Quantum Provides Your Go-To Industrial Slicers for Multiple Food Applications

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Automated food equipment opens up many possibilities for product design. Our Quantum technology provides precision while designing how the equipment applies ingredients to the meals on the production line. Industrial slicers are no exception. In fact, companies can customize how industrial slicers slice the meat and apply it to the meals on the production line. 

In addition to customizable slicing and application, our Quantum meat slicers have many food applications. Of course, pizza production lines rely on meat slicers, but slicers can also cut and apply meat to other prepared meals for variety. Here, we’ll go through the many meat slicer uses our equipment has so your brand can diversify its product line. We’ll also dive into meat slicer target application and the versatility of this equipment. 

Slicer Uses

Industrial slicers have many applications for different prepared meals, including pizza, salads, and sandwiches. Automated meat slicers also improve how products look. At Quantum, we build meat slicers that have numerous slicer uses for maximum ROI and product potential. This allows a food manufacturer to diversify its product line while also expanding its bottom line.

Meat Slicers in Pizza Production

Meats such as pepperoni, sausage, and Canadian bacon are popular stick meats used for pizza toppings. It’s no surprise that pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping, so applying pepperoni to pizza products is a great way to connect with a wide customer base. Stick meats in general are popular pizza toppings and incorporating them into recipes diversifies a brand’s product line. However, not all prepared meal brands make pizza, so let’s take a look at meat slicer uses for other prepared meals.

Meat Slicers in Prepared Meals

Companies rely on industrial slicers in prepared meals production besides pizza. Brands can utilize slicers to cut and apply sliced meats to salads, salad bowls, open wraps and sandwiches, and appetizer platters to simplify assembly. High-quality meat slicers will cut and apply the meat the same way every time, which ensures consistency between each product on the assembly line. At Quantum, our meat slicers are configurable to slice deli-style meat and cheeses, which further increases ingredient possibilities. 

We’ll discuss meat slicer versatility a little later on. Knowing the multiple food applications of industrial slicers can help a brand design more products while maintaining consistency. Next, let’s dive into the importance of meat slicer target application for both pizza and prepared meal production.

The Benefits of Meat Slicer Target Application 

Both pizza and prepared meals assembly can benefit from meat slicer target application. While automated food equipment has transformed the way companies prepare their frozen meals, industrial slicers have especially revolutionized the quality and production practices. Beyond streamlining production, the benefits of meat slicer target application include customization, precision and consistency, and increased employee safety.


The newest technology in meat slicers offers many ways to customize the slicing and application of stick meats. With Quantum industrial meat slicers, your brand can specify the thickness of the meat slices, production rate, design, and lane usage depending on the model. This range of customizable features allows companies to make unique products that meet their brand requirements.

Precision and Consistency

Automated meat slicer target application also drastically increases the precision and consistency of the prepared meal products. Because automated slicers precisely cut and apply the meat the same way every time, your products will be consistent. Even though automated equipment increases production rates, more of your products will pass QC. Consistent products are critical for customer loyalty, and automated industrial slicers bring this consistency to a production line. 

Increased Employee Safety

In addition to customization, precision, and consistency, increased employee safety is another benefit of automated slicers. Quantum automated meat slicers eliminate the need for employees to handle sharp blades for slicing the meat and cheeses. Meat slicers are a serious hazard, but automated slicers keep employees from working with the blades. Because the machinery slices and applies the meats and cheeses, the production line staff is safe from slicing hazards. Automatic slicing prevents meat slicer accidents, making your production line even safer. 

Customization, precision, consistency, and increased employee safety are benefits of our Quantum target meat slicers. These are important features of meat slicers that improve assembly, production line operations, and the products themselves. However, there’s another benefit of industrial slicers – versatility. 

Versatility of Pepperoni Slicers

The versatility of new pepperoni slicers is unmatched, especially those from Quantum Technical Services. We’ve briefly mentioned that our automated meat slicers can be configured to slice deli-style meat and cheeses. Let’s explore what this means in terms of product line possibility and ROI. 

Versatility as a Strategy

Versatility in automated food equipment can be used as a business strategy to streamline operations. Because our Quantum pepperoni slicers have many uses, companies can reach a sizable ROI when they use all the features the equipment has to offer. The ability to configure the pepperoni slicers differently also facilitates low-risk R&D because meats and cheeses can easily be switched out to try new recipes. 

Versatility is by far one of the most important aspects of automated food equipment to look out for, especially if your company wants pepperoni slicers for multiple food applications. This is why we’ve prioritized making equipment that has many functions. Instead of clogging a production line with unnecessary equipment, brands can rely on machinery that has multiple functions, which also decreases extra effort. Versatility facilitates streamlined business operations without additional equipment or investment.

Find Reliable Slicers at Quantum

Quantum Technical Services is the leading name in automated food equipment. Because we prioritize reliable equipment and stellar customer service, we’re able to make equipment that transforms food production lines worldwide. Our versatile equipment allows brands to create dishes unique to their label. Contact us to see which of our engineered industrial slicer solutions can transform your products.