The Evolution of Frozen Food Development and Technology

frozen food development

Nowadays, in the frozen food industry, companies can make tens of thousands of assembled products with leading automated food equipment. Frozen food companies can streamline ingredient application, employee safety, and product quality with the right frozen food equipment. However, only recently has the industry enjoyed these benefits made possible by advanced technology. In this article, we’ll acknowledge the frozen food inventor and how the frozen food industry got its start. But why learn about the sector’s history?

Discussing the history of frozen food development helps us to value the new technological advancements we have today. Reviewing this history also inspires us to make new developments. We’ll introduce you to the frozen food inventor, discuss recent advancements, and showcase our automated solutions at Quantum Technical Services. 

Frozen Food Inventor

The idea of frozen meals has been around for quite some time. While there have been pioneers of ways of freezing food, Clarence Birdseye is history’s named frozen food inventor because he created quick freezing, which we still use. 

The Story of Clarence Birdseye

Clarence Birdseye worked in Labrador Canada as a fur trader. Here, he observed that the fish that the Inuit people caught froze soon after being fished from the water. Clarence Birdseye found that even after thawing the fish tasted just as good. The frozen food inventor realized that the quick freezing of food allowed it to taste great even after experiencing frozen temperatures. 

How is Quick Freezing Special?

People froze food before Clarence Birdseye applied the quick freezing method. However, food was typically frozen slowly, allowing ice crystals to break the cellular structure of the food. After thawing, the ice crystals disrupted the taste of the food, leaving it unappealing. However, quick freezing maintained the various properties of the food because it prevented ice crystals from forming.

How Did Clarence Birdseye Formalize Quick Freezing?

Clarence Birdseye invented two ways to quick freeze food. The first method involved placing the food between two metal belts that were brought down to -40 to -45°F in a calcium chloride solution. The second method involved placing the food between two hollow metal places, under pressure and brought down to -25°F by evaporating ammonia. This second method became the most popular technique. By 1929, Clarence Birdseye commercialized these freezing techniques in America, thus starting the frozen food industry. 

Just like that, a quick observation introduced a new way to preserve food and make it more accessible to the consumer. Since then, frozen food development has come a long way. Let’s explore the new developments in the frozen food industry since it officially began back in 1929.

New Developments in the Frozen Food Industry

Frozen food technology has certainly advanced over the last 90+ years. Between developments in automation, ingredient diversity, and quality control, frozen food companies can provide customers with a wider range of convenient and high-quality meals. 


The automation of frozen food assembly has revolutionized the way that companies create their products. Automating frozen food production improves operations in several ways, including safety, productivity, quality, and R&D. Automation also streamlines operations, helping frozen food labels save on overhead costs. Companies can connect their products with more customers while maintaining safety and a solid bottom line. At Quantum, we believe in providing the industry’s leading automated food equipment to simplify operations without sacrificing quality.

Ingredient Diversity

Ingredient diversity is a new development in the frozen food industry that goes hand in hand with the global accessibility of unique ingredients. Frozen food brands can easily include spices, vegetables, and other ingredients in their meals that are sourced from other countries. With huge market demand for diverse ingredients, companies can meet this demand and provide quality meals that include these ingredients. Your brand can easily increase ingredient diversity in your frozen meals because it’s simple to add and switch between ingredients, especially with Quantum equipment. 

Quality Control 

Improved quality control is another major development in the industry. Automated food equipment has significantly enhanced quality control in the industry. Automation reduces errors in production by applying the ingredients the same way every time, so your brand can make consistent products. Our team at Quantum is committed to ensuring quality so that your customers can rely on your convenient and high-quality products.

These frozen food developments have allowed frozen food labels to excel and provide reliable meals to customers around the world. But, how do these companies reach such success? The key is finding the best frozen food equipment that meets their business needs. 

Finding the Best Frozen Food Equipment

The best frozen food equipment may look different across requirements. However, certain criteria can help you narrow down your search for the best frozen food equipment, namely industry relevance and the manufacturer’s commitment to customer service. 

Industry Relevance and Range

Finding the best frozen food equipment is possible when you look at industry standards. Relying on a manufacturer that makes best-in-the-business equipment will help your label outpace competitors. The manufacturer that sets the industry standard can bring quality and reliability to your products, which bolsters customer loyalty. At Quantum, we’re proud that our automated food equipment sets the industry standard. Our products also have many meal applications, further simplifying production for our clients. 

Customer Service

A manufacturer’s commitment to customer service is also key to finding the right automated food equipment for your brand. A great customer service team can mean faster installation, expertly answered questions, and continued guidance throughout the lifespan of the equipment. Why waste time trying to solve challenges when a trained team of professionals is ready to help? At Quantum, we prioritize stellar customer service to help our clients so that they can focus on making their products.

Bring Your Production into the Future with Quantum

Our team at Quantum is dedicated to making frozen meal equipment with the latest frozen food developments and technology. Quantum Technical Services prioritizes durable automated equipment to bring your frozen meal production into the future. Frozen food companies need reliable, well-made equipment to outpace the competition. At Quantum, we pride ourselves on making the leading automated food equipment in the industry. Contact our team today to find out which of our automated solutions can transform your frozen meal production.