Efficient Conveyor Systems: Backbone of Frozen Meal Production

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Conveyor systems drive frozen meal production. They streamline the assembly line and often have other functions beyond assembly line progression. Incorporating conveyor systems that complement your ingredient applicators is an even better way to optimize the assembly line. Conveyors are the backbone of frozen meal production, facilitating the orderly assembly of your products.

Because conveyors are so critical for the production process, your brand needs to prioritize using the right conveyor systems for your products. Besides general production line progression, numerous other conveyor functionalities can improve and simplify assembly. In this article, we’ll dive into all these different functions and how specialized conveyors help automate frozen meal production. We’ll explore the important aspects of conveyors that can transform a production line as well. We’ll also mention the types of specialized conveyors available here at Quantum Technical Services, the leading name in the industry

Benefits of Specialized Conveyors

Specialized conveyor systems do more than move products down the assembly line (although that’s still very important!) The benefits of specialized conveyors are many, and here, we’ll be focusing on how they streamline production, offer customizable features, and add new technology to upgrade the assembly line as a whole. 

Streamlines Production

Specialized conveyors can have different functionalities, including bulk feeding products into an ingredient applicator, compressing ingredients to achieve a more uniform thickness, and water spraying the finalized products to protect them during the freezing process. There are many other things specialized automated conveyors can do to streamline production. They also eliminate the need for a large group of in-person staff, since the conveyors handle the bulk of product sorting and organization when the right conveyors are employed. In addition to streamlining production, conveyors can save your brand on labor costs. 


Newer models of conveyors usually offer a range of customizable features to better meet your production requirements. Settings and features like speed, different belts, and optional roller transfer sections allow brands to adjust the conveyors to prepare their frozen meal products in alignment with brand guidelines and to meet quotas

New Technology

Incorporating new conveyors into an existing production line upgrades the line as a whole. Implementing new technology such as new conveyors can optimize the production line and increase productivity, as well as provide the chance to upgrade other equipment at the same time. Installing new technology into a production line allows a brand to ensure its frozen meal production can keep up with demand and competitors. 

Streamlining production, customizable features, and new technology are great benefits of efficient conveyor systems that make them the backbone of frozen meal production. But when your company is ready to purchase new conveyors, what should you look for? More on that next!

Frozen Meal Production and Conveyors: What to Look For

Purchasing any kind of automated food equipment is a large investment, so making sure that your company is choosing the right equipment is very important. When shopping for conveyor systems for your frozen meal production, it’s critical to consider design, capability to meet brand needs, and the customer service of the source you’re getting the equipment from.


Design is first on our list. Are the conveyors stainless steel for easy cleaning and maintenance? Do they require disassembly to be cleaned? Are the drain connections sanitary? Is the equipment washdown compatible? These are important aspects of the conveyor design that make assembly and maintenance much simpler. Why spend more over time on maintenance-related costs when new technology provides the capability for simple cleaning? At Quantum, we’ve designed our conveyors with these features in mind, so your team can focus on more important tasks.

Capability to Meet Brand Needs

Of course, the capability to meet brand needs like production and quota requirements can automatically determine if a conveyor system is right for your brand. At Quantum, our range of automated conveyor types all have various features and settings to facilitate frozen meal production according to quality control guidelines to maintain a good brand image

Customer Service

The last important aspect of finding new conveyors is seeing if the customer service of the manufacturer is up to par. Implementing new conveyors for your frozen meal production can only be as successful as the communication between your brand and the manufacturer. A great customer service team can answer questions, provide expert recommendations, and help with the installation process. Without this assistance, brands can easily waste time and resources trying to get their new conveyors up and running. At Quantum, we pride ourselves on having stellar customer service which allows our clients to be successful in implementing their new conveyors and ingredient applicators. Paired with our engineered solutions, our customer service team makes sure that our clients have everything they need to successfully integrate their new conveyors into their new or existing production lines.

Design, capability to meet brand needs, and customer service are all critical aspects to consider when purchasing new conveyor technology. With this in mind, which conveyor systems can improve and optimize your production workflow? Next, we’ll list which conveyor types are available at Quantum Technical Services.

Quantum Conveyors

At Quantum, your company will find a selection of conveyors, each having different functionalities, customizable settings and features, and sizes to be implemented in production lines of all volumes. Below is a list of the types of conveyors we offer at Quantum:

  • Flat Belt and Cantilevered Conveyors
  • Wirebelt Conveyors
  • Reclaim Conveyors
  • Bulkfeed Conveyors
  • Infeed Conveyors
  • Water Spray Conveyors

Each type of conveyor simplifies and optimizes a different step in the production line. Deciding which ones to incorporate during the production process depends on your brand’s requirements. Our team can suggest which conveyor types will streamline your production line.

Streamline Your Conveyor Systems with Quantum

At Quantum Technical Services, we prioritize automated equipment that transforms production lines. The foundation of every assembly line is a fortified conveyor system that works in conjunction with your topping applicators. At Quantum, you’ll find a range of specialized conveyors with unique functions to streamline frozen meal production. Give us a call today so we can recommend the right conveyor systems for your production line.