Scaling Up: Strategies for Expanding Frozen Meal Fulfillment Capacity

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Frozen food brands scale up for a variety of reasons, including meeting demand, expanding product reach, and future-proofing their production line. Scaling up frozen food fulfillment capacity provides a great opportunity to upgrade both the equipment and manufacturing processes. Not only does scaling up lead to higher volume production, but it can also streamline production with the right equipment. Scaling up sounds like a gainful business venture, but where to start? 

This article will explore strategies to consider while scaling up and finding the right production equipment company to work with. We’ll also use implementing high-volume pizza sauce dispensers as an example of scaling up successfully. Frozen food brands can easily scale up with the latest automated equipment available.


Frozen Food Companies and Strategies for Scaling Up

Frozen food companies need a strategy for successfully scaling up. At Quantum, we recommend the following: confirming feasibility, assessing team readiness, and checking equipment capability. Without a game plan, success is harder to achieve. 


Confirming Feasibility

Frozen food companies should confirm feasibility when planning to scale up production. Brands should ask questions like if there is a demand to maintain a scaled-up operation if your team can source the necessary surplus of ingredients, and if leadership has planned logistics for shipping a higher volume of frozen products. This helps labels determine if they’re ready to scale up.


Assessing Team Readiness

In addition to confirming the feasibility of expanded frozen food fulfillment, leadership needs to assess team readiness for higher volume production. Do you have the necessary staff to match the required effort? Are they trained in any new protocols? Is there a space for team members to ask questions? Answering these questions is a good start at gauging if your team is ready for an increase in production for frozen food fulfillment. 


Checking Equipment Capability

Lastly, we recommend that frozen food companies check their equipment’s capability for higher production. Your food manufacturing equipment should have the technology to adjust and increase production rates as needed and have the necessary technology to ensure quality and consistency even at scaled-up production. New food manufacturing equipment, like Quantum’s, often solves the challenges that scaling up presents. For example, Quantum equipment requires less staffing, saving your brand from having to increase effort. Finding the right equipment manufacturing company can connect you with the tools your brand needs to streamline increased production.

Incorporating these strategies into your plan for scaling up can focus the project and encourage success. Let’s now explore how to find the right food equipment manufacturing company to help your brand improve productivity.


Finding the Right Production Equipment Company

Finding the right production equipment company can make or break the process of scaling up. If your food equipment can’t handle high-demand production, then scaling up won’t be successful. Our experts recommend finding a manufacturer that provides the equipment, expertise, and customer service that your brand needs to successfully scale up. 


Equipment Requirements

Of course, every food assembly line will differ between manufacturers, and so will equipment requirements. Recipes and existing equipment can dictate which new equipment a company can acquire with scaling up. At Quantum, we offer an extensive range of automated food equipment with several models that can fit over existing production lines. Our versatile and flexible equipment can also simplify the process of scaling up recipes with minimal risk. Scaling up recipes is the process of checking that a product can be made at a higher volume, or finding similar ways of making it. It’s also critical in determining the feasibility of increasing production, and Quantum equipment facilitates this process. 



Choosing a food equipment manufacturer that can provide the necessary expertise is also important in scaling up. A good food equipment manufacturer can answer questions and help tailor your equipment to your brand’s needs. Knowing that you can rely on the manufacturer’s knowledge can give your team extra confidence in its scaling-up process.


Customer Service

Lastly, customer service is another important aspect of finding a reliable equipment manufacturer. Continued customer service goes hand-in-hand with expertise because manufacturers need to be there for their clients well after purchase. At Quantum, we prioritize consistently communicating with both prospective and long-term clients throughout procurement, installation, and application. This way, we can continue to support our clients so that they see success, especially when scaling up.

Finding equipment offerings, expertise, and customer service that align with what your brand requires can streamline your production process. Now, let’s take a look at how finding the right production equipment company can transform your frozen food fulfillment.


Spotlight: Scaling Up and Quantum Pizza Sauce Dispensers

While we’re focusing on pizza sauce here, Quantum pizza sauce dispensers can also apply similar ingredients like salad dressings, gravy, and BBQ sauce to streamline your frozen food fulfillment process. Quantum equipment allows brands to scale up to high-volume meal production while diversifying their product line, without the need to invest in additional equipment. Quantum also offers pizza sauce dispensers with a cantilevered design so they can be easily added over existing production lines for increased productivity. Still, beyond these features, why are Quantum pizza sauce dispensers the best in the industry when it comes to scaling up production?

While scaling up may mean a loss of quality and consistency to some equipment manufacturers, we see it as an opportunity to innovate to meet the needs of the modern market. Quantum equipment allows labels to set production rates to meet demand so manufacturers can be prepared for market fluctuation and increased quotas. Both of our waterfall and target applicators can handle high-volume production, offering production rates like those fast as 100 12” pizzas per minute, per lane. Even though production is quick, your pizzas will have the quality and consistency that your brand can be proud of. Our target sauce applicators can retain a sauce-free border, providing a level of control over manufacturing. Our waterfall applicators can dispense an even layer of sauce over the entire product, avoiding areas of concentrated sauce, even during high-volume production for your frozen food fulfillment. Quantum provides the ability to scale up and improve product assembly without extra effort.


Scale Up Successfully With Quantum

Quantum Technical Services understands the importance of streamlining the process of scaling up. We design our equipment to be easily integrated into existing assembly lines to improve productivity. Increasing volume is key in meeting higher demand, and our automated pizza equipment is durable and up to the task. Contact our team at Quantum today to learn how your team can scale up without hassle.