How to Streamline Your Pizza Production Line

pizza sauce applicator

The future of food manufacturing is automation. It’s time to learn how to streamline your pizza production line process with pizza topping equipment for your food processing business or industrial food manufacturing company. We are constantly working on helping frozen pizza manufacturers improve their processes. We keep up with the latest trends in food automation. You can streamline your production line and save time, money, and labor. Quantum has everything you need to automate your frozen pizza production line. Facilitating your pizza line involves streamlined sauce applicators, cheese and topping applicators, meat and pepperoni slicers, dry and granular ingredient applicators, circle placers, and additional equipment. Whether you have single or multiple lanes, we can help you increase production and reduce costs. Let’s learn how to streamline your food manufacturing process and make more pizzas faster.

Why Streamline the Process?

There are several benefits to streamlining your food manufacturing process, including reduced labor costs, less food waste, more consistent products, and increased food safety. 

Lower Labor Costs

America is experiencing a labor shortage right now. Whether you can find good help, streamlining your pizza production line means reduced labor costs

Reduced Food Waste

Our cheese and topping applicators have reclaim conveying systems to return excess product to the hopper so it is reused, reducing food waste. 

Consistent Pizzas Every Time 

Get uniform, consistently excellent pizzas every time with measured, well-applicated toppings.

Increased Food Safety

Machinery means minimal operator ingredient handling and increased hygiene for your food manufacturing process

Keep Up With Demand

Streamlining and automating your pizza production line can help you keep up with increased demand

How to Streamline Your Pizza Production Line

We can tell you how to streamline your pizza production line using all machinery and products from Quantum Technical Services. We have all the pizza topping equipment you need. To simplify your pizza production process, you need a sauce applicator, cheese and topping applicator, meat slicer, dry and granular ingredient applicator, and a circle placer.

Pizza Sauce Applicators

The first step to streamline your pizza production line is with a sauce applicator. Sauce applicators evenly apply sauce to your product, maintaining a sauce-free border. Our Target Sauce Applicators offer ideal portions and placement on every pizza that passes through the system. We offer many options so that you can choose the best fit for your pizza production line. 

Pizza Cheese and Topping Applicators 

Every pizza production line needs a cheese and topping applicator. Our no-waste waterfall and recirculation systems can dramatically reduce costs for your production facility and help you streamline your production process. Whether your pizzas are topped with shredded cheese, veggies, dry ingredients, IQF ingredients, or all of those, our waterfall topping applicators are perfect for all your food processing needs. Quantum has many options for high-quality cheese and topping applicators, including the MLT2000 series, WA1000 Series, TC-5 Series, WA5000 Series, QTPA Series, and WFTS Series. 

Pizza Meat Slicers

Our Quantum slicers easily cut through any pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and sausage sticks. Our slicers can also be configured for slicing some deli-style meats and cheeses. All of our Quantum slicers feature continuous motion conveyors and state-of-the-art servo motor drive technology to position your meats and cheeses under the target depositor. Choose from our QTSS Series, TP-2 Single Lane, P200 Series Single Head, P200 Series Dual Head, or P400 Cantilevered Series. 

Dry and Granular Ingredient Applicators

Next, you need a dry and granular ingredient applicator. You can utilize these applicators to apply a large variety of granules, spices, seeds, salt, parmesan cheese, and similar dry ingredients. Our product applicators feature a cantilevered design, so they are engineered for mounting over or onto your existing conveyor system. Choose from our three dry and granular ingredient applicator options, including the QTGA1000 Series, QTGA5 Series, and QTGA3000 Series. It also helps to know the five things to consider when buying a seasoning applicator for your pizza assembly line. 

Circle Placers

Our Quantum circle placing machine positions round, square, or rectangular corrugated cardboard onto a conveyor, ready for a pizza. Quantum has two options: the QTCR1016 Cardboard Circle Placer and QTFF Cardboard Circle Placer place cardboard circles onto a conveyor at speeds of up to 180 rotations per minute. The QTFF Series Friction Feeder places corrugated cardboard onto a conveyor at rates of up to 180 circles per minute. 

Pizza Cutters

We’ve reached the final step to help streamline the process. Our Quantum Pizza Cutter Model PC5000 Series is an automated pizza slicer designed to cut pizzas into equal size portions. Interchangeable cutter assemblies allow multiple slice configurations. 

Additional Pizza Production Line Equipment

Quantum has all the pizza production line topping equipment you need to automate your pizza production. We have your topping production requirements covered. 

Take Care of Your Pizza Production Line

Once you have streamlined your pizza production process, it’s time to take care of your equipment with preventative maintenance for automation in food manufacturing. Quantum’s service department offers preventive maintenance services to ensure your pizza processing line runs smoothly without any significant issues. 

Streamline Your Pizza Production Line With Quantum Technical Services

Now you know what you need to streamline your pizza production line. Quantum Technical Services is known for innovations in food processing, including how to streamline your pizza production line. If you have questions about our topping equipment, contact us today at (815) 427-5080 or at