What to Look for When Buying A Pizza Sauce Machine

target sauce applicator

Purchasing automated food equipment like a pizza sauce machine is a big investment for any food label. So many things go into narrowing down which manufacturer and model to choose. Factors like output rate, growth, and service determine what to look for when buying a new automated pizza sauce applicator. Because every company and their business needs are different, finding the right sauce applicator can be overwhelming, especially when so many options are on the market. So, where does your team start?

Here, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide for buying a pizza sauce applicator. From sourcing a pizza sauce applicator from specific manufacturers – to factors that should be considered when looking at pizza sauce applicator models, we’ll cover the important points for finding new automatic sauce applicators. To break down the process, we’ll begin with how to source a manufacturer. 

Sourcing a Pizza Sauce Applicator Manufacturer

Automatic pizza sauce applicators are critical machines in any frozen pizza production line. Because the productivity of the automatic equipment determines the output rate of the whole production line, it’s important to find a manufacturer and a model that works for your team. Sourcing a pizza sauce applicator manufacturer that meets your brand’s business needs is the first step when purchasing a pizza sauce machine. Let’s explore what to look for when choosing a manufacturer.

Discuss Production Line Priorities

Purchasing a new pizza sauce applicator provides the unique opportunity to upgrade your company’s equipment. Your team can find equipment that can handle a higher volume of products and include settings to further customize your products and production workflow. Discussing and reassessing production line priorities with your team can narrow down the features your company should be looking for in a pizza sauce machine. This makes it easier to talk with manufacturers because your team can provide an outline of the specs that your team wants. 

Research Manufacturers

The next step when looking for a pizza sauce applicator is to start researching manufacturers. Searching for manufacturers online may seem obvious, but there are important aspects to research before narrowing down your search. Be sure to find client reviews for each manufacturer and review the information on manufacturer websites. Frozen pizza brands need to purchase equipment from trusted sources – manufacturers that earn great reviews for trusted equipment and effective customer service. When researching manufacturers, you can also look for important industry news and information in blogs on their websites. These blogs indicate that they’re dedicated to sharing critical information with clients. At Quantum, we consistently post articles regarding industry standards, equipment information, and helpful how-to’s so that our clients can excel.

Inquire with Manufacturers 

After assessing production line priorities and conducting research on manufacturers, it’s now time to contact the manufacturers that your team narrowed down with the specifications your team is looking for. Talking with the manufacturers can help you determine how responsive they may be and how committed they are to providing quality customer service. Inconsistent communication can indicate immediately that a manufacturer will not be very helpful as you integrate their equipment into your production line. Our team at Quantum prioritizes stellar customer service from first inquiry to post-installation so that your team can successfully implement your new machinery. 

Discussing priorities, researching manufacturers, and inquiring with manufacturers are all necessary steps to figure out where your team will source its pizza sauce machine. Next, let’s look at features of the equipment to consider when purchasing a pizza sauce applicator. 

Features to Consider When Purchasing a Pizza Sauce Applicator

Pizza sauce applicators are one of the first ingredient applicators in any production line, so it’s important to choose the right one to ensure the rest of the assembly goes seamlessly. Production rate, adaptability, and applicator type are features your team should consider when finding the right pizza sauce applicator. 

Production Rate and Adaptability

When choosing a new pizza sauce machine, your team should make sure that it can continually meet production requirements, such as adjustable production rates. To save on investments, it’s best to have equipment that can grow with your frozen pizza label. If and when demand increases, your team will want to be confident that its pizza sauce machine can meet this increased demand. An adaptable sauce applicator can save brands money, effort, and ingredients in the long run. Our Quantum sauce applicators have adjustable production rates to meet ever-changing demand.

Applicator Type

When figuring out what kind of automatic pizza sauce applicator your company needs, it likely will choose between a target applicator or a waterfall applicator. Target applicators allow brands to control how much and where the sauce the applicator dispenses on each pizza whereas waterfall applicators ensure that sauce covers the entire pizza. At Quantum, our target sauce applicators maintain a clear border and our waterfall applicators have reclaim capabilities to reapply unused sauce. These features of automated sauce applicators allow labels to optimize their workflows and design products unique to their brands. 

Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of Quantum automatic sauce applicators.

Benefits of Quantum Automatic Sauce Applicators

Quantum automatic sauce applicators are leading industry equipment because of the range of features that they offer. Some of these features include versatility, safety, and easy sanitation in addition to adjustable production rates and different dispensing types. 


Our automatic sauce applicators are highly versatile, which is important when looking for a new sauce applicator. Beyond adjustable production rates and speeds, our sauce applicators can dispense different sauces like BBQ sauce and ranch dressing in addition to traditional red sauce. This allows brands to further diversify their product lines and appeal to more customers. This flexibility saves companies from needing to purchase additional equipment for adding other sauces to pizza. Our target applicators also permit brands to specify their pizza diameters for accurate target application.


Automating your production line keeps your workers safe from repetitive motions, machinery, and sharp objects that are hazards in frozen food assembly. By automating your sauce applicator step, your company is making its production line safer for the team. Our automated sauce applicators and other equipment require little staffing – just for oversight, maintenance, and restocking ingredients.

Easy Sanitation

Most of our Quantum automatic sauce applicators are stainless steel and washdown compatible, making maintenance and sanitation easier than ever. Having machinery that is easy to clean incentivizes staff to clean and maintain the equipment, to ensure that it is safe for production and saves the team time and effort.

Find Industry Leading Equipment at Quantum

At Quantum, we make automated food equipment that’s the best in the business. We prioritize state-of-the-art technology and stellar customer service that helps our clients outpace their competitors. Our automated food equipment transforms productivity and efficiency in any production line. Contact our team at Quantum Technical Services today to implement revolutionary automated food equipment into your assembly line.