An Ergonomic Approach to Workstations for Frozen Food Production Staff

ergonomic approach

Moving ingredients and food products, slicing ingredients, and standing for long hours are all essential parts of a frozen food manufacturing job, but can be harsh on employee health. Luckily, we have new tools that can improve the ergonomics of a frozen food assembly line. 

At Quantum, we’re dedicated to taking an ergonomic approach to workstations throughout a production line. When a food manufacturer protects staff health, employee productivity increases, and business benefits. 

Here, we’ll explore common food manufacturing injuries and ergonomic issues. We’ll also explore effective solutions that frozen food labels can implement to make operations safer for manufacturing employees. Mitigating hazards and taking an ergonomic approach to frozen food production can inspire your team.

Manufacturing Employees and Employee Health

The effort and dedication of manufacturing employees largely contribute to the success of any business in the frozen food industry. That’s why it’s critical for companies to safeguard operations by implementing safety features through ergonomic approaches. Frozen food manufacturing has many hazards, especially risks to general well-being. Let’s take a look at common food industry hazards and how they can damage manufacturing employees’ health.

Common Food Industry Hazards

Food manufacturing involves some heavy-duty machinery. Employees are constantly interacting with equipment that has sharp blades, “pinch-points,” and moving parts that can slice, crush, and amputate limbs. Employees are often standing for long periods of time or running around the factory to cart ingredients or finished meal products. Transporting ingredients or products can also involve heavy lifting, posing a risk to back health. Injuries caused by repetitive motions are common food industry hazards as well, wearing and tearing muscles and other soft tissue. 

Focusing on Ergonomic Issues

Ergonomic theory and practice include improving a task to better suit the employee. That said, all of the issues described above are ergonomic concerns. While they’re natural parts of food manufacturing jobs, these repeated motions aren’t healthy for the human body, especially over long work hours. Taking an ergonomic approach to employee health and well-being can protect your staff, boost morale, and improve productivity

Even though the frozen food industry has inherent risks, there are steps that frozen goods manufacturers can take to protect their employees and make their operations safer. At Quantum, we understand how important it is for a frozen food factory to take an ergonomic approach to their workflows. Our team is here to help your brand achieve a human-centered design to prevent employee injuries and maintain a productive workforce. 

Ergonomic Solutions for a Frozen Food Factory and Frozen Good Manufacturers 

Quantum Technical Services is the industry leader in automated food equipment. Our technology can increase production rates while enhancing the quality and consistency of your products. Quantum equipment can also improve the ergonomic approach of your operations through improved safety measures. A frozen food factory can implement any of our machinery – they’re easy additions to any assembly line. Our automated solutions include circle placers, cheese/topping applicators, meat slicers, and more, all of which improve the ergonomics of frozen good manufacturers. 

Circle Placers

The usual first step of frozen meal production lines is the circle placer. At Quantum, our circle placers can dispense cardboard circles, squares, and rectangles of varying sizes at different speeds to the assembly line. They replace the need for employees to repeatedly place cardboard bases to the start of the assembly line, decreasing employee injury. 

Sauce Applicators

Quantum sauce applicators can dispense red sauce, gravy, icings, salad dressings, and similar sauces to prepared meals, adding versatility to assembly lines. Sauce applicators prevent the need for employees to apply the sauces themselves. Quantum equipment requires minimal staffing, which also decreases the likelihood of employee injuries. Your brand can improve workplace safety while also increasing the quality and consistency of your products. 

Cheese/Topping Applicators

Our cheese/topping applicators can apply shredded cheeses, vegetables, dry ingredients, IQF ingredients, and more to prepared meals. The machinery of these applicators is encased to minimize employee contact with the moving parts that can pose a hazard. 

Meat/Pepperoni Slicers

Quantum meat/pepperoni slicers can slice stick meats like pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and sausage to prepared meals, and they can even be reconfigured to cut meat and cheeses deli-style! Your brand can have a versatile meat slicer while still protecting its employees. Our meat slicers are enclosed, keeping the blade away from reach. Blades and slicing accidents are major hazards in a frozen food factory. However, Quantum equipment minimizes this risk, making your prepared meal production line safer than before.

Dry/Granular Ingredient Applicators

Like our cheese/topping applicators, our dry/granular ingredient applicators can dispense a number of ingredients like granulated sugar, spices, seeds, salt, and parmesan cheese. Frozen good manufacturers can have both versatile and ergonomic equipment with Quantum. By handling the ingredient application itself, the automated equipment saves employees from manually applying the ingredients. Our equipment requires minimal staff involvement, minimizing the need for repetitive and injurious motions.


Frozen food manufacturers can also find a wide selection of conveyors at Quantum. We provide conveyor systems with many different functions, including water spray conveyors, bulk feed conveying systems, and compression conveying systems. Each type of conveyor transports ingredients and products down the assembly line, allowing brands to strategize and centralize effort. 

Any one of our automated equipment types is a reliable and durable addition to any frozen meal assembly line, one that also improves the ergonomics for employees. By implementing automation, your brand can decrease employee injuries and mitigate risks throughout the workflow. Quantum makes safety simple.

Protect Your Employees with Quantum Equipment

At Quantum, we’re dedicated to creating automated food equipment that improves production in many different ways, including ergonomics. Frozen food production is typically physically taxing on staff when companies don’t employ automation. Quantum automation removes many safety and ergonomic hazards, protecting your team. Contact our team at Quantum Technical Services today to see which of our automated solutions can improve the ergonomics of your frozen food production line.