Exploring Gluten-Free and Vegan Frozen Pizza Options

vegan frozen pizza

Just ten years ago, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan frozen pizza wasn’t readily available on grocery freezer shelves. However, advancements in food technology have made these meals accessible in most major grocery stores. Because there is a higher market demand for these frozen pizza options, it’s more critical than ever that frozen pizza labels can create these products to reach new customers. 

While it may seem difficult to introduce new products into your brand’s workflow, it doesn’t have to be as long as you’re using the right automated pizza equipment. With equipment from Quantum Technical Services, brands can test and make new gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan frozen pizza meals with minimal risk. In this article, we’ll explore these frozen pizzas – as well as dairy free pizza brand recipes. We’ll also discuss how to effortlessly introduce new recipes into your product line by using automated equipment.

There’s no doubt that gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian frozen pizza has increased in popularity over the last few years. This provides a perfect opportunity for frozen pizza labels to connect with more customers.

Vegetarian Frozen Pizza

Vegetarian frozen pizza doesn’t have to encompass just the dough, sauce, and shredded cheese. Brands can get creative! Recipes for vegetarian frozen pizza can include a selection of cheeses, vegetables, and more.

Vary the Sauces

When building a vegetarian frozen pizza, brands can explore other sauces besides red sauce. Sauces like meatless Alfredo and pesto can make unique vegetarian pizzas. Quantum automated sauce applicators can dispense sauces other than red sauce for added versatility in a pizza production line.

Change Up the Cheeses

Labels can add cheeses other than mozzarella to vegetarian pizzas. Cheeses like goat cheese and feta can be great ingredients for vegetarian pizzas. 

Go Vegetable Crazy

Perhaps the most popular toppings for a vegetarian pizza are the vegetables– and brands can get creative here! Labels can add vegetables like IQF bell peppers, arugula, and artichokes to any vegetarian pizza. Quantum equipment Cheese/IQF ingredient applicators facilitate the dispensing of a diverse selection of ingredients.

Include Spices and Herbs

Lastly, brands should include a complex array of spices and herbs to add flavor to a vegetarian pizza. Spices like red pepper flakes, thyme, and rosemary – and herbs such as basil and oregano are tasty additions to vegetarian pizza. Quantum’s Dry/Granular ingredient applicators ensure the even application of many herbs and spices to frozen pizza products.

Sauces, cheeses, vegetables, spices, and herbs are all vital ingredients for a great vegetarian pizza. Now, let’s look at what goes into a yummy vegan frozen pizza. 

Vegan Gluten Free Frozen Pizza

Vegan frozen pizza and vegan gluten free frozen pizza have become increasingly popular. Including vegan gluten free frozen pizza in your product line is important to connect with customers that have dietary restrictions and/or preferences. But what makes a vegan and gluten free pizza?

The Meaning of Vegan and Gluten Free 

To clarify – they aren’t the same thing. Vegan refers to food that isn’t made with animal products. This includes dairy, meat, fish, and eggs. On the other hand, gluten free refers to food products that don’t contain any gluten like wheat. Of course, a lot of these ingredients are pizza-making staples, but with smart substitutes, it’s totally possible to make vegan and gluten free pizza products!

Ingredients for a Vegan and Gluten Free Pizza

A vegan and gluten free pizza wouldn’t have any eggs, cheese/dairy, or other animal products and would have a gluten free crust. Always double check the contents of your ingredients to make sure they’re safe for a vegan and gluten free pizza! For this kind of pizza, meatless sauce, non-dairy cheese, a variety of vegetables, and non gluten spices and herbs can make perfect toppings. 

Because vegan and gluten free pizza ingredients usually have a different consistency than traditional toppings, pizza labels need to employ automated equipment that can dispense a range of these toppings. At Quantum, we’re committed to creating versatile equipment that can apply vegan and gluten free toppings. 

Now that we’ve discussed toppings for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free pizza, let’s dive into dairy free brands and ingredients to get a better idea of ingredient alternatives. 

Dairy Free Pizza Brands and Ingredients

As we mentioned, vegan pizza can’t include dairy ingredients. Some dairy substitutes that can still make a tasty dairy-free pizza include rice cheese and soy cheese. Dairy free pizza brands can use non-dairy sauces like red sauce, dairy-free pesto, and barbecue sauce. Dairy free pizza brands can also include a wide range of vegetables as toppings to add variety to the pizza. 

Even though vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and dairy-free pizza may require different ingredients than traditional pizzas, brands can still innovate with substitutes or alternative toppings. Creating these recipes can help any label connect with customers who have dietary restrictions and/or dietary preferences. With the right equipment to quickly create these new recipes, your pizza label can put its vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, or dairy free pizzas on shelves in no time!

Make Innovative Products with Quantum

At Quantum, we’re dedicated to developing automated equipment that helps brands create pizza with new ingredients. Gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan frozen pizzas are in high demand now, and brands need equipment that can quickly accommodate the change in recipes. We’ve designed our state-of-the-art technology to be versatile, allowing pizza labels to innovate new gluten-free and plant-based pizzas. We strive to see our clients achieve success, and we make it possible with our durable equipment and stellar customer service. Contact us today to explore all of the automated solutions available at Quantum Technical Services.