Flexible and Customizable: Adapting Assembly Line Machinery to Unique Needs in the Pizza Industry

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Beyond increasing quality, improving consistency, and increasing productivity, automated assembly line machinery grants pizza companies flexibility and customization. But why is this important?

Pizza companies require flexibility and customization in order to be successful in an ever-changing market and evolving business needs. At Quantum, our pizza machinery and pizza assembly lines offer flexibility and customization capacity to meet unique needs in the pizza industry. These needs include scalability, topping customization, and versatility – all of which help to make pizza brands and their products one-of-a-kind. Let’s first take a look at how Quantum’s automated pizza machinery is flexible and works to improve pizza assembly lines. We’ll also use our target tomato sauce applicators as an example of how equipment customization helps products meet brand guidelines. Flexibility and customization capabilities not only streamline pizza production lines but they also help a company grow and remain a top competitor. 

Pizza Machinery, Pizza Assembly Lines, and Flexibility

Flexibility and customization capabilities are critical features of pizza assembly lines, but what does it mean in the scope of pizza production itself? What do flexibility and customization add to pizza production workflows? We’ll first focus on how automated pizza machinery and pizza assembly lines grant flexibility to pizza brands. Automated assembly line machinery adds flexibility to business operations in multiple ways: by meeting production demands, granting scalability, and providing versatility. These unique needs of the pizza industry require a strong solution, and automation meets these needs head-on.

Meeting Production Demands

Quantum automated assembly line machinery allows pizza brands to change the speed of conveyors and ingredient applicators, depending on the model. This grants companies the ability to meet production quotas, all while ensuring quality and consistency. This flexibility in determining the speed of the pizza machinery permits brands to meet a short-term increase in demand with increased efficiency. But what about long-term solutions for increased demand?


As a pizza company grows, faster production speeds may not meet a long-term increase in demand. The flexibility of Quantum automated pizza machinery allows companies to easily integrate new equipment, such as conveyors, topping applicators, and cantilever ingredient applicators for existing production lines. Our pizza machinery is unique in that companies can add and rearrange our automated equipment for a long-term solution and for increased production quotas. Flexibility provides the scalability needed to continue to be a successful pizza brand.

Ingredient Versatility

Another unique need that automated assembly line machinery meets is ingredient versatility. Pizza brands rely on toppings to diversify their product offerings. Quantum makes adding different toppings easier by designing pizza machinery that can dispense a wide array of toppings and ingredients. Although we may have designated cylindrical meat slicers or shredded cheese applicators, our cylindrical meat slicers can be turned into deli-style slicers and. For example, our shredded cheese applicators can also dispense IQF ingredients. Our topping applicators are versatile – as long as the ingredients fit, the applicators can dispense them onto pizzas. Versatile equipment is also a better business investment than equipment with a single function.

Flexibility is a critical component of assembly line machinery so that the equipment can meet the ever-evolving needs of pizza brands. Employing automated equipment ensures that your company can adapt to changing markets and demands while meeting quality control. Let’s next explore how equipment such as target tomato sauce applicators have customizable features. Like flexibility, customizable features grant pizza brands the ability to change products and adjust production as needed. 

Target Tomato Sauce Application and Customization

Your automated pizza equipment should be able to adapt to your business needs as your company expands. Pizza equipment that has customizable features increases its lifespan because the machinery will remain useful well after implementation. Customization allows the equipment to continually meet the demands of your company, further adapting to the changing landscape of the business over time. Here, we’ll focus on target tomato sauce applicators as our example of equipment with customizable features that withstand the demands of the pizza industry.

Waterfall Sauce Applicators

Our waterfall sauce applicators, such as our WS1000 Series, are particularly customizable when it comes to conveyor speeds and versatility. Waterfall sauce applicators are ideal for evenly depositing a layer of sauce over pizzas on a conveyor. Our WS1000 Series allows conveyor speeds up to 80 feet per minute, which is exceptionally useful for meeting high production quotas. Brands can easily specify production speeds as demand increases. Waterfall applicators are also versatile, in that they can dispense other sauces beyond tomato sauce. BBQ sauce, alfredo sauce, and even ranch dressing are also popular sauces on pizza, all of which can be dispensed by our waterfall sauce applicators. Ingredient versatility is important especially if customers like different recipes. 

Target Sauce Applicators 

Like waterfall applicators, target applicators also have customizable speed settings and ingredient versatility. However, target applicators have additional features that allow brands to further customize their products. Our target applicators, like our QTSA Series, let brands specify how much sauce the applicator deposits onto pizzas all while maintaining a sauce-free border. This is helpful in cases where brands make pizzas with light sauce or extra sauce. Models like our QTMC5 can apply sauce to a range of pizza sizes, between 6” and 16” pizzas. This versatility allows the equipment to easily change what size of pizzas a company aims to produce. Our QTPP model is built for existing production lines, which adds further customization to pizza products and allows the whole production line to adapt to changing business needs. Lastly, models like our QTIA Series can apply sauce to 2 to 4 lanes of pizzas, depending on brand requirements. Customization is a key aspect of automated pizza equipment because it makes the equipment adaptable to evolving business needs and grants longevity to the entire assembly line.

Find Adaptable Pizza Equipment at Quantum

Quantum Technical Services is the industry leader for a reason – we prioritize versatile automated pizza equipment and stellar customer service. Together, these priorities transform our client’s pizza production lines and the way our clients adapt to changes in the food industry. Contact us today to find the right automated pizza equipment that can add adaptability and versatility to your pizza production line.