Optimizing Performance: Upgrading and Retrofitting Production Lines in the Pizza Industry

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Pizza production technology has come a long way. Gone are the days of manual assembly that resulted in only a few hundred pizzas produced daily. Without automated production lines, it’s practically impossible to meet demand and outpace competitors. Brands in the pizza industry need to be at the top of their game, which requires optimizing production line performance. At Quantum, we believe in making optimization easier. But how do we do this? 

It’s simple. We’ve designed our equipment for brands to seamlessly implement them into existing production lines. This includes both machine upgrades and equipment that can be retrofitted onto existing production lines. From topping cheese applicators to industrial slicers and dry ingredients, we offer a range of automated equipment that can fit established production lines. Upgrading and using the latest pizza industry tech can set brands apart from their competitors. To some, this may mean replacing whole production lines. However, with Quantum, your brand can upgrade equipment and retrofit your existing production line. Optimizing production lines in the pizza industry can be as simple as a single addition!

Upgrading Topping Cheese Applicators

Starting with topping cheese applicators, upgrading cheese and other granular and IQF ingredients can improve production line operations right away. Our cheese, IQF, granular, and dry ingredient applicators are great improvements to any existing production line. Although we recommend automating where possible and with the same family of designs for optimized assembly, upgrading to any one of our ingredient applicators can significantly improve production line performance. Upgrading to our applicators, such as our topping cheese applicators, brings many benefits that help optimize production line performance. These benefits include simple installation, versatility, and easy maintenance.

Simple Installation

When companies in the food industry switch out machines, they want to minimize downtime as much as possible. We’ve developed our equipment with this principle in mind in order to fully optimize production line performance. Our automated pizza equipment is easy to install so your production lines can see improved workflows.


As we’ve mentioned before, versatility is also important in optimizing performance in the pizza industry. When ingredient applicators can dispense a range of toppings, pizza brands can use the pizza equipment to meet their business demands. Brands can swap out ingredients as needed, conduct low-risk R&D, and rearrange machinery to meet brand specifications. Upgraded automated pizza machinery provides this versatility and optimization

Easy Maintenance

Limiting downtime is another way to optimize production line performance. One way of doing this is by relying on machinery that is easy to maintain, especially in-house. Quantum automated pizza equipment is easy to maintain and fix, significantly reducing downtime for optimized performance. Because we design our machines with simplicity in mind and with the latest technology, our pizza equipment requires little downtime to clean. This way, upgrading your pizza machinery helps to maximize production.

Simple installation, versatility, and easy maintenance are just some of the many reasons why it’s important to upgrade production lines in the pizza industry. These reasons also apply to upgrading automated industrial slicers. New industrial slicers can have improved features that optimize performance.

Upgrading Automated Industrial Slicers

Sausage, ham, and Canadian bacon are just a few popular meat toppings in the pizza industry. In general, meat slices are popular pizza toppings, so it’s important to optimize meat application in order to meet customer expectations. Upgrading your industrial slicers can significantly improve the quality of sliced meat toppings for the best customer experience possible. Whether your company still relies on manual slicing or you find your existing machinery is outdated, upgrading to more advanced industrial slicers can cut labor and time costs while improving product appearance and brand image

Upgrading to automatic slicers from manual slicing revolutionizes the process by optimizing the task. Not only is this equipment time-effective, but it’s reliable because it reduces error and slices and applies the meat the same way between pizzas. Brands that upgrade their existing slicers can realize these benefits as well because they’re employing the latest designs in pizza equipment technology. Relying on the right equipment optimizes performance for the whole production line.

So far, we’ve explored how upgrading topping applicators is important for maximizing efficiency for an entire production line. But what if pizza companies don’t want to upgrade yet still want to experience some of the benefits of upgrading? The solution is to retrofit new machinery over existing lines. Retrofitting is another way to improve production line efficiency. Let’s dive into what this means, using retrofitted dry ingredient applicators as an example.

Retrofitting Production Lines: Dry Ingredient Applicators

Retrofitting production lines is a quick and simple way to increase the productivity and efficiency of assembly lines. Retrofitting serves as an alternative in order to improve optimization. Of course, this hinges on finding the right equipment that can be retrofitted over existing assembly lines. At Quantum, we offer many topping applicators with a cantilever design that easily fits over existing production lines. That way, brands who might not want to fully upgrade can still employ newer and more reliable applicator technology. Retrofitting is also a more cost-effective option for implementing the latest technology.

Dry ingredient applicator models such as our QTGA1000 Series and QTGA5 Series have a cantilever design that makes them an easy addition to any existing assembly line. These applicators can dispense a number of pizza toppings such as granulated cheeses, dried meats, spices, herbs, and salt. They’re also simple to rearrange around a production line so that pizza brands can create the recipes they want. This flexibility and versatility grant existing assembly lines a boost in optimization that can transform production and business as a whole.

Optimize Pizza Production Lines with Quantum

At Quantum Technical Services, we offer the best-in-business automated pizza equipment necessary for optimizing production lines. From making upgrading machinery easier to offering equipment for retrofitting, Quantum has a wide selection of automated solutions for the pizza industry. Contact us today so we can provide automated solutions specific to your business needs.