Choosing a Dry Ingredient Applicator

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How to Choose a Dry Ingredient Applicator

Topping dispensers are integral for restaurants or companies looking to create their product using a production line. Automation is a great way to accelerate output and maximize the efficiency of your business. However, you want to do your research before purchasing. Dry ingredient applicators can come at hefty prices. You want to ensure you’re getting the best quality machine for your money. In this article, we’ll cover some of the basics of dry topping dispensers and what to look for when buying them. Read along to confirm that you’ll be getting the best bang for your buck.


What Is a Dry Topping Dispenser?

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Maybe you’re not yet familiar with the different tools that can be used in a food production line. In this case, you might wonder what a dry ingredient applicator is. The first step is to differentiate between the equipment and ensure you get the right one. Dry or granular ingredient applicators can be used to apply various toppings. As the name suggests, this includes many dry ingredients, like granules, seeds, spices, salt, parmesan cheese, and similar toppings. These tools are designed to mount over conveyor systems. There are many benefits to choosing automated topping applicators. For instance, you’ll have a quick return on your investment. Additionally, these machines will save you costs on labor and diminish waste while maximizing production. 


How to Choose a Topping Dispenser

Some things to consider when you’re in the market for a topping dispenser are accuracy, sanitation, and support from the manufacturer. Accuracy is the first and foremost characteristic of an ingredient dispenser that you’ll want to pay attention to. A dispenser’s accuracy determines your product’s quality. Anything that affects the outcome of your product is essential to consider. You should consider the four types of accuracy: weight, placement, pattern, and targeting. Accuracy is directly related to the consistency of output. You want your machine to put out toppings at the right weight, shape, or pattern, and in the right spots. Having an accurate and automated machine will also help reduce the need for manual labor down the line.

Sanitation is another major factor you want to consider before buying your machine. You want a machine that meets standard sanitary design protocols. That’s only the baseline standard, though. You want your machine to have the ability to be quickly and easily cleaned. Any machine you come across that has complicated cleaning procedures is not one that you want to invest your money in. Not only do you want your workplace to remain sanitary, but you also want messes to be easy to clean up. In the world of food production, cleanliness is of the utmost importance. It should be reflected in the automated tools you use to create your products, including any ingredient dispensers.

You also want to watch for the company practices of these automated tools. Look around online for customer reviews. Or, if you have friends in the food industry, ask about their experiences with different machines. If a company has repeat customers and rave reviews, they likely have good customer support practices. A good company should be readily available and responsive to consumer feedback. Whether you need technical service or a replacement part, the company you buy from should be ready to help. Dry topping dispensers are vital machines in the production process. When machines break down, it starts to cost you time and money. The manufacturer should know this and be available throughout the machine’s lifespan to help you with any potential problems.


Choosing the Right Dry Ingredient Applicator

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Quality ingredient applicators are built to last. Choosing the right one for your business improves your efficiency and saves you money on manual labor. There are plenty of great reasons to automate your food production process. However, you want to choose from a reliable brand with a good reputation in the industry. This is where Quantum Technical Services comes into the picture. Our innovative design team creates machines with the highest quality and consistency in the industry. Take a look at the testimonials on our home page.

If you are looking for automated solutions for your food production system, look at some of our expertly designed ingredient applicators. If you are looking for dry topping dispensers specifically, look at our QTGA1000, QTGA5, and QTGA3000 series. While these three models have different specs, they can all apply dry toppings evenly across your products. Whether you’re manufacturing pizzas, bakery items, or confections, these machines are the best. Depending on your needs as a company, you might be better suited to the QTGA5 rather than the QTGA1000. Visit the other areas of our website to read more about each model’s specifications. 

Quantum has provided manufacturing solutions to companies for over 30 years. We started with pizza equipment, but our expertise has expanded into baked goods and prepared foods. Additionally, if you are in the market for other machines used for automated food processes, check out our other products. We have all the machines you might be looking for to help improve your efficiency and increase your overall automation and food production success. Maybe you’re new to food production lines, or you’re a longtime food manufacturer in need of updates to your existing production line. Either way, we have you covered. And if you have any questions regarding dry ingredient applicators or our other products, contact us today.