Ensuring Product Consistency in Frozen Meal Production

product consistency

When frozen meal brands increase production, sometimes quality and consistency are lost. As these brands make more food or expand their product lines, sometimes they sacrifice what their customers love about their products. However, frozen food brands no longer have to lose out on quality and consistency as they scale up or change operations with the tech available today. 

At Quantum, we believe in feasible large-scale production while ensuring product consistency. The consistency of food matters to customers. After all, they choose your product over the competition because of something they connect with. Why change it and risk losing business? 

In this article, we’ll go in-depth about why the consistency of food matters and how it’s possible to ensure it with automation. We’ll also focus on consistency with commercial sauce dispensers and how Quantum automation makes product consistency possible, even with increased production rates

Consistency of Food- Why it Matters

The consistency of food products is important to customers. Product consistency allows your customers to anticipate the meal they’re choosing, and they’re able to rely on it every time. Customers choose frozen food primarily for a convenient meal that they know will be tasty. But if a customer’s favorite brand shifts in product consistency, you can understand why a customer might get frustrated. 

The consistency of food is tied to your brand image, which is critical to maintain. You want your frozen food label to be synonymous with food consistency, building customer trust. Food consistency and quality are hallmarks of your brand, so the proper resources must be dedicated to maintain them, or even improve them if possible. 

Of course, as business ventures expand, brands are able to scale up to meet increased demand. However, this may cause food consistency to slip as teams get acquainted with new workflows and operations. Here’s how we help labels avoid this:

Food Consistency and Quantum Automation

We’ve designed Quantum automated food equipment to not just maintain product consistency and quality regardless of production speed but to also improve it. Our automated precise technology guides each machine to apply the specified ingredient exactly where it needs to on the product. When success depends on consistency and automation can ensure it, automation is a simple choice. 

Quantum Quality

At Quantum Technical Services, we create state-of-the-art equipment for frozen pizza, bakery, and prepared meal manufacturing. Our automated equipment is highly versatile, so our models can apply a wide range of ingredients across meal types. Yet, even with fast production rates and multiple lanes of production, Quantum equipment can provide the product consistency that your customers expect. Below is a list of our top equipment types that our clients rely on and just a few of the ingredients each can apply to frozen meals:

  • Sauce Applicators– Red Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Salad Dressings, Gravy
  • Cheese/Topping Applicators– Shredded Cheeses, IQF Vegetables and Meats
  • Meat/Pepperoni Slicers– Meats in stick form such as Sausage, Pepperoni, Canadian Bacon, and even Cheeses
  • Dry/Granular Ingredient Applicators– Granulated Cheeses, Spices, Seeds, Salt, and Sugar

The versatility of our equipment allows brands to innovate with flavors while maintaining product consistency. We offer both full machines and models with a cantilevered design to fit over existing production lines. Each of our equipment types is a great addition to any production line, but here we’ll focus on Quantum commercial sauce dispensers. Our sauce applications can ensure quality and consistency, regardless of the assembly process.  

Focus: Consistency With Commercial Sauce Dispensers

Commercial sauce dispensers are an important piece of machinery in frozen meal production. Regardless if your brand is building pizza and uses red sauce or creating prepared meals and uses gravy, Quantum commercial sauce dispensers are up to the task. We offer both target and waterfall sauce applicators, each with its own features to ensure quality and consistency. The choice between waterfall and target application depends on preference and product, but you’ll find both types of application at Quantum.

Target Application

Target sauce application offers precise ingredient application between each product. Your brand can set the amount of sauce the applicator needs to dispense in order to meet label guidelines. Some of our models, like the C120 series, are target applicators that can facilitate multiple lanes of product for maximal efficiency. Your brand can choose Quantum target sauce application without losing quality or consistency, even if you employ many lanes of production. Our target sauce applicators also have adjustable production rates so your brand can create products at a range of speeds as needed. Because target applicators only use a specified amount of sauce per product, your company can also save on ingredient costs.

Waterfall Application

Quantum Technical Services also offers waterfall sauce applicators. Our waterfall applicators dispense an even layer of sauce as the products pass under the applicator. Our WS1000 model, for example, is ideal for products that can’t easily be positioned on strict lanes or if your brand doesn’t require target sauce application. The extra sauce that misses the product gets recirculated and reapplied, so your company can conserve ingredients, just like the target application. Our QTPP Series has a cantilevered design, which makes it simple for brands to install it over existing production lines.

The flexibility and versatility of Quantum sauce applicators realize product consistency faster. Our designs are feasible without requiring extra effort, granting brands the ability to improve operations sooner. Streamlined and precise ingredient application is critical for success, and these features are built right into Quantum equipment.

Maintain Quality and Consistency With Quantum

Our team at Quantum knows just how important consistency and quality are for your customers. Quantum automated food equipment can provide your products with the quality and consistency that customers deserve. As the industry leader in frozen meal manufacturing equipment, Quantum Technical Services offers state-of-the-art solutions for any meal assembly line. Contact our team today so we can recommend equipment solutions for your food manufacturing process.