Why Automate Your Pizza Production?

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Is it time to automate your pizza production? Automatic pizza is widely believed to be the future of pizza production, so the time to begin is now. Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the country, and the pandemic meant people were eating more pizzas than ever! Three billion pizzas are sold in the United States each year. If you want to keep up with increased demand, automatic pizza is an excellent solution. Quantum Technical Services provides all the equipment companies need to automate pizza production. We are known for our pizza machines. Learn more about why it’s time to automate your pizza production. 

Why Automate Pizza Production?

What does your pizza production line currently look like? If it is slow and cumbersome, it’s time to consider solutions for automatic pizza. There are typically several steps for automated pizza makers, including mixing, dividing, rounding, proofing, pressing, topping, baking, and freezing. All of these steps can consume a lot of time and labor. Automation can help make the entire process much easier, faster, and less expensive in the long run for your company. Several pizza companies are using automated pizza makers to produce the perfect pie, and you could be one of them.

Reasons to Automate Pizza Production

Are you unsure if it’s time to use automated pizza makers in your production? There are several reasons to automate: 

Save Time

Save valuable time by automating your pizza production.

Increase Your Output 

Automating production increases productivity and can help increase the number of pizzas you produce in a given time frame. 

Consistent Results

Get consistently great pizzas when you automate pizza production. 

Decrease Waste

There is already a substantial food-waste problem in America. Don’t add to it! When you get consistent results from automation, you never have to throw any pizzas away.

Reduce Employees

You will need fewer employees to run your restaurant, which will save your company money in the long run.

The Best Equipment for Pizza Automation

Quantum Technical Services has specialized in selling pizza equipment since its inception. Our applicators offer perfect portions and placement on every pizza crust that passes through. We have everything you need to automate your pizza production. 

How to Automate Your Pizza Production

Quantum has everything you need to automate pizza production, from circle placers to pizza sauce and ingredient applicators.

Circle Placers and Infeed Conveyors

At the beginning of your automated pizza production system, you will find cardboard circle placers like our QTCR and QTFF series. Our circle-placing machines place round, square, or rectangular corrugated cardboard onto a conveyor. Our machines are set up for placement by timer or incoming signal and are easy to set up and customize to control pacing. 

Pizza Sauce Applicators

We all know that a pizza isn’t quite a pizza without sauce. However, all manufacturers place their sauce on their crust differently. Quantum Technical Services sells two types of pizza sauce applicators: waterfall and targeted sauce applicators. 

Our WS1000 Waterfall Sauce Applicator series is ideal for lane setups. The sauce is evenly applied over the surface as disks pass under a continuous curtain. Any excess sauce is captured in the waterfall topping applicators. This helps maximize efficiency and ingredient usage. 

We also provide a range of target sauce applicators to match the type and speed of your conveyors and the ingredients used in your sauce. We have in-house ingredient testing services so that we can create customized plates for your product. Whether you use tomato sauce, garlic butter, or pesto, as long as the viscosity of your ingredients is compatible, we can combine any number of sauces with your pizzas. Then, applicators deposit the sauce directly on top of your pizzas with perfect accuracy. 

Cheese and Ingredient Applicators 

What would pizza be without the endless ingredients we choose and assemble to bake the perfect pie? The next item you need to automate your pizza production is an ingredient applicator, also known as a pizza topping applicator. It is essential that your pizza topping be flexible. 

Our TC-5 series applies cheese or vegetables in even coats on pizzas, so you avoid wasting food and money. Our machines have 20 recipe slots, a cantilevered design, and touchscreen controls. They are easy to operate and function as effectively as machines triple their cost. 

Do you need assistance slicing pepperoni, salami, and other meats for your pizzas? Our pepperoni-slicing equipment is designed with speed and accuracy in mind. As disks pass through the machine, meats will be sliced perfectly in time. 

Our ingredient applicators can handle more than just cheese and meat. They also apply dry and granular ingredients like nuts, spices, and garnishes. 

Finally, our seasoning applicators will sprinkle an even coating at your desired rate. 

Tips for Automating Your Pizza Production 

Every pizza automation system is different. It is vital to ensure you have suitable machines from Quantum Technical Services and that your machines are laid out in a way that makes sense for cleaning, worker efficiency, and more.

It’s Time to Automate Your Pizza Production With Quantum Technical Services

Quantum has all the resources you need to automate pizza production. Let us help set up your production line from start to finish. We offer American-made, affordable, and practical engineering. All of our pizza automation machines are designed for you. We have provided automation solutions to pizza companies for over 30 years. Contact us today to begin automating your pizza production!