What Types of Granular Ingredients Can I Use Dry Applicators For?

Granular Ingredient Applicator

Frozen pizzas are popular, and automated technology in the frozen pizza industry significantly helps to meet this demand. A number of units that apply various types of granular ingredients are available to be part of your automated pizza assembly process. These applicators prepare your business for the future of food manufacturing since they allow flexibility in a changing market and ingredient needs, help you manage assembly digitally, and produce consistent, high-quality products. But, what types of granular ingredients can you use in dry applicators? In this article, we’ll go through some popular pizza topping combinations that you can use with dry applicators, especially granular toppings for pizza. But first, let’s explore the details of what dry applicators are and how they work.

Dry Applicators

Using dry ingredient applicators is a great way to add variety to your products while keeping consistency between each pizza. They’re able to apply a number of types of granular ingredients. Applicators are also able to reclaim and recycle ingredients that fall off the pizza, ultimately saving you money. Some dry ingredient applicators don’t have a conveyor belt, so you’re able to add an applicator over your existing conveyor belt system. You may also add additional applicators for more topping options. Dry applicators also allow you to either use a combination of dry ingredients as well as switch the types of granular ingredients they apply. With frozen pizzas more popular than ever, having a large selection of topping options allows you to connect with more customers. Since customers like the convenience of frozen pizzas, you can offer pizza toppings for everyone. So, what are some popular pizza topping combinations?

Granular Toppings for Pizza

As consumers are looking toward prepared meals even more so after the emergence of COVID-19. This increase in demand provides a unique opportunity to offer different pizza topping combinations to connect with customers with differing favorite pizza toppings. Granular pizza toppings add texture, flavor, and visual appeal to any pizza. When included with other traditional toppings like sauces and sliced meats, these granular toppings help create a memorable experience for customers to look forward to. Here are some popular granular toppings for pizza that you can apply with dry applicators.

Dry Herbs and Spices

Dry herbs and spices are perfect granular toppings for pizza and complete the pie. Herbs like kale or paprika can add extra flavor. Parsley, garlic, oregano, and basil are also pizza necessities and create a familiar pizza experience. One might argue that a pizza can’t be a pizza without them!

Hard Granulated Cheeses

Parmesan cheese is also another popular pizza topping. Other granulated cheeses can also be applied by dry applicators to your products. You can add cheeses like feta cheese, grated mozzarella, grated romano cheese, and grated cheddar cheese. Granulated cheeses are among the last ingredients applied to pizzas on the assembly line, along with dried herbs and spices. 

Dried Veggies

Dried veggies offer even more flavor and add a complex texture to the pizza. You can add dried veggies such as friend jalapeño peppers, mushrooms, and tomatoes with dry applicators. Jalapeño peppers are a great way to make a pizza spicy, and you could add even spicier dried veggies. Spicy foods are popular and pizza with hot peppers can reach customers familiar with the spicy food market. 

Jerk Meat

Another topping along the lines of hot peppers is chopped jerk meat. Jerk meat such as pork, chicken, and sausage are other great pizza toppings for customers looking for a more creative pizza experience. While jerk meats aren’t quite types of granular ingredients, they can be applied with dry applicators. 

Other Granulated Toppings

Other granulated pizza toppings include sliced olives, diced pineapple, diced onions, minced scallions, and pieces of bacon. As long as your toppings fit through the applicator, they can be applied to your pizzas. 

There are a variety of granulated pizza toppings that applicators can handle and that can make your pizzas unique. Now that we’ve gone through popular granulated pizza toppings, we’ll describe what the automated pizza topping process looks like and how your business can benefit from it. Automating your pizza preparation process can include other ingredients besides dry and granular ingredients. However, these other ingredients require other equipment, especially for sauces and sliced meats. Nevertheless, pizza topping combinations are endless. 

Automated Pizza Topping Combinations

Besides granulated pizza topping combinations, your pizzas likely also include sauces, base cheeses, and cylindrical meats such as pepperoni and sausage. On an assembly line, the order typically follows as such, with dry and granular ingredient applicators toward the end of the assembly line. Individual automated applicators allow you to rearrange the order of topping applicators based on your brand’s specifications for unique products. Applicators can apply toppings on both single- and multi-lane assembly lines, although multiple lanes increase productivity and help you meet your ROI faster. More automation helps you meet your ROI faster as well, and having multiple units allows you to switch up the order to keep up with demand or try new recipes. With different automated pizza toppings, the possibilities are endless and you can use the opportunity to develop different pizza products. Automation also cuts back on ingredient waste, as many applicators include a reclaim belt that recycles any lost product along the way. It simplifies the food preparation process and brings food production into the future. Automation of granular ingredients can elevate your brand and make your brand synonymous with delectable meals and snacks. 

Create Unique Pizzas With Quantum

At Quantum, we offer a range of pizza topping applicators so that your brand can make its signature products easily and effectively. We have multiple standard and engineered solutions for your prepared food needs– pizza included. Contact us today to get started on automating your food preparation process on single or multiple assembly lines as soon as possible! Automation is simple yet it can transform the way your brand makes its signature meals.