How Cheese Applicators Help Meet Demand for High-Volume Pizza Production

Waterfall Topping Applicator

As a company that offers frozen pizzas, it’s essential to create unique products that customers love. One way of doing this is to use a different cheese for pizza toppings. Your company can experiment with combinations of different cheeses to create signature recipes. However, R&D can be expensive, especially if valuable resources and production time are redirected to testing these new recipes. So, how can your company meet the demand for your products while looking to expand product lines? The answer is to automate. Automated cheese applicators help meet the demand for high-volume pizza production and allow your company to easily create new pizzas without much financial risk. Here, we’ll discuss the advantages of automating cheese for pizza toppings in your company’s production lines. But first, let’s briefly look at some of the benefits of automating your production lines.

Advantages of Automating Production Lines

While manual pizza preparation might only result in tens of pizzas per hour, fully automating your production lines can result in hundreds of pizzas per minute. Besides increasing productivity, automation requires less staffing, allowing your company to save on labor costs. Quantum’s automated equipment requires minimal staffing for oversight, and our equipment is straightforward to maintain. Overall, automation can streamline the frozen pizza production process. 

But how can cheese applicators help meet demand for high-volume pizza production? Pizza application is a critical step of the process because, most of the time, you can’t have pizza without cheese. Automated cheese applicators grant your company a unique opportunity to increase productivity and exceed your customers’ expectations.

Meeting Demand by Automating Cheese for Pizza Topping

Automating cheese for pizza topping has many benefits— productivity, sustainability, customization, more accessible R&D, and simple maintenance. These factors can transform your production lines and help you meet demand. Let’s start with productivity first.


Automation of any kind dramatically increases productivity to match high demand and limit disruptions in the production line. Meeting demand helps your company maximize its prospective profit margins; automation makes this possible. 


When you’re increasing the productivity of your process, your company will require more ingredients– and more resources mean more expenses. However, our automated waterfall cheese applicators and granular ingredient applicators have reclaim systems built in. This means the cheese that doesn’t initially make it onto a pizza gets collected and reapplied to subsequent pizzas. Reclaim is a sustainable and cost-effective feature that helps your company maximize your profit as you meet your demand.


Your company’s automated production line needs to be flexible. Demand fluctuates, and your production line must be adjustable to save materials or create more products when needed. With automated equipment, especially cheese and granulated cheese applicators, you can determine the number of pizzas your company needs to prepare according to demand.

Increase R&D

When demand is high, your profit margin widens with automation. Your company can research and develop new pizza products with this surplus to create even more demand. Automation makes developing new pizza products less risky because your company doesn’t need to dedicate as much time and resources as needed in more traditional preparation settings. With automation, your company can easily substitute new ingredients, like cheeses, to develop new products with minimal disruption to the usual production line.

Simple Use and Maintenance

Finally, the last of the ways automation meets high-volume demand that we’ll describe in this article is how simple it is to use and maintain the equipment. This equipment is easy to maintain and requires very infrequent out-of-house tune-ups, which limits disruptions in the production line. Automation requires less staffing and, thus, fewer employees to train on how to oversee and maintain the equipment. Our automated pizza equipment offers digitized interfaces to track the status and any errors in the production line, making oversight streamlined and modern and addressing errors faster.

Automation can simplify your bulk packaging process. Next, we’ll describe how automation can simplify your bulk packaging process. Ensuring your product gets properly packaged also helps to increase profits, minimize waste, and meet demand, which allows you to meet your ROI. Spray conveyors are particularly helpful in preparing your products for freezing, packaging, transportation, and shelf life.

Bulk Packaging and Automation

Automation helps get a high-volume amount of product ready for bulk packaging. While cheese applicators help meet demand for high-volume pizza production, our spray conveyors are one of the last types of automated equipment that pizzas pass under in a production line. Before the pizza products go through bulk packaging, your company can choose our automated spray conveyor for maximal freshness when the customer reheats the product. Here, we’ll briefly describe the benefits of spray conveyors and how they complement cheese applicators that help meet demand for high-volume pizza production.

Benefits of Spray Conveyors

Spray conveyors mist a light layer of water over the finished assembled pizza products as they continue down the production lines. This light layer of water helps protect the pizzas when they undergo freezing and transportation and wait on the shelves. Without this layer of water, the freezing process can be harsh on the products, and your products risk freezer burn. This layer of water protects the product during the freezing process and reheating by the customer. This automated step is a great one to include in your automated production lines before bulk packaging. Spray conveyors help limit product damage and improve the customer experience. 

Meeting Demand With Quantum

You can transform your business with automation through Quantum Technical Services and find cheese applicators that help meet demand for high-volume pizza production. Our automated pizza preparation equipment is built to handle high demand. When you fully automate your pizza production line, your company can produce hundreds of frozen pizzas per minute, which is ideal for meeting high demand. Contact us at Quantum today to get started on streamlining your pizza production process.