Why the Industry Needs Food Processing Automation to Succeed

food processing automation

Just as the assembly line revolutionized production, food processing automation is here and transforming the way frozen food companies make meals and conduct operations. From faster production to safer food assembly, this technology has already begun to change the landscape of the food industry. Because companies can realize the benefits of automated food equipment nearly immediately, companies that are using this tech are quickly outpacing their competitors. So, how are frozen food companies implementing automation? How are they utilizing this technology to succeed?

Here, we’ll explain why automation in the food industry helps companies succeed. We’ll also go through the benefits of automation in the food industry and some examples that show why companies need food processing automation to succeed. Lastly, we’ll talk about which food processing automation tools are available to easily transform food production lines. Let’s start with why the industry needs this technology to succeed. 

Why Automation in the Food Industry Help Companies Succeed

Automated food equipment is currently changing the frozen food industry making companies that don’t rely on this tech outdated and outpaced. Between faster production, precision, consistency, and safer food production, automation in the food industry is helping companies succeed by improving many facets of food production. 

Faster Production

Increased production is the most obvious way that automated food equipment is transforming food production. Food processing automation significantly increases productivity compared to manual meal assembly. Whereas traditional assembly might result in only tens to hundreds of products per hour, Quantum automated food equipment can assemble thousands of products. Automation in the food industry allows companies to meet higher demand and outpace competitors without increasing employee effort. 

Precision and Consistency

Automation in the food industry also improves the precision and consistency of products. Traditional manual assembly can result in quite a number of mistakes, causing products to be thrown out at quality control, which wastes time and money. Automated food equipment from Quantum applies ingredients to the meal the same way for each product, ensuring quality for your customers. Food processing automation equipment makes it easier to identify issues in production and allow products to pass QC, saving resources and effort. Customers will notice the quality and presentation of the frozen meal, which encourages brand loyalty and customer trust. This can result in a consumer choosing your brand over a company that doesn’t utilize these automated tools.

Safer Food Production

Another way that automated equipment is transforming the industry is through safer food production. Safer food production includes both increased worker safety and the prevention of contamination issues. In traditional manual assembly, repetitive motions and blades are just two of the many hazards that pose a great risk to employees. Quantum automated equipment eliminates many of these hazards because the automated food processing equipment handles the work. In terms of food safety, this technology also makes these meals safer for consumers. Sanitary design and less contact with employees are only two of the ways that automated food equipment improves safety. 

Faster production, precision, consistency, and safer food production are some of the reasons why the industry needs automation to succeed. Next, let’s explore the benefits of automation in the food industry.

Benefits of Automation in the Food Industry

While the above are benefits of automated food production, automation in the food industry brings many benefits to overall business operations. These include lower overhead costs, streamlined workflows, flexibility, and adaptability. 

Lower Overhead Costs

Automation in the food industry lowers overhead costs in many different ways. By implementing automated food equipment, your brand can save on labor costs, reduce wasted ingredients and products, and minimize downtime. While this list isn’t inclusive, automated food equipment conserves many more costs compared to traditional meal assembly. 

Streamlined Workflows

Quantum automated food equipment is designed to optimize production operations to make business simpler while increasing efficiency. Automation in the food industry allows products to seamlessly transition to each ingredient station without much employee intervention. Beyond oversight, maintenance, and ingredient restocking, automated food equipment doesn’t require a huge team. As a result, the equipment can prepare meals quickly and efficiently.

Flexibility and Adaptability

The last of the benefits of automation in the food industry is flexibility and adaptability. These are key features of Quantum food processing equipment that allow the equipment to grow with companies as their demand increases. Our technology allows brands to increase production rates to meet demand and new business needs. Our equipment is also easy to rearrange, which permits brands to change the order of ingredients. Flexibility and adaptability are characteristics of automated equipment that help businesses withstand the ever-evolving demands of the prepared meals industry. 

Lower overhead costs, streamlined workflows, flexibility, and adaptability are benefits of automated food equipment that make food production easier and more efficient. But what automated food processing equipment is available? 

Food Processing Automation at Quantum

Quantum Technical Services offers a wide range of automated food equipment for frozen pizza, prepared meals, and bakery item assembly. Our automated food processing equipment is state-of-the-art and ensures precise and consistent application of ingredients. Here’s a brief list of some of the types of equipment we offer at Quantum:

  • Sauce Applicators
  • Cheese/IQF Ingredient Applicators
  • Meat/Pepperoni Slicers
  • Dry/Granular Ingredient Applicators
  • Circle Placers
  • Conveyor Systems

While we recommend automating all of your production, incorporating just one of our automated food processing equipment can improve the efficiency and productivity of your assembly line. If you’re unsure of which types of equipment to start with, our customer service team can guide you through the process of selecting which equipment is right for your brand

Upgrade Your Production Line with Quantum

We’re the leading name in automated food equipment at Quantum. With our technology, you can future-proof your production line without sacrificing quality. Food processing automation is the future of the food industry, and by using leading equipment, your team can prepare for higher-volume production and streamlined operations. Contact our team at Quantum Technical Services today to upgrade your production line!