Exploring Hybrid Manufacturing Models: Insights From A Bakery Equipment Manufacturer

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Trends and technology are constantly changing the landscape of the food manufacturing industry. This includes how frozen meals are manufactured and what equipment is available to improve the assembly process. A new method of food manufacturing is hybrid manufacturing, which refers to mixing plant- and meat-based ingredients to improve cost-effectiveness. 

As bakery equipment manufacturers, this hybrid manufacturing trend is important to note. Hybrid manufacturing can streamline costs and inspire innovation of new recipes. It’s a new way of making frozen meals that more and more manufacturers are implementing. Here, we’ll dive into hybrid manufacturing further, as well as offer what kinds of technology in the food industry can facilitate hybrid manufacturing. New manufacturing models are here and now– it’s up to bakery equipment manufacturers to employ automated bakery equipment that can keep up with evolving production methods. 


Hybrid Manufacturing and Technical Equipment

Hybrid manufacturing alleviates the cost of food manufacturing and improves manufacturing sustainability in a couple of ways. Even though there’s a positive shift in popularity to plant-based products, they still don’t compare in taste to meat-based products. Where quality is key in meat-based bakery products like meat pies, pasties, and empanadas, ensuring great taste is critical to retaining customers. This may be tricky when manufacturers are testing plant-based meats, but hybrid manufacturing is possible with the right technical equipment.


How Hybrid Helps

As the name suggests, hybrid manufacturing involves combining mainly both plant-based and real meats. Doing so minimizes the cost of manufacturing, improves the taste of products, and alleviates the environmental strain of production. Whole plant-based products are expensive to produce and don’t taste as good as their meat product equivalency. On the other hand, creating meat-based ingredients is harsh on the environment. However, combining plant- and meat-based ingredients in frozen meals alleviates these inefficiencies. Hybrid manufacturing cuts costs, improves taste, and is more eco-friendly. But how can brands easily implement this type of manufacturing without much added effort? 

Adaptable and versatile automated technical equipment is key to improving food manufacturing processes. As an industry-leading bakery equipment manufacturer, we recommend keeping current with technology in the food industry. This helps brands know what technical equipment solutions are available and which ones can transform their operations. Next, we’ll take a look at the latest technology in the food industry and how it can make hybrid manufacturing achievable. 


Automated Technology in the Food Industry

Automated technology in the food industry not only simplifies hybrid manufacturing but also streamlines entire operations. From cutting costs to reducing food waste, automated technology in the food industry improves meal assembly in many different ways. As a bakery equipment manufacturer, our goal is to make manufacturing easier for our clients. Here are ways that Quantum technology in the food industry simplifies operations and hybrid manufacturing.


Increase Productivity While Improving Quality

Your brand doesn’t have to choose between meeting quotas and maintaining quality with Quantum’s automated equipment. Our designs are built to speed production up while ensuring consistency between each product. By specifying the amount of ingredients and speed of application, your brand has high visibility over production processes with Quantum equipment.  


Requires Minimal Staffing

Because our equipment automatically applies ingredients to each product, our designs require very little staffing for oversight and ingredient restocking. This is exceptionally beneficial at a time when labor shortages are persistent. Your brand can count on our equipment to meet demand even during staffing shortages.


Facilitates R&D

In addition to reducing waste and conserving water and energy resources, Quantum equipment facilitates low-cost R&D by being flexible to ingredient changes. Teams can quickly and easily switch out ingredients to create different recipes, without needing to rearrange or change equipment. This low-cost R&D capability makes hybrid manufacturing attainable because brands can combine plant- and meat-based ingredients in their frozen items. Our range of versatile and adaptable ingredient applicators can make hybrid manufacturing a possibility. 

Increasing productivity, improving quality, requiring minimal staffing, and facilitating R&D are just some of the key characteristics that Quantum technology brings to an assembly line. The adaptability and versatility of our designs make them reliable and future-proof your production processes. Next, let’s explore what types of Quantum automated bakery equipment are available. 


Quantum Automated Bakery Equipment

Since hybrid manufacturing refers to using ingredients from a variety of sources, brands that hope to implement hybrid manufacturing will need adaptable and versatile equipment. At Quantum, our automated bakery equipment can apply a wide range of ingredients so that your production process can be as cost-effective as possible. We offer the following types of Quantum automated bakery equipment that transforms food manufacturing:


Circle Placers

As a bakery equipment manufacturer, we recommend starting your assembly line with circle placers. Our circle placers can apply circle, rectangular, and square corrugated cardboard onto conveyors to serve as a strong base to protect your products as they progress during assembly, freezing, and transportation. Cardboard bases are a manufacturing must in order to ensure an intact product for your customers.


Dry/Granular Ingredient Applicators

Quantum Dry/Granular Ingredient Applicators are ideal for applying sprinkles, seeds, granulated cheeses, breadcrumbs, and similar ingredients to bakery items. Our cantilevered designs allow the machines to be easily added to existing conveying systems. 


Cheese/Topping Applicators

Our Cheese/Topping Applicators can dispense cheese, dried fruit, IQF fruit and vegetables, and similar ingredients to your bakery items. The reclaim/recirculation system design of our Cheese/Topping and Dry/Granular Ingredient Applicators can reduce waste while guaranteeing even application. 


Upgrade Your Food Manufacturing Processes With Quantum

Quantum Technical Services is the industry-leading bakery equipment manufacturer because we prioritize durable and adaptable machinery. Hybrid manufacturing models are an effective way to remain cost-effective, especially when paired with Quantum equipment that reduces ingredient waste. Contact our team today to learn how your brand can upgrade your food manufacturing process to streamline production and operating costs.