equipment and production line creates a great reference to look back on to see strengths and areas of improvement. 

Quality assessment can provide great quantitative guidelines to ensure that your company is manufacturing the best product for your brand. Next, let’s discuss quality assurance and how it aids quality control and cheese application.

Quality Assurance in Cheese Automation

Unlike quality assessment, quality assurance ensures that each product is prepared correctly and is ready for packaging, transportation, and shelf life. Regarding quality control in cheese application, there are several steps that your company can take to maintain consistency throughout the production process. They include using spray conveyors regularly, maintaining the equipment, and fully automating your production line.

Spray Conveyors

Pizza products aren’t finished after they’ve made their way down the production line. To ensure that your products keep their freshness throughout transportation and their shelf life, we recommend using a spray conveyor to maintain the quality of the product. Spray conveyors mist a light layer of water over the products so freezing doesn’t damage the product. Freezing, transportation, and shelflife can be harsh on the product, and spray conveyors offer another opportunity to maintain consistency and quality.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance

Another way to maintain consistency is to inspect and adjust your automated equipment regularly. Re-tuning your cheese applicators and other pizza equipment ensures that the equipment continues to work and to evenly and consistently apply toppings to your products. Our automated equipment, such as our cheese applicators, is easy to maintain and adjust if needed. 

Fully Automate to Reduce Errors

Lastly, the best way to reduce quality control errors is to automate your production line fully. Automating your company’s production process can reduce errors and improve quality. With Quantum, your company can automate circle placing, sauce application, cheese dispensing, meat slicing, and other topping application. Automation dramatically decreases mistakes, downtime, and inconsistencies, so fully automating your production process is a recipe for success.

Quality Control With Quantum

At Quantum Technical Services, we believe in simplifying frozen food preparation. We offer the most trusted automated frozen pizza equipment in the industry. With Quantum, your company will notice the difference in your production process. Contact us today to start modernizing your production.