Choosing the Right Bakery Equipment for Your Production Line


Congrats on automating your bakery production line! Automating is a huge step for your business. Our team at Quantum understands how much of a commitment it is. So, where to start now? Which bakery equipment does your company need for its production line? Of course, equipment needs vary among brands, but what automated bakery equipment is available for your brand to consider?

The process of automating your business’s production line starts with finding a trusted food processing equipment manufacturer to source automated equipment. In this article, we’ll describe how to do that, as well as explore the different types of baking equipment such as feed conveyors and granular dispensers. Let’s start with finding the right food processing equipment manufacturer to work with your brand.

Finding the Right Food Processing Equipment Manufacturers

Nowadays, there are so many food processing equipment manufacturers for a number of food industries. How do you find which one that you can trust and work well with? Here are some pointers for finding a trusted food processing equipment manufacturer for your bakery equipment needs:

Research Online and Read Reviews

The process of finding a trusted source for bakery equipment can start by searching online for something along the lines of “bakery equipment manufacturer” with your search engine of choice. Incorporating keywords can help narrow down your search. For every manufacturer that you find online, you’ll likely also find customer and client reviews, either on the search engine or on their websites. As you familiarize yourself with the manufacturers online, keep in mind what customers are saying about their services and equipment.

Check Their Industry Knowledge

Technology is constantly evolving, and manufacturers should be staying in the know to remain at the top of the industry. To check if a manufacturer stays current in industry news, see if their website has a “Blog” or “Resources” page. This page should contain blog posts about the latest developments in the industry and/or posts offering the manufacturer’s expert opinions regarding equipment and applications. Having an active “Blog” or “Resources” page shows that the manufacturer is dedicated to the industry and sharing knowledge with those interested. 

Evaluate Their Products

Maybe this is obvious, but to save time, it’s best to only consider manufacturers that offer solutions that your brand is looking for. Your company should also consider how customizable the manufacturer’s bakery equipment is and if they offer end-to-end solutions when deciding if its solutions are right for your company. These end-to-end solutions include installation, maintenance, repair, and access to expert knowledge.

Meet With the Manufacturer

Finally, meeting with a manufacturer representative either in person, over the phone, or over a virtual meeting might answer any questions your company might have for the manufacturer. Meeting with a representative can also allow your company to decide if you will work well together. 

These steps in finding the right food processing equipment manufacturer for your business are well worth the effort. At Quantum Technical Services, we’re proud to say that we meet all of these qualifications– great customer reviews, updated industry knowledge, a wide selection of products, and excellent customer service. 

Once you’ve found a manufacturer, it’s time to decide on which types of bakery equipment your brand needs.

Feed Conveyors vs. Granular Dispensers

Here, we’ll start with common types of automated bakery equipment– feed conveyors and granular dispensers. At Quantum, we offer both types of these bakery equipment.

Feed Conveyors

Feed conveyors, also known as infeed conveyors, help align ingredients and bakery items as it moves down the assembly line. Our Infeed Orientation Conveyor Model IFOR Series allows your brand to control conveyor speed, and access system diagnostics, and production data, all of which can help your company optimize its bakery product assembly lines.

Granular Dispensers

Granular dispensers apply dry and granular ingredients to your bakery products. At Quantum, we offer a number of granular applicators, which are ideal for ingredients like spices, seeds, and salt. Our dry and granular ingredient applicators are easy to add to a production line.

Other Necessary Baking Equipment

Besides infeed conveyors and dry/granular ingredient applicators, what other types of automated bakery equipment could be right for your brand? Automated bakery equipment doesn’t end at infeed conveyors and dry/granular applicators. Other necessary bakery equipment types include cheese/topping applicators and circle placers, both of which can be found at Quantum.

Cheese/Topping Applicators

Our cheese applicators, especially our MLT2000 Multi-Lane Target Waterfall Topping Applicator, can add all kinds of toppings to baked goods besides cheese. These applicators can add vegetables, dry ingredients (herbs and spices), and IQF ingredients to your brand’s baked goods. Even application ensures high-quality products. Reclaim systems and targeted applicators significantly reduce ingredient waste. Your company can focus on making great products when it automates its cheese and topping applications.

Circle Placers

Last but not least on our list are circle placers. We at Quantum Technical Services offer automated circle-placing machines that can dispense round, square, or rectangle cardboard onto a conveyor. The cardboard precedes any product assembly because it serves to protect the product during assembly, freezing, packaging, transportation, and shelf-life. These processes can be harsh on the product, and it’s important for your brand to ensure that its products are pristine for your customer. Cardboard foundations not only protect the products but also the bakery equipment from food material build up over time.

This guide can be your brand’s go-to when looking for essential automated bakery equipment. From finding a trusted equipment manufacturer to the different types of bakery equipment, this article is a comprehensive checklist for finding the right bakery equipment for your production line.

Finding Key Bakery Equipment at Quantum

At Quantum, we’re here to answer all of your questions regarding the right bakery equipment for your production line. From feed conveyors to granular dispensers, there is a range of bakery equipment to choose from. Our experts at Quantum Technical Services can offer their suggestions and recommendations for your bakery production line. Contact us today so we can find automated solutions for your brand’s production process.