Calculating Pizza Production Topping Line Equipment Payback and ROI

pizza production topping line equipment

When investing in new equipment, it’s important to understand how fast your brand will be able to see its ROI. Investing in pizza production topping line equipment is a major step in food production – and maximizing ROI is critical for the future of your label. But how can your company calculate ROI?

Of course, a number of factors of automated pizza equipment determine ROI, which we’ll explore a little later. We’ll also spotlight ROI from automated pizza cheese dispensers. But first, we’ll briefly review automated pizza solutions that make quick ROI possible. 

Quantum Automated Pizza Solutions

Automation pizza production topping line equipment delivers a fast ROI beyond transforming assembly lines. In addition to consistent production, improved quality, and increased food safety, Quantum automated pizza solutions realize cost efficiencies nearly immediately when they’re implemented into a production line. Quantum automated pizza solutions include:

  • Cardboard Circle Placers
  • Sauce Applicators
  • Cheese/Topping Applicators
  • Meat/Pepperoni Slicers
  • Dry/Granular Ingredient Applicators 
  • Conveyor Systems

Our pizza production topping line equipment allows brands to streamline assembly line operations while ensuring consistency and quality. Automated pizza solutions are only as transformative as their ROI. At Quantum, we strive to make equipment that improves pizza production in multiple ways, including realizing value faster. Now, let’s take a look at the factors of automated pizza production that determine faster ROI. 

Factors of Automated Pizza Equipment ROI

Simply, ROI is calculated by dividing the profit by the cost of an investment and multiplying that by 100. However, the profit depends on a number of factors of the automated pizza equipment your label chooses. These factors include production rate, labor costs, and ingredient costs. 

Production Rate

Of course, different automated pizza production topping line equipment have different features, but it is important that your brand finds and implements equipment that meets its business requirements. If your company plans on expanding and increasing the volume of prepared pizzas it produces, your company will likely need to find equipment that can handle high demand and fast production rates. Meeting high demand is an excellent way to realize higher profits, but it’s only possible with the right equipment. Quantum automated pizza equipment allows brands to increase the production rate as needed in order to meet this demand, making it much easier to reach a great ROI. 

Labor Costs

Another factor that affects ROI is the cost of labor. Labor costs are one of the most expensive parts of running a business, and if a frozen food label doesn’t automate efficiently, the label will likely waste capital when it doesn’t need to. Automating where possible allows companies to rely on minimal staffing, which reduces labor costs and increases the ROI. 

Ingredient Costs

The cost of ingredients can also affect ROI. The right automated pizza production topping line equipment conserves ingredients and thus ingredient costs. If new automated equipment overapplies ingredients or results in products that don’t pass QC, the brand will find it difficult to realize ROI. Ingredient costs are variable costs, and stabilizing them allows companies to reach a better ROI. Inconsistent ingredient application, either by manual application or faulty equipment, contributes to this variable cost, making it challenging to break even. That’s why it’s crucial to find equipment that works for your brand by mitigating variable costs. Most Quantum automated food equipment models offer either a target application design or reclaim systems, which conserve ingredients and costs, helping brands realize an ROI faster. 

Production rate, labor costs, and ingredient costs are important factors to consider when projecting when your brand will break even on its new automated equipment. Next, let’s apply ROI theory to automated pizza cheese dispensers – a critical component of any pizza production line. 

Spotlight: Automated Pizza Cheese Dispenser

Automating cheese application is a great way to improve pizza assembly and product quality. It’s also a straightforward way to realize ROI. Automating your pizza cheese dispenser streamlines pizza assembly while ensuring consistency and quality. While we recommend automating as much of your production line as possible, automating any portion of your production line helps realize ROI faster and transforms operations. Automating your brand’s pizza cheese dispenser is a great way to begin revolutionizing your company’s production line while realizing the many benefits of automation quickly. Let’s dive into the cost efficiencies of waterfall cheese applicators

Cost Efficiencies of Waterfall Cheese Applicators

Quantum Technical Services offers a number of waterfall cheese applicators that can also dispense other ingredients like IQF vegetables and dry ingredients. Instead of needing multiple types of equipment, brands can rely on one type of equipment to dispense this range of ingredients. Versatility is an important feature of Quantum automated equipment that helps brands reach a quick ROI. Additionally, our waterfall cheese applicators have reclaim systems that catch and reapply unused ingredients that don’t initially make it onto a pizza. Quantum waterfall cheese applicators conserve costs by conserving ingredients through their reclaim systems. The application of cheese and other ingredients is also even and consistent, allowing more products to pass QC and avoid being thrown out, further saving brands on ingredient costs and whole products. The cost efficiencies of Quantum waterfall cheese applicators are numerous and result in a faster ROI. Especially when paired with other automated steps in the pizza production process, Quantum automated cheese applicators help brands not only break even on their investments but widen overall profit margins. 

Automation is an effective way to streamline operations without sacrificing efficiency or productivity. While investing in automated equipment is a big step, the right equipment will quickly produce returns. Quantum automated pizza equipment is built to improve consistency and quality, as well as provide faster ROI.

Maximize ROI with Quantum

With Quantum automated food equipment, we make it possible to maximize your ROI faster. Seeing returns is a vital part of business, and our technology allows your company to realize the benefits of automation almost immediately. Contact us at Quantum Technical Services today to implement cost-effective automated food equipment as soon as possible.