From Dough to Toppings: An Inside Look at Pizza Production Line Processes


Dough, sauce, cheese, and IQF/dry ingredients are all crucial parts of a pizza that can make or break a customer’s experience. Every pizza your company assembles is assembled with care and quality assurance. But, is there a way to improve the pizza production line process to increase productivity and reduce overhead costs?

From dough to toppings, frozen pizza producers are relying more and more on automating their pizza production line to increase productivity and reduce overhead costs. Transforming your pizza production line might seem overwhelming. But, installation is simple, and automated pizza equipment makes the process easier. With automation, your company can streamline its pizza production process, reduce waste, and lower resource and material usage. 

In this article, we’ll describe just how and why frozen pizza businesses are opting for more automation in their production lines. We’ll also list the necessary equipment to make a pizza, from waterfall sauce applicators to IQF ingredient applicators. Automating your production line doesn’t have to be difficult– knowing where to start is the key!

Frozen Pizza Producers and Automation

With an ever-increasing demand for pizza products, frozen pizza companies need a way to meet demand. At the same time, they’re looking for methods to reduce costs, increase productivity, and conserve resources and materials. Automation alleviates all of these business pain points, so frozen pizza producers are relying on automation for its multiple benefits. Although we’ve focused on these benefits previously, it’s always good to refresh our knowledge of how automation can transform a pizza production line. Let’s briefly revisit some of these benefits:

1. Easy Implementation

At Quantum, we believe that automation makes pizza production easier, and that includes initial installation. Our automated pizza equipment is user-friendly and easy to maintain in order to limit production downtime. Automation is simple from the start. Once your company wants to incorporate more equipment, adding and rearranging machines to meet production requirements is also simple. Frozen pizza producers can rely on automation for a better workflow.

2. Improve Consistency, Quality, and Productivity

Because automated pizza equipment allows your company to create pizzas exactly according to brand guidelines, this equipment improves consistency and quality. Your company can expect high-quality pizzas from dough to toppings. And because automated equipment limits downtime, your company will see an increase in productivity. Whereas traditional manual assembly might result in only tens of pizzas per hour, automated pizza equipment can produce up to hundreds of pizzas per minute! Not only can your company meet demand with more products, but they’ll also exceed in consistency and quality.

3. Reduce Waste and Cut Costs

Because automated pizza equipment assembles pizzas exactly to your brand’s guidelines, it significantly reduces material waste and, by extension, overhead costs. The pizzas are more consistent than ever with automated pizza production lines, and this limits the number of pizzas that get tossed due to failing quality control. Automated pizza equipment also has reclaim capabilities to apply unused toppings, which we’ll explain a little later. Lastly, automated pizza equipment requires less staffing in general, which lowers the amount of capital needed to allocate to personnel. 

Automating your company’s pizza production lines or adding more automated capabilities to your existing process has many benefits for your business. But what is the necessary equipment to make a pizza? From waterfall sauce applicators to IQF ingredient applicators, we’ll next list the necessary equipment to make a pizza through automation.

From Waterfall Sauce Applicators to IQF Ingredients: Necessary Equipment to Make a Pizza

One of the many good things about automation is that you can start by automating one aspect of your pizza production line and add equipment in the future, or you can add a complete automated process right away. It’s up to your company, and at Quantum Technical Services, we’ll work with you and your business needs. However, the more you automate, the faster you reach your ROI which is helpful for realizing value much sooner. Nevertheless, here are some of the necessary equipment to make a pizza through automation:

  1. Circle Placers
  2. Waterfall Sauce Applicators
  3. Cheese/IQF Ingredient Applicators
  4. Meat Slicers
  5. Dry Ingredient Applicators (Herbs/Spices/Granulated Cheeses)
  6. Water Spray Conveyors

Each different type of equipment improves consistency, saves materials, and conserves costs in its own way. For example, automated circle placers allow the pizza production line to start off right, by helping the dough become aligned on the conveyor belt. This is especially important if your company uses multiple conveyor lines for maximal optimization. Waterfall applicators for sauce, cheeses, IQF ingredients, and dry ingredients apply the ingredients over the dough. Any ingredients that don’t make it onto a pizza initially go through a reclaim system to be applied to pizzas again. This ultimately saves resources and value. On the other hand, targeted sauce, cheese, IQF ingredient, and dry ingredient applicators ensure that they apply the correct amount of ingredients to the pizza according to brand guidelines, which also reduces waste. Meat slicers also reduce waste since your company can design the number of slices and slice arrangement on the pizza, making them consistent and appealing for the customer. Lastly, water spray conveyors prepare the pizza for freezing, packaging, transportation, and shelf life, and conserve water when possible. They also help limit the number of pizzas that need to be thrown out. Incorporating even one of these machines can improve your pizza production line in so many different ways. 

In this inside look at pizza production line processes, we’ve reviewed how frozen pizza producers are using automated technology to increase productivity and quality. Automation has been revolutionizing many industries, including the frozen pizza industry.

Streamlining Pizza Production With Quantum

At Quantum Technical Services, we believe that streamlining pizza production is most efficient with automation. We offer multiple frozen pizza solutions built to last and to assemble great products. Any equipment from our catalog increases productivity and simplifies the pizza production process. Contact us today so we can start automating your pizza production line as soon as possible.