What to Look for When Buying an Industrial Slicing Machine

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Buying an industrial slicing machine is an important investment for any prepared meal brand. If your company is buying its first machine, congratulations! This is a step in meeting a higher demand while simplifying the production process. If your company is looking to upgrade from your existing slicer, this is a great opportunity to find a new model with improved features. In either case, knowing what to look for in a slicer is key to finding the right machine for your production line. Here, we’ll explore the importance of having an automated slicing machine, key features to look for, and what Quantum industrial food slicers bring to an assembly line.

Importance of Having an Automated Industrial Meat Slicing Machine

Before we explore the key features of an industrial meat slicing machine, let’s look at the importance of having this piece of equipment. Beyond transforming an assembly line, we’ll cover specific examples of why industrial meat slicing machines are critical equipment.

Increased Safety

Automation helps companies protect employees from workplace hazards, and employees in the prepared meals industry face a number of workplace hazards, including accidents with blades. Staff manually slicing meats and cheeses can be dangerous and put employees at risk for slicing-related accidents, like cuts and amputations. Automated industrial meat slicing machines help to protect employees from these slicing dangers. Automated meat slicers handle the slicing – and the right models conceal the blade to further increase safety. 

Streamlined Operations

Next to safety, automated industrial meat slicing machines streamline assembly operations, especially if implemented with other automated ingredient applicators. An automated production line minimizes employee contact with the food and allows the products to continue down the assembly line without interruption. Streamlined operations result in more uptime, which saves time, materials, and capital.

Improved Consistency

Automated meat slicers improve consistency of products because they slice and apply the ingredients the same way every time. Consistency is important because it shows a brand’s attention to detail and concern for the customer experience. Automated industrial slicers make consistency simple, without much effort on the team’s part. 

Frozen meal companies see the importance of implementing industrial meat slicers – they rely on this equipment to improve quality and consistency while outpacing competitors. Now, let’s take a look at the key features of industrial meat slicers. 

Key Features of an Industrial Slicing Machine

Out with the old and in with the new – your business is purchasing a new industrial slicing machine! So, what are the important features to look for in your new equipment? Purchasing a new slicing machine is an excellent opportunity to upgrade to new and better machinery which also improves the overall workflow of your production line. Key features to look for in a slicing machine are automation, versatility, precision, slice design, and multiple-lane capability. When purchasing a new slicing machine, your team can use these features to streamline the production line and grow as a business. 


Automated industrial slicing machines bring many benefits to the production line, beyond quicker and faster slicing. Automated machinery improves safety, ensures quality, and reduces overhead costs


Versatility is another key feature to look for in your machinery. Versatility not only allows brands to diversify their product lines, but it also saves them from having to purchase additional equipment. For example, a meat slicer that can also slice cheese is versatile and provides potential for designing new food products without much financial investment.


Automation brings precision to any industrial slicing machine. Precision in applying ingredients is critical because it allows labels to create food products that are aesthetically pleasing to their customers. The aesthetics of food are vital in maintaining customer loyalty and opinion. Automated machines make achieving precision much easier, permitting more products to pass QC. 

Slice Design

Along the lines of precision, being able to specify the design of the sliced meats is another key feature to look for in a new meat slicer. Having control over slice design allows companies to create unique products according to brand guidelines. Slice design also factors into the aesthetics of food products and the right automated equipment facilitates design specification.

Multiple Lane Capability

Lastly, multi-lane capability is a crucial feature to look for, especially if your company needs to meet high quotas. Multi-lane capability simplifies high-volume production without losing quality. This feature allows any brand to quickly scale up production if and when needed. The right meat slicer for your brand should have the production rate it requires

Automation, versatility, precision, slice design, and multi-lane capability are all vital features to look for in a slicing machine. Wouldn’t it be ideal if your brand could find an industrial slicer that has all of these features? Let’s take a look at Quantum industrial food slicers next.

Quantum Industrial Food Slicers

Quantum Technical Services offers a number of industrial food slicers to cut stick meats like pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and sausage. For added versatility, some of our slicer models can be configured to cut meats and cheeses to allow brands to make even more unique products. Our automated food equipment is durable and precise – which ensures quality in every product . With Quantum industrial food slicers, your brand doesn’t have to sacrifice safety and consistency for streamlined operations and a higher output rate. All of our industrial food slicers feature servo motors to keep the products aligned for the precise application of ingredients, even on multi-lane conveyors. Quantum automated slicing machines help frozen meal brands meet high demand while maintaining quality and consistency.

Upgrade Your Industrial Slicer with Quantum

At Quantum, you’ll find versatile automated food equipment, and that includes our industrial meat slicers. Our dedication to high-quality equipment is evident in our clients’ continued success in the frozen food industry. Having an industrial meat slicer allows brands to diversify their product lines with a variety of cut meats and cheeses. Contact our team at Quantum Technical Services to find out which of our industrial meat slicers can transform your frozen products.