Crispy vs. Chewy: Exploring Texture Preferences As A Frozen Pizza Factory

pizza crust

Frozen pizza is a classic dish- no doubt about it. However, because pizza is so popular, pizza labels create new recipes to stand out from competitors. There are endless possibilities when it comes to pizza toppings, like vegetables, cheeses, and meats, and brands strive to create unique flavor combinations to find new customers. 

However, beyond these traditional toppings, there’s another way to innovate new recipes– with the crust. Texture preferences can play a key part in a customer’s decision when buying your product. To connect with customers, your brand can offer crispy and chewy pizzas in your product line. Now, it’s just a matter of finding the right automated pizza equipment that can apply ingredients to different types of crust.

Here, we’ll explore how to incorporate crispy and chewy crusts within your product line, as well as the automated pizza equipment that can apply a range of toppings to your choice of crust. Strategizing your frozen pizza factory is key when implementing the latest customer trends such as different crusts.

Exploring New Demands in Pizza Assembly

Pizza assembly is much more involved than dough, red sauce, cheese, and toppings. Nowadays, brands need to follow trends and customer preferences to make products that meet demand, in addition to creating unique recipes that stand out. Texture preferences are one aspect of pizza assembly that brands can customize. Brands have the choice between crispy and chewy crusts to include in their product line to find customers that prefer either. Let’s explore these texture preferences:

Crispy Crusts

Crispy crust pizzas are pizzas with thinner crusts, that offer a crunchy texture when prepared. Crispy crust pizzas include Neapolitan, New York style, and St. Louis pizza. These are all classic types of pizzas that are surely fan favorites. Because the thinner crust is subtle, brands can focus on incorporating inventive pizza topping combinations. Crispy crusts also typically have fewer calories and carbs than chewy crusts, creating the opportunity to make and market a health-conscious meal for customers.

Chewy Crusts

Chewy crusts are iconic and include pizza types such as Chicago Deep-Dish, Sicilian, and Detroit-Style. Chewy crusts are savory and also very popular. They can offer an interesting texture contrast between the soft crust and the crunchiness of the toppings, depending on the pizza. The thickness of this type of crust allows brands to include more toppings than thinner crust pizza, allowing brands to create recipes unique to their label. 

Whether a crispy or chewy crust, customers love pizza. However, their texture preferences can inspire labels to innovate new recipes. Now, brands need to make sure their automated pizza equipment is up to the task of high-volume pizza assembly.

Requirements of Automated Pizza Equipment

The success of creating new recipes with automated pizza equipment depends on the equipment’s versatility, ease of use, and the manufacturer’s dedication to customer support. At Quantum, we’re the industry leader because we design our automated pizza equipment with these needs of pizza manufacturing in mind. 


Versatile automated pizza equipment allows brands to apply a large variety of pizza toppings without needing separate machines. This can save brands time, operating costs, and effort, and allow them to conduct low-risk R&D. For example, our cheese applicators are able to apply not only shredded cheeses, but also vegetables, dry ingredients, and IQF ingredients. Our equipment can also increase production speeds as needed, which is helpful for brands planning to scale up.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is another critical characteristic of automated food equipment. Ease of use makes training employees easy and helps the team avoid downtime. Quantum equipment is efficient yet user-friendly, as well as very easy to maintain. This streamlines operations and creates your products more quickly.

Manufacturer Dedication to Customer Support

Manufacturer dedication to customer support is also necessary. While not a characteristic of the equipment, continued support from the manufacturer helps brands achieve success. At Quantum, our team of experts is here to help every step of the way, from initially choosing the right equipment for your frozen pizza factory to installation and troubleshooting. Our process doesn’t end at procurement– we’re here to answer any question your team might have so you can get back to making your pizza products. 

Versatility, ease of use, and dedicated customer support are all important for pizza assembly. At Quantum, both our machinery and customer support help our clients succeed in the industry. Next, we’ll briefly introduce the pizza equipment that your brand can find at Quantum.

Quantum Equipment for Your Frozen Pizza Factory

When exploring texture preferences and choice toppings, your brand will need pizza equipment that can successfully apply a range of toppings to different crust bases. Our line of pizza equipment for your frozen pizza factory includes the following:

  • Cardboard Circle Placers– Can place different sizes of squares, rectangles, and circles to facilitate both crispy and chewy crusts down the assembly line
  • Sauce Applicators– Can apply red sauce, BBQ sauce, Alfredo sauce and more
  • Cheese/Topping Applicators– Can apply shredded cheeses, vegetables, dry ingredients, and IQF ingredients,
  • Meat/Pepperoni Slicers– Can slice stick meats like pepperoni, sausage, and Canadian bacon 
  • Dry/Granular Ingredient Applicators– Can apply herbs, spices, and granulated cheeses like parmesan

These machines are key parts of any pizza assembly line. With target and waterfall options available, your brand can further customize how Quantum equipment creates your product. But what about cutting the crusts of your pizzas so that they’re customer-ready? We’ll feature Quantum equipment used for cutting pizza next.

Spotlight: Cutting Pizza With Quantum Equipment 

Regardless if your products have a crispy or chewy crust, Quantum has pizza cutters to equally portion any pizza. At Quantum, we have the PC5000 Conveyor Pizza Slicer and the PC1018 Manual Slicer, both precise machines for cutting pizza. The PC5000 is automated and designed to cut pizza into equal slices. It has an interchangeable cutter, allowing your brand to specify and change how many slices per pizza. Our PC1018 is also effective at cutting pizza, on a smaller scale. Easy to use, the PC1018 cuts consistently, readying each pizza for the customer. Quantum pizza slicers ensure even proportions and ensure a great meal for all.

Inspire and Innovate With Quantum

We make sure our clients can inspire and innovate with our automated pizza equipment. By offering many customizable settings, application types, and ingredient possibilities, our equipment provides the flexibility and precision needed to create unique products. Our engineered solutions streamline operations without reducing productivity. Contact our team today to learn which of our automated solutions can improve your pizza production process and innovate on a classic dish.