The Benefits of Choosing Quantum

QTFF Cardboard Circle Feeder

Quantum Technical Services manufactures food processing equipment primarily used in pizza and ready-meal industries. The benefits of Quantum are numerous and go way beyond innovations in food processing products, including granular and target sauce applicators, waterfall and ingredient topping equipment, and slicer applicators. Quantum also prides itself on its spectacular business model, delivering clients a quick turnaround, expert design, and high-quality products due to excellent communication between sales, engineering, and service–in short, its practical, accessible customer service.

The benefits of choosing Quantum include a few things we’ll discuss soon, but one of the essential benefits is future-proofing your business. Many industries are turning to technology to fight inflation and improve efficiency, and food processing isn’t any different. So whether it’s equipment for pizza or a custom circle placer, Quantum is actively creating the future of food processing

Innovations in Food Processing

Quantum Technical Services produces food processing equipment, such as high-speed target sauce applicators, waterfall and target topping applicators, granular applicators, and slicer-applicators, widely used in pizza and ready meals, as well as by bakery industries. Their passion is designing, manufacturing, and selling innovative equipment for pizza and more.

Quantum’s expert designers are passionate about creating innovations in food processing, whether for applying pizza sauce, cheese, IQF ingredients–such as streusel or crumb topping– or other dry ingredients. Quantum products offer sanitary operations that are simple to use, streamlined, and boast remarkable durability and dependability. 

Another top benefit of choosing Quantum is the happy, engaged, and efficient employees who can implement alternative technologies in manufacturing operations–often driven by product specification requirements, the need to expand capabilities, or, in some cases, legislative demands. However, identifying technologies capable of fulfilling the requirements for future distributed and localized food (DLM) systems remains uncharted territory. Current studies seek a new methodological approach for selecting enabler technologies for future Direct Local Manufacturing food systems. One paper presents a novel classification of food processing technologies, outlines 14 DLM suitability assessment criteria, and then applies this methodology to 12 selected technologies. The findings demonstrate that this methodological approach can facilitate the use of DLM technology systems by identifying the optimal technologies that satisfy individual manufacturer needs.

Quantum Services

From convenience pizza manufacturing to the bakery industry, the benefits of choosing Quantum Technical Services include helping keep the nation fed, helping your company flourish, and much more. Quantum works with each client to build meaningful relationships, assess inventory needs, and provide data and solutions that reduce risk and maximize profit.

Because of the same revolutionary leadership that led to those innovations in food processing, Quantum offers something else you will find simple and streamlined. It boasts remarkable durability and dependability–their operational system. They believe customer service should be easy – the less time spent resolving problems, the better. Implementing excellent communication within their culture allows employees to work faster, more precisely, and with more engagement. Lengthy wait times, unclear online forums, and uninformed customer service personnel can decimate the growth of any business. So, the benefits of choosing Quantum extend beyond their innovations in food processing, and those ancillary benefits have proven to benefit Quantum and their loyal clients

As is expected, Quantum provides quality products to their clients at a reasonable price. But that is not all! We also provide electrical information to aid installation, provide training for operators, run a service shop, and help leverage preventative maintenance.

Quantum offers both standard and purpose-built solutions, including solutions for:  

Using a Fully Automated Pizza Production System

There are numerous benefits to using a complete production system, including improved worker safety, reliable consistency, maximum efficiency, and lowered operating costs. In addition, automation is widely considered the future of food manufacturing. In an industry marked by high turnover and high risk to workers, machines like these can increase profitability and tend to yield an ROI within only a few years.

Circle Placers and Infeed Conveyors

Quantum Technical Services offers dozens of conveyors depending on your assembly line’s unique needs. Whether it be a conveyor with product reclaim for recycling ingredients or matt top conveyors optimized to minimize cleaning time, we have the conveyor equipment for your manufacturing needs.

Pizza Sauce Applicators

Quantum Technical Services also offers two types of pizza sauce applicators: waterfall and targeted sauce applicators.

Ingredient Applicators

Quantum designers obsess over the application of flexibility in their products. For this reason, they integrate flexibility into their ingredient applicators with care and precision. Seasoning applicators will sprinkle an even coating.

Industry-Leading Products

Leveraging Expert Design

Our team of experts is proud to bring innovative and effective solutions to our clients. Our mechanical engineers focus on sanitation, efficiency, and ease-of-use. Because at the end of the day, we want to think about design improvements so that you don’t have to. Our products are novel and inventive, making us leaders in the industry.

Utilizing 3-D Virtual Models

In order to analyze and evaluate all of our design ideas, our team of engineers use Computer Aided Design. With CAD, the Quantum engineers create 3-D models that help us understand benefits and areas for growth before we’ve even manufactured a product. 

Ensuring Cutting-Edge Fabrication

Our in-house fabrication is both efficient and cost-friendly. Quantum’s fabrication capabilities include up-to-date Laser and CNC Press Brake technologies. By utilizing these systems, we can shorten lead times, increase quality control, and enhance customer satisfaction. 

Maintaining Quality Manufacturing

In our manufacturing process, we use Computer Numerical Control (CNC). With the combination of CNC and CAD, Quantum produces parts with greater accuracy. Therefore, in choosing Quantum you are also choosing quality and consistency. 

Whether you’re looking to replace a single machine in your manufacturing line, have a complete overhaul, or even wonder how to get started with machine automation, Quantum Technical Services is here. Quantum offers American-made, affordable, and practical engineering and equipment perfect for easy cleaning, safe operation, and ease of use.