The Role of Food Conveying Systems in Efficient Production

food conveying systems

Food manufacturing includes a lot of steps, such as ingredient application, packaging, and shipping. Yet, one aspect that is so critical to the success of food production is often overlooked– food conveying systems. 

Conveyors are key parts of food assembly; without them, employees would need to manually transfer products between ingredient applicators and overall decrease productivity. Food conveying systems also offer other functionalities in addition to line progression, such as ingredient compression, reclaim, and orientation. With this versatility, conveyors become highly important pieces of equipment throughout a successful food assembly line

In this article, we’ll discuss how conveying systems serve multiple functions in the frozen food manufacturing process. We’ll also detail what to look for in food conveyor manufacturers so your brand can acquire the right equipment for your food production. At Quantum, our food conveyor belts are versatile and made to meet unique production line requirements. We believe that conveyors are the foundation of an efficient assembly system. 

Frozen Food Manufacturing Process and Conveying Systems

Food conveying systems allow the whole production line to progress and meet targets. In addition to moving the products along the assembly line, conveyors can have other functions in the frozen food manufacturing process. Versatility allows these machines to increase efficiency and production rates. Three other functions that conveyors can have include infeed orientation, compression conveying, reclaim, bulk feeding, and water spraying.

Infeed Orientation 

Incorporating an infeed orientation conveyor can start your assembly line off right. These conveyors ensure proper product placement as the products transition onto a flighted conveyor. Quantum’s IFOR Series is ideal for properly orientating the products to ensure consistent and high-quality ingredient application.

Compression Conveying 

Compression conveying systems in a frozen food manufacturing process help standardize ingredient application. As the conveyor part of the machine progresses the product, the compression apparatus maintains a uniform application of ingredients. Quantum’s QTCC Flat Belt Compression Conveying System can guarantee consistent ingredient application as it progresses products down the assembly line.


The reclaim capabilities of a conveyor increase a brand’s sustainability. This feature serves to conserve ingredient use where possible, by catching unused ingredients and recirculating them into the production line. This then lowers overhead costs for food manufacturing companies that implement them. Quantum offers a couple of different reclaim conveyors, each meeting different production demands.

Bulk Feeding

Bulk feed conveyors, like our QTBF model, work in conjunction with an ingredient applicator to feed your meal products into the applicator when needed. Bulk feeders keep ingredients organized and contained as they progress through the assembly line.

Water Spraying

Water spray conveyors are another critical piece of the frozen food manufacturing process. Water spray conveyors, such as our QTWS Polycord Water Spray Conveyor, apply a light mist of water over finished meals before freezing. This protects the product during freezing, transportation, and its shelf life. 

All of these functionalities improve the food manufacturing process in various ways. When employed together, these features can increase assembly line productivity and efficiency. Next, we’ll explore what goes into finding the right food conveyor manufacturer for your meal assembly process. 

Food Conveyor Manufacturers

Finding the right conveyors for your production line starts with finding trusted food conveyor manufacturers. Several factors determine which manufacturer you choose over the others, including equipment selection, expertise, and dedication to customer service. 

Equipment Selection

The right food conveyor manufacturer will have an equipment selection that suits your brand’s production needs. Whether your production line requires more reclaim capabilities or compression conveying, the right manufacturer will have the food conveying systems your company is looking for. At Quantum, we’re proud to offer an extensive array of conveyors that meet different assembly line needs.


When finding a conveyor manufacturer, your company must consider their experience and how well they’ve served the industry. Talking with the manufacturer allows brands to get to know them and assess how qualified they are for providing the necessary food conveying systems. Quantum Technical Services is the industry leader in automated food equipment, and our conveyors are no exception.

Dedication to Customer Service

As your company talks with different conveyor manufacturers, you’ll get a sense of how they answer questions or address concerns. This demonstrates their dedication to customer service, another important aspect of finding the right manufacturer for you. A good conveyor manufacturer sees their clients through to success, answering any questions along the way. Our team at Quantum is dedicated to continually working with our clients to ensure they have the resources needed to be successful.

Equipment selection, expertise, and dedication to customer service should be considered when finding a conveyor manufacturer. Doing so can make your frozen meal production line much more efficient. At Quantum, we believe that finding food conveyor belts shouldn’t be difficult, which is why we’re committed to offering high-tech conveyors with stellar customer service.

Quantum Food Conveyor Belts and Food Manufacturing Excellence

Food conveyor belts form the backbone of any food assembly line. And, with added functionalities, they can transform the way your brand makes its frozen products. Also, implementing conveyor belts also improves safety because they limit the need for employees to move, handle and transport the products between machines. Not only do they streamline food production and safety, but Quantum food conveyor belts also prepare production lines for the competitive food manufacturing industry. We design our equipment to simplify production without losing functionality so that our clients can see improved efficiency with increased productivity. With Quantum conveyors, your brand can streamline operations while enhancing safety and food assembly. 

Find Conveyors and More at Quantum

Quantum Technical Services offers the food conveying systems needed to progress your meal assembly. Our conveyors offer a number of functionalities and complement our other automated food equipment, ensuring swift and smooth production. We design the industry’s most trusted automated food equipment because our machinery improves the consistency and quality of any production line. Contact our team today to learn which of our conveyors can increase your brand’s manufacturing efficiency.