Maximizing ROI with Food Production Lines

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So much goes into running a business that is dependent on food production lines, such as minimizing overhead costs, ensuring good quality, and ending each quarter in the black. However, maintaining a top competitive position while making sure your company is maximizing its ROI can be especially difficult. How do companies stay competitive and meet demand, all while increasing profit margins? How can companies still meet demand in the face of complicated and expensive issues currently facing the food industry? They’re maximizing ROI where they can

Here, we’ll explore the latest frozen food trends for maximizing ROI in the frozen food industry. These trends are critical in not only optimizing capital but also maximizing ROI. Right now, it’s a challenging time running a frozen food label because ingredients have increased in price and the world is experiencing a labor shortage. This is why it’s important to maximize ROI where possible.

Along with frozen food trends for maximizing ROI, we’ll also reveal some of the types of equipment that food production companies are using to simplify assembly and maximize ROI. By streamlining business operations and continually maximizing returns on their investments, food companies are withstanding the challenges that are currently facing the frozen food industry.

Frozen Food Trends for Maximizing ROI

There are inevitable costs of running a frozen food company and food production lines. These investments include factory space, equipment, ingredients, and labor. In order to maximize ROI, companies must optimize the way each investment works for the production line to realize value. Let’s take a look at the frozen food trends for maximizing the return on each investment.

Make the Most Out of Space and Equipment

Factory space and equipment are two expensive investments for any frozen food company. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure that your company is optimizing space use and equipment function and versatility. Ask questions like: 

  • Is your factory space big enough for an effective production line? 
  • Are you using the right equipment to make products exactly as required?
  • Can the equipment meet business needs as the company grows?

Having good answers to these important questions will help your company meet production quotas while optimizing space and equipment use. This helps improve the return on investment for space and equipment.

Optimize Ingredient Use

In 2023, the cost of raw ingredients is the most expensive it’s ever been. This is due to a number of reasons including the labor shortage, supply chain issues, and inflation. Not only are supermarket prices rising for the regular shopper, but food companies are also experiencing increased prices as well. It’s ever so important for food companies to optimize ingredient use and conserve where they can. Over time, companies can reduce excess ingredient costs.

Streamline Labor Tasks

Another huge investment is the cost of labor. While it’s important to have a group of skilled staff that keeps operations going, streamlining responsibilities allows companies to rely on a smaller network of staff. This can significantly reduce the overhead cost of labor, allowing your company to focus on maximizing capital. Relying on automation alleviates the burden of reduced productivity for companies experiencing staffing shortages. This ensures that companies can still meet production quotas.

Employ Automation

One solution to all of the above is to employ automated equipment in your food production lines. More and more brands are continuing to rely on automation because it optimizes space use, effort, ingredient use, and staffing. Automation solves many challenges in the food industry and maximizes ROI. Next, we’ll describe types of automated equipment for the best premade meals that brands rely on to streamline food production. At Quantum, your company can find automated equipment that can transform operations and result in great returns.

Automated Equipment for the Best Premade Meals

Automated equipment enables faster production and better food production line efficiency. Using automated equipment helps companies make the best premade meals on the market. Here are the types of Quantum automated equipment that prepared meal brands rely on for excellent quality, increased consistency, and proven customer satisfaction:

  • Sauce Applicators
  • Meat Slicers
  • Cheese/IQF Vegetable Applicators
  • Dry/Granular Ingredient Applicators

Frozen food brands can choose to automate one or a few steps of their food production lines – more automation results in a better return. These equipment types maximize space use and have versatile functions. Waterfall applicator models, for example, have reclaim capabilities that allow companies to reapply unused ingredients to save on ingredient costs. Target applicators conserve ingredient use, which further adds to savings. Our equipment requires minimal staffing, so your business can save on labor costs. With all of these features, automated food equipment maximizes ROI by optimizing productivity and reducing overhead costs

Other types of automated equipment that help maximize ROI are conveyor belts for food processing. They make production lines for the best premade meals possible as they keep the assembly lines going. 

Automated Conveyor Belts for Food Processing

Conveyor belts for food processing increase the efficiency of production lines while maintaining production line speed and product alignment. Conveyor belts are critical equipment in a production line that help the automated process maximize ROI by increasing productivity. At Quantum, we offer the best-in-the-business automated food equipment, and that includes conveyors of all different functions. Below are just some of the conveyors that we offer to streamline food production lines:

  • Bulk Feed and Infeed Conveyors
  • Flat Belt Conveyors
  • Compression Conveyors
  • Reclaim and Wirebelt Conveyors

We offer a number of different models that can meet your business requirements. Our conveyor belts for food processing have a wide range of customizable features to help your brand make unique frozen meals. These conveyors require minimized cleaning time and are exceptionally user-friendly, allowing your company to focus on other demanding aspects of your business. 

By employing automated food equipment, food brands can maximize ROI. Automation is a single solution to many expensive challenges that the food industry experiences. Implementing automated equipment can transform the way your company realizes value.

Maximize ROI with Quantum 

At Quantum Technical Services, we understand the importance of maximizing ROI in the food industry. Our automated food processing equipment is built to do just that! We’re the most trusted name in the industry because our equipment increases productivity and efficiency while reducing overhead costs and downtime. Contact us today to learn how your prepared meals brand can maximize ROI with our automated food equipment.