Baked Goods Sees a Boost Through Food Automation

baked goods automation

For years baked good production has been notoriously difficult to automate. Due to the reliance on small batch baking and a wide array of difficult-to-handle ingredients, most bakers have continued to manufacture products with help from workers, rather than machines.


But the future of automation is looking bright for bakers. By adopting the latest manufacturing equipment, baking facilities are more adept at handling ingredients and producing consistent results. There’s no doubt that integrating automation into your bakery is a wise investment for the future.


How Bakeries are Making Changes

Large manufacturers and artisanal bakeries alike are on the forefront of adopting automated systems into their production lines. For the most part, these changes are driven by increased demand and a desire for consistent results.


Portioning and Shaping

One of the easiest ways to improve your bakery’s production is by introducing equipment to help shape and portion your products. According to an article from, portioning machines offer huge benefits, since “manual production of baked goods can lead to variations in individual products, for instance with loaves of bread being molded inconsistently.” Investing in equipment that produces consistent results enables you to prioritize customer satisfaction while still offering delicious baked items on a larger scale.


Depositing Equipment

Depositing equipment is used by bakeries of all sizes to add fillings and toppings to baked products. specifies that depositing is typically done by hand “since it’s a relatively delicate operation that demands precision and often entails product or ingredient changes.” However, automated equipment may be a wise investment for bakers looking for more consistent results. Using automated depositing equipment replaces the need to hire additional staff, and is more consistent aesthetically.


Ingredient Handling

Ingredients like flours, seeds, powders, and flakes are all frequently used in baked good production. Manually handling ingredients may prove difficult due to compacted, sticky, or clumpy materials, and the risk of ingredients becoming cross-contaminated. Facilities that have adopted ingredient handling equipment benefit from a more streamlined process. Ingredient handling machines like conveyors and ingredient applicators are all effective solutions depending on your automation needs.


Benefits of Automation in Baking

In the long run, investing in updated baking equipment is undoubtedly the best way to ensure your business remains successful for years to come. Automation is cost effective, eliminates human errors, and increases overall efficiency during the manufacturing process.


Cost Effective

For many, the initial investment in automated equipment is prohibitive. This is understandable! But consider how much your business can save on production, labor, and raw ingredients with the help of an automated manufacturing system. By using consistent portions of each ingredient, you’ll save money since ingredients won’t go to waste and you’ll have a better idea of exactly how much volume you’ll need to produce each batch. Plus, you won’t need to hire as many additional workers as your business grows.


Eliminates Errors

Professional bakeries produce consistent products that deliver on quality every time. Unfortunately, everyone makes mistakes, and manufacturing employees are no exception! Although most errors are not particularly disruptive, they can still cause production delays, wasted ingredients, or product shortages. Automated equipment eliminates human error from the manufacturing process and delivers consistent results time after time.


Increases Efficiency

Most manufacturing companies operate using a hybrid model, where some production elements are handled by automated machines and some are still managed by workers. This symbiotic relationship between automation and manual labor is a perfect example of how businesses are adapting slowly to an automated future. For small businesses who don’t have as much to spend switching to cutting-edge equipment, integrating small automated systems into their manual production increases overall efficiency and encourage workers to amplify production.


Making the Change with Quantum

At Quantum, we offer our customers state-of-the-art portion and apply equipment, designed to seamlessly integrate into your production facility. Our systems are expertly designed to yield consistent results across the board. Our equipment is easy-to-clean, streamlined, and user-friendly, making us a top choice for established businesses and new enterprises alike.


Plus, since Quantum uses in-house production to make our equipment, we’re able to offer high-quality automation at a reasonable price. Interested in improving your food manufacturing facility? Contact us today to speak with one of our experts.