The Benefits of a Shaker Conveyor

Manual Topping Conveyor w Reclaim

Food and other aggregate material production have been challenging to automate for years. With a wide array of difficult-to-handle ingredients, many manufacturers continued to manufacture products with help from workers rather than machines. Food production systems utilize shaker conveyors to streamline production, reduce labor, and solve unique product-handling challenges. The shaker conveyor is a safe and dependable way to ensure your end product is as appealing as possible. Vibratory conveyors use vibrational energy to remove excess product from the production line. The vibrating conveyor belt is a smooth trough with vibratory components that cause it to shake and toss around materials. 

Vibrating conveyor belts in commercial food production offer numerous advantages over human labor to refine products. For example, the shaker conveyor is ideal for eliminating messy crust on the border of frozen pizza. The shaker conveyor vibrates to remove excess cheese from the edges of each pizza.

Shaker Conveyor Design

There is a multitude of conveyors on the market that can benefit your production line. But for frozen pizza manufacturers, nothing can beat a state-of-the-art shaker conveyor. This phenomenon has been closely studied, especially in the world of produce.

The Quantum TSC5 Shaker Conveyor can turn an untidy pizza into the perfect pie. We are proud to produce efficient, American-made products with a high return on investment. Let’s look at the specs of our top-quality TSC5 Shaker Conveyor.

TSC5 Shaker Conveyor Belts and Sizing

This excellent product includes a poly cord product belt and a flat polyurethane reclaim belt. These materials are the most popular worldwide. This is mainly due to their sanitary nature; they don’t encourage fungal or bacterial growth. As non-toxic, non-allergenic substances, it is no wonder that both poly cord and polyurethane meet FDA and NSF regulations for food processing.

Quantum’s premier vibratory conveyor is available in a variety of sizes. The base product boasts a 48” long stand-alone conveyor and a 20” wide poly cord belt. Thus, custom sizes are available for both the conveyor and the belt. However, here at Quantum Technical Services, we pride ourselves on our ability to work with clients to meet their every need.

Key Design Elements of the TSC5 Shaker Conveyor

Quantum Technical Services is devoted to a detail-oriented analysis of our products. As such, each element of our designs is carefully thought through. This process helps us support our customers in the most well-rounded way possible. A few key design elements are essential to highlight for the Quantum TSC5 Shaker Conveyor:

  • There is a UHMW plastic belt scraper on the reclaim belt. 
  • The wheels have locking casters and no exposed threads. 
  • There is an adjustable shaker bar. 
  • The conveyors have quick-release belt removal. 

Main Features of the TSC5 Shaker Conveyor

There are some key features and benefits to the TSC5 Shaker Conveyor. Let’s examine why Quantum’s vibratory conveyor edges out competitors. 

Flat Belt Lower Reclaim Conveyor to Return Product

It is a simple fact: waste costs money. However, while some food production waste is unavoidable, inefficient production processes can exacerbate it. By investing in reclaim conveyor systems, you can cut down on waste and improve your bottom line.

Variable Speed Conveyor and Adjustable Shaker Bar

Every manufacturer is different. They follow other protocols and have different expectations for products. That is why Quantum Technical Services is devoted to providing customizable products to meet clients’ needs. Our vibrating conveyor belt has variable speed options, and an adjustable shaker bar fits any facility. 

Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Frame

When choosing materials for food production equipment, stainless steel is a must. This material has a variety of benefits. As far as resistance to damage, stainless steel is fit to withstand the test of time. It is resistant to corrosion, as well as fire and heat damage. Stainless steel is also an excellent choice for overall hygiene. It is one of the easiest materials to sanitize, making it a top choice for the food manufacturing industry.

Washdown Capable

Speaking of sanitation, our shaker conveyor is washdown capable. As we all know, food product contact surfaces must be cleaned, rinsed, and sanitized regularly to meet compliance requirements. So, having washdown-capable equipment can set you up for success.

No Exposed Threads

Quantum is all about creating customizable products for our clients. We understand the dangers of exposed threads. Excessively exposed threads can cause damage to machinery and employees

Continuous Sanitary Welds

Sanitary welds are crucial to having a compliant facility. Our products are constructed with continuous hygienic welds. This food-grade welding technique is used across the consumables industry. 

Emergency Stop Circuit

A significant focus in all manufacturing facilities should be safety. Thus, it is crucial to have emergency stop safety functions. This stop circuit is activated by a single action to reduce reaction time. 

Buying the Right Vibratory Conveyor

If you want to introduce a single vibrating conveyor belt to your manufacturing line, conduct a complete overhaul, or start with a shaker conveyor design of your own, Quantum is here for you. Quantum is American-made, affordable, and practical engineering. These conveyors require minimal horsepower, leading to energy efficiency, and are quieter than other mechanical conveyors.

How can Quantum Technical Services help your business? At Quantum, we provide automated conveyor system solutions using our engineering innovations. Offering a variety of standard conveyors, we can also customize conveyors to meet your production requirements. Contact us today to learn how we can solve your automation, vibration, and customization needs.